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The New Best Solo Carry Champions on Patch 14.13

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The New Best Solo Carry Champions on Patch 14.13

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This guide covers Patch 14.13, highlighting top solo carry and jungle picks, optimal builds, and strategic gameplay tips for champions like Camille, Volibear, and Lilia.
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Hello, Librarian Husky here! With Kench nerfed, Camille now dominates the Top Lane Solo Carry list. Her recent buffs have made her a formidable force in solo queue. While she may lack the split pushing capabilities of Fiora or Yorick, Camille excels in team fights and picking off opponents, making her a versatile pick for carrying games.

Effective Strategies for Top Lane in Current Meta

If you’re playing a champion like Camille, focus on quickly pushing side lanes and then look for flanking opportunities instead of just focusing on tower takedowns. This approach works particularly well against ADCs such as Jinx and Jhin who lack gap-closing abilities. Flanking from behind with Camille‘s long-range engage can lead to valuable kills for your team. Currently, Camille players often struggle against champions like Jax and Volibear. Consider banning either of them for a smoother gameplay experience.

Dominance of Volibear in the Top Lane

Volibear has become a dominant force in the Top Lane meta due to his hybrid build. Players opt for a Rod of Ages rush followed by Flicker Blade and Spirit Visage or Frozen Heart. This setup maximizes dueling power and sustain, especially with Flicker Blade’s reduced cooldown on Volibear‘s W. Ensure your rune page includes Jack of All Trades to capitalize on the build’s bonuses, providing significant adaptive damage and enhancing skirmish capabilities.

Set: Dominant Top Lane Bruiser in the Meta

Set continues to reign supreme in the Top Lane meta, maintaining his position as a top pick for several patches. His strength has been bolstered by recent indirect changes that have negatively affected many other Top Lane champions. The addition of Overlord’s Blood Mail further enhances Set’s effectiveness, particularly as a third item, amplifying the damage output of his W ability. Landing a well-timed W in mid to late game fights can single-handedly turn the tide with its massive damage potential, often chunking more than 50% of an enemy’s health.

Optimal Build and Strategy for Set

For Set, the optimal core build starts with a Stridebreaker rush followed by Hullbreaker and Overlord’s Blood Mail. This setup maximizes Set’s dueling and team fight capabilities, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. Consider banning Volibear, who poses challenges for many Set players in the Top Lane matchup.

Shyvana’s Rise in the Jungle

Shyvana has emerged as a top-tier jungler this season, making her way into the top three for jungle solo carry roles. The shift in her Keystone Rune preference from Press the Attack and Dark Harvest to Fleet Footwork has significantly boosted her win rate, with Fleet Footwork boasting a staggering 55% win rate in recent games compared to around 51% for Dark Harvest and Press the Attack.

Nocturne’s Jungle Dominance in Patch 14.13

Nocturne has risen to prominence in the jungle meta, securing a spot in the top three for Patch 14.13. His resurgence can be attributed to the jungle XP changes introduced in patch 14.10, which have significantly benefited champions like him who rely on a strong mid-game spike. With increased XP, Nocturne can reach his power spikes earlier, making him a formidable threat in solo queue. Consider banning early-game ganking junglers such as Jarvan IV or Xin Zhao when opting for Nocturne, as their aggressive early impact can overshadow his scaling potential.

Lilia’s Impact in the Jungle for Patch 14.13

Lilia has made a strong return to the top three junglers for Patch 14.13, benefiting from the nerfs to other AP junglers like Karthus and Taliyah. Her solid jungle clear, coupled with incredible level six gank potential and strong mid-to-late game team fight presence, makes her an ideal pick for most ranks. With two powerful AoE spells, Lilia excels at early jungle skirmishes and setting up vision control around objectives. Utilize deep enemy jungle vision to land her E ability effectively in choke points, securing crucial kills for your team.

Optimal Build and Strategy for Lilia

For Lilia, the standard core build starts with Blackfire Torch, followed by Liandry’s Anguish or Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. This build path maximizes her damage output and crowd control potential throughout the game. When facing champions with high mobility like Ezreal, who can easily dodge her E, consider banning them to optimize Lilia‘s pick potential.

Rune Setup for Lilia

The optimal rune setup for Lilia includes Conqueror, Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, and Coup de Grace, with secondary runes in Free Boots and Cosmic Insight. These choices enhance Lilia‘s survivability, utility, and cooldown reduction, allowing her to maintain pressure across the map.

