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10 Worst Solo Champions to Avoid

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s your Librarian Husky here, and today’s upload, we’re talking about the ten worst solo queue champions, so if you have any respect for your lp for your rank. So you can show your parents how proud you are, make sure you stay away from these champions. Now let me just say this. This is not me roasting these champions or the players who play them.

I’m just stating facts based on the data we have so far. These are the statistically worst champs you can pick. Based on winning games. Because I’m such a nice guy, I’m actually going to give you the rune pages and still the builds and the skill order and maybe even a tip for these because it looks like people need them.


Starting off the countdown, we have the bandage tosser, and for Amumu in platinum and above, his win rate is around 46%, nothing to be proud of. Here’s the thing not enough Amumu players are running the page on your screen. The stats you’re seeing are from gold. Now with the conqueror, Amumu has actually been a pretty good champion ever since they changed it to five seconds and by running cheap shots. So the extra damage will proc off your CC and ultimate hunter. So you reduce the cooldown of your curse of the sad Amumu.

Laning phase

Which really makes or breaks your champion after the laning phase had a good time of it, but for some reason, people in platinum and above are taking Aftershock and building weird stuff. So make sure as well, and turn your build. You’re taking Sunflower Aegis the hp on the Mythic passive now that’s in the game.

Demonic Embrace

It is useful because once we get Demonic Embrace, the Demonic Embrace passive which converts some of that bonus HP into AP, means we’re tankier, and we also deal a lot of damage as well. So this is the build you have to go to. Just make sure to max your “e” first, and then your “w.” leave your “q” alone, and I don’t really know why you won’t have success on Amumu in 12.7. just don’t troll like the platinum and above players by taking Aftershock.


Now ahead of Amumu coming in at number nine, we’re going to continue the green theme and talk about the Hulk; I mean Thresh because Thresh after getting nerfed so much in the last few months. Has really been coping with it recently. I guess the reason why is just because lots of other champions either do his job better than he does, or they’re just innately stronger than Thresh at the moment. So moonstone, when you are champions like:

  • Soraka.
  • Sona.
  • Renata.
  • Nautilus.
  • Leona.

Who is just performing at a higher level and even? If you’re running glacial or Aftershock, it really doesn’t matter. The stats are vaguely the same, around a 46% win rate. So it’s pretty Dark times for Thresh at the moment, and also, with the locket of the Iron Solari nerfs, this means that you’re just less effective as well. So really, there’s no silver lining here. These are just the facts, and Thresh is, unfortunately, one of the worst supporters and champs on the rift.

Lee Sin

Now ahead of Thresh, coming in at number eight, is a champion who has actually been hit pretty hard in 12.7. This is lee singer and Felicia, and his base damage from once having the highest base idea in the game, he’s now got well a measly 66. This is not very high for an early-game champion.

This means it’s weaker, so you’re clear you’re skirmishing, you’re 1v1 with the enemy jungle you’re less of a threat. Also, your cues damage the first part, and the second part is down as well. This is not a nice patch for lee sin because he has so many mechanics and combos. You really have to master this champion to get the most out of him. which is why his win rate, just like Amumu, just like Thresh’s, is around 46 percent. So be careful about peaking the blind monk in 12.7 if you care about the dubs.


Now ahead of Lee, coming in at number seven. We’re heading to the mid-lane here and talking about one of the most Killable Unreliable mages on the rift, and this is Syndra. For Syndra in 12.7-time, war tonic may have been nerfed, but there’s no way this is going to make her win rate go down to only 46. No, the reason Syndra is this bad in the solo queue. It is because she’s too vulnerable. But once you use your scatter of the week.

Suppose you don’t know when to time it or save it, and once you die, once against the popular champions in the mid-lane like Nico got buffed this patch like Annie said. All of these champions completely dump on you and snowball to the point where you cannot do anything. So it’s just way too risky to pick Syndra. You’re better off picking someone else in terms of win rate. Suppose you want to have fun. Go ahead and pick her. She’s a pretty fun champion.


But a champion who’s statistically even worse than 12.7 to pick. We’re gonna head to the top lane. Well, we could actually stay in the mid-lane, which is where I think you should play Jayce because this patch’s base armor has gone down and even. If his armor per level has gone up, it’s still a massive loss. But not only has his base armor gone down. His hp has also gone down in the early game.

So pretty much the early laning phase for Jayce when he can be pretty oppressive. It’s just a lot worse, and he’s more Killable for champions in the top plane, which will most likely be attack damage. He is way less scary. He’s not that lame bully he once was, and because his armor has been nerfed, it makes sense to take Jayce to the mid-lane.

