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This Is How You One-Shot With AD

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here. If Riot never wanted this to happen, Thresh wouldn’t have an AD Ratio on his E., So naturally, you’re going to get hilarious results when you load that auto-attack with as much AD and bursty on-hits as you can.

Look at the drop when you hit them with that Duskblade Stormrazor-infested slap! Once you get a taste of just Ending someone, it’s difficult to stop! Just seeing someone on even half HP as you rev up Predator awakens some Bloodthirsty urge I would never know I had otherwise.


It’s like Warwick, but you replace all the good bits with you. You stepped into the stop-existing zone that is my AA range. Off to the Shadow Realm with you! It takes quite a bit of money to get it going, but it can involve quite a bit of luck.

Duskblade Thresh – Downsides

Seriously it’s easy to be skeptical of a Full AD Thresh build but experiencing and knowing its shortcomings is something else. There are so many things wrong with playing Full AD Thresh like this, and that’s probably what makes those times it does something so freaking satisfying!

  • For one, you only have 450 range, so playing with a squishy build with no magic resist is just begging to be swatted aside by whatever AP damage might be present in the game.

And since you have to position far back like an ADC, you can’t go disrupting the enemy team and Flaying as many people as possible, so you’re limiting how much of Thresh’s kit you can take advantage of. Instead, you must save your abilities to peel yourself off anyone who jumps on you, and you can still die. You’re just that squishy. And unlike an ADC, you can’t even auto-attack. Watch how I’m not even helping attack the Dragon because I’m saving my auto attack for the enemy champions when they try and stop it, or as a terrible smite…

Farming minions

That I fail anyway could easily apply to farming minions in a stalemate, baron standoffs, and even champions at times! Too much is riding on this auto-attack, meaning we can’t even spare auto attacks to CS or DPS someone else in a fight. If I have to try killing Katarina, I have to wait until I can attack Katarina, and I’m not attacking anyone else! There they are!

  • And most of the time, with your 450 range, you’re not even close enough to land this auto-attack of yours. If you use Q to close in, you might die mid-flight!
  • You can use some combos and items to get around this, but when you land a hook, even small contributions from your team while using a more sensible build could make up for all the AD you’ve built pretty quickly during the CC lock.

So it’s dumb fun in every sense of the term. We need a way to keep that satisfying, executing “one-shot” power without straying away from what makes Thresh at his core.

Galeforce Thresh

Say hello to Galeforce. It allows you to gap close to would-be targets generally out of reach, adds some extra damage, and even more if you use it while they’re already low. It also provides crit, unlike those dreaded-Darkside lethality Mythics, so it doesn’t delay Infinity Edge if you’re going for it. It also gives move speed, which is helpful for Thresh, not just for closing in for kills. That’s right. We’re not just going for quick kills. I think the best way to go about a “one-shotting” Thresh is to give up on true “one-shots” altogether.

  • Even with a complete build, it’s rare you’ll ever get to 100-0 someone unless you’re monstrously ahead and they’re playing Lethality Yuumi.
  • So instead, we can focus on just killing people who are low and taking advantage of people even slightly out of position.
  • Punishing them with Death where possible and otherwise using our Galeforce dash to get in real close, but have you ever done a Galeforce Hook? Checkmate, Support

Thresh players. The mix of attack speed in Galeforce and Stormrazor or Rapid Fire cannon also gives excellent versatility to your DPS that you only realize how much you love it when you get a taste of just how slow autos can be when you have NONE, like with starting Duskblade.

Galeforce’s dash

And of course, since Galeforce’s dash alone gives so much utility power, you don’t even have to commit to the complete crit build since you can get similar power building something like Dead Man’s Plate or Streak’s to go tanky with a little bit more burst as well. The Dead Man’s movement speed also really helps the playstyle.

  • You could go a little more DPS-style with a Rageblade at that point to turn that low crit rate to something more consistent and duplicate your soul on-hit damage, but this is the one-shot guide.
  • That versatility alone saves this build so much. Even though it’s rare that you’ll ever go full crit from Top Lane, having the option is a safety blanket I appreciate far too often.