Nefiri: Solo Carry Assassin of the Patch

Nefiri has reclaimed her position as the top assassin mid laner for solo queue, thanks to recent buffs that have boosted her win rate by over 3%. What sets Nefiri apart from other assassins is her lower skill floor, making her easy to pick up and effective with her point-and-click engage and strong catching potential with her R ability. Completing Eclipse enhances her dueling prowess with double shielding, making it easier to eliminate fed carries. The standard build includes Profane Hydra second and either Edge of Night or Serylda’s Grudge third. Consider banning Vex, whose fear ability can disrupt Nefiri’s engagements.

Lux: Rising Mid Lane Mage

With Brand nerfed this patch, Lux emerges as a priority mid lane mage in solo queue. Lux has consistently been a strong pick with her long-range abilities and burst potential. Changes to Dark Harvest this patch may further enhance her burst damage potential, making her an even more formidable presence in the mid lane. Keep an eye on how these changes impact her performance throughout the patch.

Vex: Rising Star in the Mid Lane Meta

Vex has climbed into the top three mid lane champions for Patch 14.13, benefiting from recent shifts in the mid lane meta. With champions like LeBlanc seeing increased play rates, Vex shines as a strong counter due to her ability to handle bursty matchups effectively. The nerfs to Brand have also made the matchup easier for Vex players. While longer-range control mages can pose some challenges, they are less prevalent in the current meta, making Vex a solid pick.

Optimal Build and Strategy for Vex

The core build for Vex typically starts with Luden’s Tempest rush, followed by Shadowflame second and Zhonya’s Hourglass or Rabadon’s Deathcap third. This setup maximizes Vex’s burst potential and survivability in team fights, allowing her to excel in punishing opponents with dashes.

Jinx: Priority ADC in Patch 14.13

Jinx remains a top priority ADC in Patch 14.13, boasting one of the highest win rates among ADCs. Despite recent changes to Summoner spells favoring Barrier over Ghost, a significant number of players have yet to adapt. Professional Jinx players have already made the switch, capitalizing on Barrier’s effectiveness in enhancing Jinx’s survivability and team fight presence.

Changes to Electrocute and Mid Lane Dynamics

Electrocute’s buffs in Patch 14.13 are expected to further empower Vex in mid lane matchups, particularly against champions with dashes. This adjustment underscores the importance of strategic bans and adapting to evolving meta shifts in the mid lane.

ADC Meta Shifts: Jinx and Kai’Sa

The ADC meta for Patch 14.13 sees notable adjustments for champions like Jinx and Kai’Sa, each benefiting from strategic changes in build paths and Summoner spell preferences.

Optimizing Jinx’s Build and Strategy

Jinx’s core build prioritizes Kraken Slayer first, followed by Phantom Dancer second and Infinity Edge third. Choosing between Fleet Footwork and Press the Attack depends on the bot lane matchup dynamics—Fleet for sustain against aggressive lanes and Press the Attack for enhancing all-in potential with engage-heavy supports like Leona or Nautilus.

Summoner Spell Adaptations for Jinx

While Ghost has been popular historically, Barrier paired with Flash is emerging as a more effective choice for Jinx players in Patch 14.13. Barrier’s reduced cooldown provides crucial survivability, particularly in skirmishes and team fights.

Kai’Sa’s Resurgence in the Meta

Kai’Sa has returned to prominence in solo queue, benefiting from recent buffs and meta shifts. With options like Kraken Slayer and Shieldbow as viable rush items, Kai’Sa adapts well to different game situations. Barrier has become a staple Summoner spell choice, enhancing her survivability in close-range engagements where her shorter attack range can be a liability.

Strategic Bans and Matchup Considerations

Against ADCs with superior range like Caitlyn or Ashe, banning these champions ensures Kai’Sa’s effectiveness remains optimal. Adjusting runes to Precision with Overheal, Alacrity, and Coup de Grace, complemented by free boots and Jack of All Trades in secondary runes, enhances Kai’Sa’s dueling and team fight capabilities.

This structured approach highlights the evolving dynamics of ADC play in Patch 14.13, emphasizing adaptation and strategic choices to maximize effectiveness on champions like Jinx and Kai’Sa.

Impactful ADC Picks: Jinx and Jin

Jinx and Jin are standout ADCs in Patch 14.13, each benefiting from recent item changes and strategic adaptations to the meta.

