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Choose your mains for season 12

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going League Of Legends here. I thought I would do kind of a special guide for you guys, which we haven’t done before. We’re going to talk about champion pools and how you actually go through selecting your champions and hopefully are going to do. It’s going to provide you with really invaluable insight into how the best coaches in the world. Pick the champions for their teams and how we should think about picking them in a solo queue.

So when we queue up for ranked games, lots of people think that the game starts when you hit the riff. Well, really, it doesn’t. It starts with champ selection because the champion selection process is the first part of the game. And I’m sure you’ve heard before of people saying it’s gg and champ select champ selective.

More complex details of 12 season mains

This sometimes can be the case, especially if matchups are so one-sided that the enemy team doesn’t even matter if they play perfectly. It’s just over because of how their champions interact with the enemy champions. So we certainly have to take champ selection seriously, and this is what this guide is about. So, in my opinion, there are two ways to go about thinking about picking your champions.

1v1 champion

First of all, you have the 1v1 champion. So all you’re looking at on the enemy team. is who your opponent is picking, so if you’re a top planer, you’re looking at the enemy top laner. If you’re a mid-laner, you’re looking at the enemy mid-laner, and so on. Picking like this is good for you, of course, because you’re doing what’s best for your lane. Even if you’re blind picking, if you’re in the mid lane, you can Picari. She doesn’t have any hard counters.

Tricky champions

So you know you’re going to be useful in the 1v1, but this can get tricky when you start picking champions who have many counters, and you don’t even have a chance in the 1v1. So let’s say you’re picking a very notorious lane-dominant champion like an Urgot, for example. Well, even though he is good in late. There are certain matchups that he’s going to struggle with, and Urgod has a big weakness in team fights because he can get kited so easily, and it’s not like you’re playing Malphite.

There is so much pressure on you to win the lane when you pick this champion because you don’t really bring anything to the mid-to-late game 5v5s. So these are really strong dominant lane champions. It’s a very high risk. You’re picking one of these champions to dumpster your opponent in the first 10 minutes, and that’s where you snowball and take over. but the issue of these champions, Darius, might be another one, maybe said.

If you don’t win your lane, the game could be over just because of the champion you’re picking.
Picking a single champion

So what I’m trying to say here. Suppose you’re picking one of these champions that does not bring much to the 5v5 parties. In that case, you have to be very careful about blind-picking a champion like Darius or blind picking your champion like Set because they definitely have bad matchups. Same thing if you’re picking Kaiser in the bot lane. There are 80 carriers who you don’t want to go against. If you’re blind-picking Lucian, you do not want to see Draven locked in on the enemy team. So by thinking about winning your lane sometimes, you can cuck yourself because many of these champions can get counted.

So, I think the best way for you guys to think about blind picking in sham selection is to pick a balanced champion. So someone who can win lane but also someone who brings something to the team environment because team fights are gonna happen, scuttle crap skirmishes are going to happen. So how do we then pick a champion who’s going to be useful for our team? Well, what I’m really getting at here is utility.

Utility Champs

So someone who brings some sort of Crowd control or setup to a team. This could be something like movement speed, so maybe a clad ultimate this could be something like a Sivir ultimate as well, maybe an ash arrow for the hard Crowd control, a Malphite ultimate; of course, these are the popular ones, but. If we mention Malphite, there are some lanes he really struggles in because he’s not a dominant lane champion like Darius, let’s say.

But there are matchups where Malphite does very well, so into attack speed champions like Tryndamere and Jax, for example, and of course, he’s going to be more useful than these champions in team fights. So Malphite is a very nice balanced champion for the most part. But there are going to be champ selects were picking this utility.

Malphite top lane

So if you’re picking a Malphite top lane, if you’re picking Sivir as an ad carry, really just for the ultimate, this leaves you vulnerable during the laning phase, and what it might also mean is that if your team doesn’t have enough damage or too much utility, for example, You might have a twisted fate mid a Malphite top a civil radio carries like where is the damage going to come from in a team composition like that.

So you also have to take this into account. Does this team need damage, or does it need utility? If it needs a bit of both, then that’s what you must consider. But then the next question we have to ask is how complex the kind of champ can be, especially in the pro scene. Then we have to consider what type of damage the team needs.

Jackson & Tryndamere

I pick fight into a Jackson, Tryndamere. Well, I’ve already got an Ability power jungle. And I’ve got an ap mid laner and my supporter Leona who does magic damage. So if the enemy team builds any magic resistance, this might come in the form of heck string can murk treads banshee’s veil would be a big cuck against that team. Then Malphite is not the answer even. It’s really good into the top enemy lane, like a Jax or a Tryndamere. You are going to reduce the effectiveness of your teammates, which is what you have to think about as well.

