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New Patch 14.9 Changes: Massive Update – League of Legends

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New Patch 14.9 Changes: Massive Update – League of Legends

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Over 23 Champions are being adjusted, and significant nerfs are on the way to some of the main fighter items such as Eclipse, Sundered Sky, and Stax Gauge.
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This patch has more Champion changes than we’ve seen in a single patch all season long. Over 23 Champions are being adjusted, and significant nerfs are on the way to some of the main fighter items such as Eclipse, Sundered Sky, and Stax Gauge.

Item Adjustments

First up, there are some buffs to Death Stance. The AD on the item is going up from 55 to 60, and heal on kill is being increased from 50 to 75%. The bonus AD build path will now also include a Pickaxe.

The max health damage proc on Eclipse is being targeted with a nerf, as Riot will be reducing the damage from 8% down to 6% for melee Champions. The damage for ranged Champions on Eclipse will remain unchanged. A few nerfs are being issued to Sundered Sky as the cooldown on the passive proc is being increased from 6 to 8 seconds, and the heal base AD ratio is also dropping from 140 to 120%.

Stax Gauge is being hit with two pretty massive nerfs, as the price is going up from 3,000 to 3,200 gold, and the Lifeline passive cooldown is also nerfed, increasing from 60 to 90 seconds. Over the past patch, Darius players had started rushing this item, but with these nerfs, that strategy will likely become obsolete.

Adjustments to Defensive Items

Hexdrinker and Maw are both being adjusted for the next patch as Riot will be nerfing the magic resist on Hexdrinker, going from 35 to 30. The build path on Hexdrinker will now include a second long sword.

As for Maw, the item will now have 15 ability haste. AD is going up from 65 to 70, magic resist is down from 50 to 40, and the price is going up from 2800 to 3100. The lifeline passive life steal is being changed to omnivamp, while the shield duration is going from 2.5 to 3 seconds. With these adjustments, the key takeaways are that Maw will now provide more offensive strength while offering less defensive power.

Amumu and Karma Buffs

We’ve got a couple of base stat buffs lined up for Amumu, with his base AD being increased from 53 to 57 and base armor going up as well from 30 to 33. Karma’s utility will be buffed for 14.9, with her Q slow increasing from 30 to 40% and her R AOE movement speed going up from 12 to 15%, while R AOE Shield is buffed, going from 90 to 100%.

Canon and Mahar Updates

Canon will be receiving some quality of life changes for this patch, as his ultimate has a new animation, his R can now be cast while moving, and E will have a range indicator when you hover over it. Mahar’s early game is going to become significantly more manageable in 14.9, with Riot reducing his E cooldown from 15 to 11 seconds at rank one, and the human mana cost is also being lowered from 80 flat to 60, scaling to 80.

Sejuani and Seraphine Buffs

Sejuani has been a bottom-tier jungler in solo queue for the entirety of season 14, so we finally have some buffs on the way. Passive bonus resist ratios are going up from 50 to 75%, W damage is being changed so that the base damage is lowered, however, the max health damage is going up, and Riot has stated this will be a net buff. Riot has a buff lined up to bolster the scaling strength of Seraphine, as her Q AP ratio will be increased from 50 to 60%.

Ahri and Aurelian Soul Adjustments

Ahri has been the highest priority solo Q midlaner for a while now, so she’s getting nerfed for 14.9. W damage is being lowered by five, while her ultimate cooldown is nerfed as well, but only at the second and third ranks. Aurelian Soul has been a midlaner who’s excelled in recent patches, so a nerf is headed his way, with his E AP ratio dropping from 100 to 80%.

Additional Champion Adjustments

Blitzcrank nerfs are on the way as well, with his passive shield duration being reduced from 10 to 4 seconds. W movement speed is taking a hit as well, dropping by 10% at all ranks, and two nerfs are lined up for Evelynn, as she’s going to have the slow on her W lowered from 65 to 45%, while her ult AP ratio is dropping from 75 to 65%.

Further Game Balance Changes

Riot’s looking to reduce the early to mid-game snowball strength of Jinx for the next patch, as her ultimate cooldown will be increased from 70 to 85 seconds at rank one. Originally, it was looking like Riot were going to heavily nerf Kassadin’s ultimate, but they’ve pulled back on that change and are issuing a much less impactful nerf with his E AP ratio going from 80 to 70%. We’ve got a very simple yet impactful nerf to Master Yi, as Riot will be reducing his E damage by 10. Top lane Olaf is being targeted for 14.9, as Riot’s reducing his Q damage by five, but so that jungle Olaf does not suffer as much, they’re increasing his Q damage to monsters.

His ult passive resists are being lowered as well, but only at the second and third ranks. Pyke has been excelling in the higher brackets of play in recent patches, so a few nerfs are being issued, with his W mana cost going from 50 to 65 and W cooldown being increased by 2 seconds. Skarner has been dominating in patch 14.8, especially in the jungle, so R has a few nerfs planned.

Mana Regeneration and Champion Adjustments

Mana regen growth is being increased from 0.6 to 0.75. Q base damage is going down from 10 scaling to 70 to 10 scaling to 50. W Shield Max health ratio is dropping from 9 to 8%. W slow is nerfed as well, going from 20 scaling to 40% to just 20% flat at all ranks. A couple of nerfs to Taliyah are penciled in with her Q Mana cost being increased by 10 and Q bonus monster damage AP ratio is dropping from 10 to 5%.

Hitbox Adjustments

There are going to be around 30 champions who will have their hitboxes changed for the next patch to match their model size. Champions like Aurelion Sol, Brier, Cantenafiri, and Warwick will all become larger, while Darius and Yumi are becoming smaller.

Auction and Bel’Veth Adjustments

Riot’s adjusting Auction for the next patch so that his mobility and wave clear are nerfed but damage is buffed. Q movement speed is dropping from 20 scaling to 40% to just 20% flat. Q non-champion damage is being lowered from 40 scaling to 90% to 40 scaling to 80%. His ultimate minimum damage is up from 20 scaling to 30 to 25 scaling to 45, while the total AD ratio is going from 10 to 15%. Our Max damage will be slightly lowered at rank one but buffed at the later ranks. Our Max damage total AD ratio is up as well from 40 to 45%.

Gameplay and Meta Changes

Riot will be nerfing the late-game strength of Bel’Veth while buffing her early game for 14.9. Q monster damage is being changed from 140% total AD to 45 scaling to 85 flat damage, and this will be a buff up until 136 attack damage. Q damage total AD ratio is dropping from 110 to 100%. Passive attack speed is being changed as well, so that it now scales from Level 1 to level 17 instead of maxing out at level 13, which is a nerf. Riot wants Emac Jan to make a comeback in 14.9 as they are nerfing W damage at Max rank going from 195 down to 175, while W AP ratio is down as well from 60 to 50%. E will now have an added 20 shielding at Max rank to compensate.

Nyla’s Gameplay Adjustments

Riot’s changing Nyla so that her Q damage is lower but her Q attack speed is up, although they have these listed as adjustments we do see them landing net negative. Gaining attack speed in exchange for losing AD is not something that Nyla really wants, as she thrives in Solo queue due to her ability to catch out targets and burst them out, as opposed to sustaining consistent damage throughout a drawn-out fight.

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