If you’re going to pick him anywhere because champions in the mid-lane, most of them will have magic damage, and armor does not mean as much. So it’s a really bad patch for Jayce’s solo “q,” and to be honest, he probably won’t even consider getting picked in Pro just because of these nerfs.


Now coming in at number five is one jungle, which went from being the best chef on the Rift to being one of the worst in just a patch. This is Hecarim. Who, to be honest, is completely unplayable. If you guys were playing Hecarim before, I’d honestly recommend he’s that bad to pick up a new jungle. Now thankfully, Donal has me coaching him.

So he doesn’t have to worry too much but for everyone else out there. Isn’t getting a coach just picking another more consistent and stronger champion? So from 12.6, the base damage on your “q” is going down, and the damage is getting nerfed on your “e.” It doesn’t matter what Mythic or build you go. It’s just an absolute dog tip. Please do not waste your time, guys. If you care about winning once again, that’s what we’re talking about here. It’s not worth it, so save your mind and pick another jungle.


Now holding the number four position on the worst solo queue champions for 12.7. We’ve got to head back to the mid-lane here. Lots of you guys will probably think this is champions. So broken off because she does so much damage with her “w,” and you might be right at 25 minutes onwards. But do you get to 25 minutes in most games as Kaiser mid? The answer is no.

That’s why you have around a 45-46 win rate. This champion in the mid-lane is just a walking free kill until level 6. She can get hard bullied. She doesn’t really have any escape. So if you don’t wave managed properly and track the enemy jungle in position properly, you are a sitting duck. And just like Syndra, if the enemy mid-laner gets going, it’s very hard to stop because you have no real power until two to three items deep.

You can’t do anything to stop that Zed from diving. You can’t do anything to stop Annie from roaming the bot and killing your bot lane. It’s honestly just a too-greedy champion and roll combination. You’re really hoping the enemy mid laner. doesn’t even touch you. So you can have a chance of winning.


That’s also the case for the number three champion on this countdown. This being Aphelios, an ad carry, of course, and for Aphelios, his win rates have fallen ever since Ryan nerfed his base armor and his base HP. Now he has never really been a strong solo queue champion because he doesn’t have a dash. He needs his support to know what’s going on because knowing a fellatios weapons is important, but even that takes time. This patch and gale-force have been nerfed, so the cooldown on the dash is now 110 seconds.

Means you’re going to get called out more. You’re not going to get as many kill because you can use gay or force with your ultimate there are some nice combos. But even then, you have to have experience with failures to even know how to do that. So it takes too much time to learn this champion for 12.7. and even if you do master this champion. You’re probably better at ELO inflating yourself by playing Veigar as an ad carry or Yasuo as an ad carry instead. It may sound pretty depressing, and it is, but that’s just the state of the game.


Now coming in at number two, we’re going to stay in the bot lane here and talk about a champion who got changed a lot in 12.7. So this is exciting, but for Zeri’s mains, her win rate is around 44%. You can see this page here. This was from platinum and above. So with this room page, 44% win rate with flash in here, a sub 43% win rate like you’ve got to be kidding.

Now I have seen some tech come out recently because Riots have changed Zeri to try and force you to go a more crit build. So people have been building essence river first, and they’re trying to focus more on going items like gale force crack and Slay. But to be honest, even those builds don’t really seem that good on the rift.

They might sound good on paper because of the changes in this patch, but they are failing to really pop off, and Zeri, as a result, has fallen so much in the last few days. But not as much as one champion who also got changed in 12.7. I don’t know why I’m laughing because I legit feel sorry.


For anyone out there who is playing, Ryze is in 12.7. because for you, rise mains out there. The ap ratio is going up on your “q.” It doesn’t do anything. A man like this champion is the most killable thing on the rift. And you can see that there’s a similarity with some of these champions. They’re immobile, they’re squishy, and if they use one ability, they’re going to die like a Syndra with her e like in a Folios. I mean, he’s a mobile, and with Ryze, the same thing. Suppose you don’t have your room Prison or if. You don’t have Phrase Rush.

You’re dead meat. You might be a very good late-game split pusher, but the truth is this ever since wright changed the archangel’s staff. So it now gives you the ability Ryze instead of ap the item is just a turd. Because your q’s damage is also scaling less of your bonus mana, this champion has one of the lowest win rates of all time. It is 40 and might even get lower than that if there isn’t some emergency buff to the rune mage. We also might have to consider the thimble winter has been nerfed.

Thank Ryze power

So thank Ryze. If it wasn’t already dead, it now is because you have to go ap. You’re so squishy there’s no way you survive any team fight unless the rest of your team is absolutely killing it. Those are the only games you win. So if you are going to play Ryze, you’re playing him for tactical reasons. You want to play this champion to lose, so right, actually, buff him and fix this champion in the near future rather than leaving for the next two-three years.

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