Jin’s Versatility and Midgame Power

Jin has surged in popularity thanks to buffs to The Collector and Infinity Edge, enhancing his midgame spike significantly. Unlike many ADCs, Jin’s effectiveness isn’t solely reliant on a strong early game; his W’s catch potential and R’s follow-up allow him to contribute even from behind. This resilience makes Jin a reliable blind pick in most matchups, although he struggles against assassins with heavy dive potential like LeBlanc or Akali.

Optimal Build for Jin

For Jin, prioritize The Collector as your rush item, followed by Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon. Fleet Footwork works best as the Keystone Rune, paired with Presence of Mind, Bloodline, and Cutdown in Precision, while Celerity and Gathering Storm provide additional utility in secondary runes.

Leona’s Dominance with Warmog’s Armor

Leona has risen to prominence in recent patches, bolstered further by the adoption of Warmog’s Armor as a core rush item. This choice significantly enhances her durability and sustain, crucial for melee supports looking to exert map pressure and engage opportunities. The increased health buff from 700 to 1000 in patch 14.10 solidified Warmog’s as a must-have item for Leona, granting both survivability and enhanced roaming capabilities.

Benefits of Warmog’s for Leona

Warmog’s Armor not only provides substantial health regeneration but also grants a 15% movement speed bonus when out of combat, ideal for efficient roaming and map control. This synergy aligns perfectly with Leona’s aggressive playstyle, allowing her to stay healthy and impactful throughout the game.

In Patch 14.13, these strategic choices highlight the evolving dynamics of ADC and support roles, emphasizing adaptability and efficiency in itemization and gameplay for champions like Jin and Leona.

Melee Support Dominance: Poppy and Braum in Patch 14.13

In the current meta, melee supports like Poppy and Braum are asserting their dominance, leveraging strategic itemization and potent rune setups to influence the game from the bottom lane.

Poppy’s Rise with Warmog’s Armor

Poppy has emerged as a formidable support choice in Patch 14.13, benefiting greatly from the utilization of Warmog’s Armor as a core item. Pairing Warmog’s with Dead Man’s Plate provides Poppy with exceptional movement speed and durability, essential for executing impactful engages and flanks in solo queue. This build enables Poppy to excel in disrupting champions such as Pyke, Leona, Rakan, and Thresh, though she struggles against kiting enchanters like Lulu.

Ideal Build and Counters for Poppy

For Poppy, prioritize Warmog’s Armor followed by Dead Man’s Plate. Swiftness Boots further enhance her mobility. Consider banning Lulu to mitigate her kiting potential. Poppy’s optimal rune setup includes Hail of Blades, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, and Relentless Hunter, with Hex Flash and Cosmic Insight in secondary slots.

Braum’s Solid Performance in the Support Role

Braum continues to be a reliable pick in the support role, offering defensive capabilities and crowd control that complement his team’s composition. His ability to mitigate damage and protect allies makes him a staple choice, especially against aggressive bot lane duos.

Key Items and Rune Setup for Braum

Braum’s core items typically include Locket of the Iron Solari as a second item after completing his initial support item upgrade. Aftershock, Font of Life, Second Wind, and Overgrowth form the ideal rune page, while Triumph and Haste are recommended for secondary runes.

In Patch 14.13, Poppy and Braum stand out as premier picks for melee supports, offering distinct advantages and strategic versatility that can sway the outcome of bot lane skirmishes and team fights.

Braum: The Warmog’s Advocate in Support

Braum stands out as a support champion who thrives with a rush towards Warmog’s Armor, although fewer players opt for this strategy compared to Leona. However, Warmog’s proves exceptionally effective as a first item on Braum, significantly outperforming other options. He’s currently a top-tier pick against melee supports in the current meta.

Braum’s Unique Playstyle and Counters

Braum uniquely benefits from encouraging enemy engagements, leveraging his ability to block incoming damage and turn fights in his team’s favor. This approach often catches opponents off guard, making Braum a formidable presence in the bot lane. When facing Braum, it’s advisable to avoid ranged poke-heavy supports like Karma, making her a prime ban choice.

Optimal Rune Setup for Braum

For Braum, the ideal rune page includes Guardian, Font of Life, Bone Plating, and Unflinching. Triumph and Haste are recommended secondary runes to further enhance his survivability and utility in team fights.

In summary, Braum’s strategic use of Warmog’s Armor and his unique playstyle make him a solid choice in the support role, particularly against melee-heavy compositions. Whether you’re looking to disrupt enemy engages or protect your team, Braum remains a reliable pick in the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends.

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