If you’ve gone Duskblade, there’s no coming back. Since even if you commit to significant damage, Thresh’s mixed-damage nature makes penetration ridiculously hard to itemize without going Divine Sunderer, which… Look, Sheen items on Thresh make me sad, okay? Thresh does NOT use his abilities off cooldown, especially not to waste them to get a little more damage out. You’ll get similar results from a Duskblade, which doesn’t need the enemy to stack health for you to get value from it.

  • Unless you’re the ADC, in which case 450 range or not, you better give your team the DPS they expect.
  • You can appreciate Thresh’s whole kit alongside some substantial autos here and there with Galeforce and some tankiness sprinkled in, or just a much viable, earlier-spike, less-risky version of a full AD Crit Thresh.

Also, his base AD sucks, so Sheen and Trinity Force are horrible. Anyway, SINCE you can’t itemize mixed pen, you tend to fall off a lot harder than other assassins or ADCs, so the idea of the true one-shot gets even further and further away. I say it’s best to use the early-mid game power of AD Thresh with Galeforce, maybe a Stormrazor or Rapid Fire and an Infinity Edge if you’re feeling spicy, but then go for tanky ways to increase your utility like Dead Man’s or other items.

The Darkside Build

Finally, I can enjoy AD Thresh. If I did a bit more damage, I would’ve gotten them… No! I did find and have more than made up for it in the rest of the game. I flayed, hooked, and did decent enough damage where I needed to. And it’s not like any other item could give me a dash AND more damage than I already have, anyway. That’s a terrible idea. I don’t even understand why I’m being recommended this item. It doesn’t even strengthen my auto-attack much as Duskblade does, and its Mythic Passive is LETHALITY, the most wasted stat on Thresh for any of these…

Throughout the speech, a clip slowly approaches an ungodly amount of damage dealt by an auto-attack after using Prowler’s Claw. Sweet Baby Pre-Rework Aatrox! What unfathomable power!

Damage number Tresh

Big numbers mean significant percentages. So the most extensive damage number auto-attack Thresh will get the INSANE benefit! Of course, it’s not just the ratio but all those additional procs of Stormrazor and even Essence Reaver if you forego everything I said about Sheens and just HUNGER for DESTRUCTION. But there are some problems.

  • Straight damage is just a tiny little whip on the side while you gap close, and it can’t be freely cast as Galeforce can, but that 15% damage WORKS!
  • If there’s anything I’ve learned from playing late-game RPGs like PSO2, it’s that even the tiniest percentage increases in damage can add considerable amounts to your overall DPS.

As I said, the dash isn’t free to cast anywhere, but not only that, you also only gain the increased damage against whoever you use the dash on. Its range isn’t fantastic, especially when you’re going super squishy with your build, so there’s so much that can go wrong as you try and use it.

Prowler’s Claw Thresh

Now you can do a pretty sweet combo with Prowler’s Claw on Thresh. It’s landing a Q, then using Prowler’s Claw, landing in the perfect distance to use your R, then using E after they take the box hit, the auto-attacking. This way, the enhanced damage works on your E, R, AND auto-attack, so they’re dead.

  • The unfortunate part of this is that with all-too-common tenacity, enemies can either unfreeze before you can auto-attack (since you can’t auto-attack for 1.5s when you land Q), or they can outright escape the hook before your Box can land.

Witnessing this killed a lot of consistency with the build, so I lost a lot of faith in it. It doesn’t take nearly as much advantage of the item. Still, the standard damage combo of Q, Box, and E into Box will be much easier to guarantee a hit with, though using Prowler’s only before the auto-attack means that your Ultimate and E don’t get the enhancement. But with the insane damage on the auto, hopefully, you don’t need them.

Thicc Lol

But once you’ve committed to the dash, you’re in the thick of it now and likely not very tanky and likely dead in not too long. Unlike Galeforce, Prowler’s claw’s stats are mostly wasted with its lethality, so it doesn’t work well in Bruiser-style builds.

  • I’ve never tried such a thing, so maybe it’s sleeper op.
  • But overall, we all do like a bit of Darkside fun, going for the explosive kills AD Thresh is known for, but overall, versatility is Thresh’s thing, and going the Galeforce route of AD Thresh is just a much more freeing way of going about it.
  • Far less risk, far more variety in build and plan Bs, and overall less clunk.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in League Of Legends. Please check our League Of Legends Guides main mage for more valuable articles.

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