Attack damage champion

So, in that case, you know you need to go an attack damage champion to give your team mixed damage in the damage output. You don’t just want one source of damage because it makes it very easy for the enemy champions to itemize against. So you might even be an Attack Damage Carry, but being an Attack Damage Carry, sometimes your teammates are gonna lock in three attack damage champions in the top jungle and mid-lane rolls. This leaves you really with no choice but to pick something like a Veigar or Cassiopeia or a Ziggs, an ap carry champion who can work in the bot lane.

Zyra support

Or you’re just really leaving it to your support, like a brand or a Zyra, to be locked in, and sometimes these support players won’t even play these champions. So having a champion pool that answers all of these questions is going to leave you bulletproof and champ slick because, as players in jam selector picking, their champion’s weaknesses grow, and strengths grow. So what you’re really trying to do is cover all of your weaknesses and even the loose conditions you might have.

Losing the game

So if you ask yourself in champ select. How do we lose this game? Well, this game becomes infinitely harder if I lock in X champion. But if I look in y champion well, that actually balances out our damage and also gives us some setup that we kind of desperately need. So you might have a Zed in the mid lane and Nidalee jungle, and you might have a bot lane like Samira and maybe Alistar.


Now Alistar, it’s all on him really to provide the setup for that team, so you could even consider something like a Camille locking the enemy champions down in her ultimate is going to allow the Alistar to come in. landing her hook shot going to allow the Nidalee to land her spear. And all of a sudden, we have a team composition because the team fights, you know, games are going to last like at least 30 minutes on average they are going to happen.

So instead of just tunnel visioning our lane, which, don’t get me wrong, is a viable strategy, especially in solo queue, because winning lane is the first thing we have to do. But sometimes, it’s not always the best thing because the other champions our teammates have picked might not even need you to win late. So I know this might sound complex, and it might be a little in-depth. But these are just general ideas we need to consider and maybe in a future guide.

I can even go through some drafts and talk you guys through the best picks during each phase of the champ select process.

Early and Late

Now the last thing we really have to touch on is this idea of the early and late game because there are champions who obviously prosper in the early stages of a game. So a champion like Wukong and the top lane a Kalista, a champion like an attack damage Shaco with halo blades that ignite in the jungle. These champions pack a punch in the early levels and when level 6 comes around.

But there are other champions in the game who excel when the late game hits, so champions like vega kale, a champion like Yone, attack damage carry like Jinx, or supports like Sona and Soraka. When the game gets late game, you release two to three items deep; that’s when these champions can pop up.

Low chances

But you don’t really want a team full of late-game champions because of the chances of you actually getting to 25-30 minutes. They’re very small, especially if you play against a strong early-game team composition. So the enemy team might have Darius top Rek’sai in the jungle, and then they might have a strong laning Ability power mid-laner like a Syndra.

Kalista & Alistar

Who can work around the wreck signs set up kills for, and they might even have a bot lane like Kalista and Alistar? This is a very early game kill dominant snowball team composition. So let’s say against this team, your teammates have already picked some late-game champions. You might have a Kayle in the mid lane, you might have a fiddle six in the jungle in the top lane, you might have an Aatrox, and in the bolt lane, we’re still waiting to pick our champions.

So in that team competition, you would really have to pick something that does well in the early game to protect your team. You do not want to have five late-game champions going against five early-game champions because, let me tell you, that is only going to end one way. Suppose everyone is at the same skill level, of course, so you can gap them in terms of skill.

But we just have to trust Riot’s matchmaking system that everyone in the game is going to be around the same skill level. So this is why champ selection is going to matter even more, and on the flip side of that, if you have a very early-game team, well, that is when you can afford to pick a late-game champion. So let’s say from the jungle to the support role, there’s a bunch of early-game champions, and the bot lane is probably going to be the side your jungle paths awards.

Top laner Ornn or Gangplank

Well, in that case, you can pick a top laner, maybe like Ornn or a Gangplank or a Camille, someone who is just going to happily scale into a game they don’t need their teammates or their jungle to come top because they’re always going to be fine that would be an excellent pick, and it doesn’t even matter how bad the 1v1 is because you’re always going to be useful in a game like that. So also be aware, guys, not just of the profile of the champion you’re picking.

Types of damage

So are they attack damage, are they magic damage, are they early, are they late game-oriented? But also be aware of your team because the best teams work when each individual player is complementing one another. It doesn’t matter if you have the five best champions in the meta.

They might all be late-game champions, so the team isn’t that cohesive, and it won’t have the champion synergy to give them the best chance of winning. So hopefully, this general champion pool champion selection guide was useful to you guys.

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