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8 best Heroes patch 7.31 in Dota 2

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky is here, and welcome to another one of our Dota 2 guides. In this article, we want to tell you about the current top heroes in patch 7.31, we are sure this article will be useful for you.

With the release of patch 7.31, Dota 2 hasn’t changed globally: the map hasn’t changed, and the imba heroes have barely been weakened. However, Valve has improved other characters that weren’t the strongest before.

Anti Mage


  • Two units have changed the starting Strenght, and now the hero has 21 Strenght at the start.
  • Diffusal Blade mana burnout works with Mana Break mana burn
  • Mana Break now slows an enemy by ten/twenty/thirty/forty% if it burns out the last mana. Duration 0.75 seconds. The effect works on illusions as well.

How to play at the new Anti Mage

  1. Take Power Treads as the first item;
  2. If a lot of farms, then Falcon Blade, if not, then immediately Diffusal Blade;
  3. Other purchase depends on the position and the situation on the map but would not be superfluous standard artifacts: Manta Style, Eye of Skadi, Abyssal Blade, and so on;
  4. Hero has become more team-oriented. It’s worth connecting to allies more often and less farming.


Axe has rarely appeared in pubs and pro matches in the past, but in 7.31, he may be the best hero on the offlane. He’s had almost all of his abilities improved, making gameplay that much fresher for him. In particular, they added the motivation to kill enemies with ultimates.


  • Battle Hunger used to deal periodic magic damage sixteen/twenty-four/thirty-two/forty, now deals ten/fifteen/twenty/twenty-five periodic physical damage + 1 * armor of ability wearer.
  • Battle Hunger used to speed up the Axe and slow the opponent by twelve/thirteen/fourteen/fifteen%, now it does not speed up the Axe but slows the opponent by eight/seventeen/twenty-six/thirty-five if he turns away from the Axe. It is also possible to kill an ally.

How to play at the new Axe:

  1. The main items remained the same: Vanguard, Blink Dagger, Blade Mail. However, they started to buy Soul Ring more often;
  2. Aghanim’s Shard also became a must-have artifact again – they try to take it at 20 minutes after Blink Dagger;
  3. Players are increasingly pumping Battle Hunger, usually at levels 1 and 3. Previously you only took the ability once.

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Summoners haven’t been meta for a long time. Fans of Chen are hardly ever found in ranked games, as the hero didn’t bring the benefit that other characters did. However, with the modification of the forest creeps and the reworking of the ultimates, Chen has become much more potent.


  • Creeps controlled by Holy Persuasion used to move ten/fifteen/twenty/twenty-five faster, now they move ten/twenty/thirty/forty faster.
  • The Hand of God used to heal all heroes at 275/400/625 health, but now heals at two hundred/three hundred/four hundred and occasionally restores twenty/thirty/forty health for ten seconds.

How to play at the new Chen:

  1. You should now take Holy Persuasion at the first level and look for a good creep. Also, make sure you don’t block the small neutral camp;
  2. The item build hasn’t changed: the first item is Mekansm, Drum of Endurance, and Aghanim’s Shard. You can also buy Holy Locket;
  3. You can create the pressure with your creeps on towers if your opponent has no heroes who can stop the fluff. There are options to pick up Roshan quickly.


Year after year, IO is the strongest hero on the professional scene. Indeed, he is hardly ever taken in ranked games because you have to play with him more as a team. Valve decided to fix the low pick rate and upgraded the hero again.


  • Previously, Aghanim’s Shard worked on Tether passively and stunned enemies touched by the beam, dealing damage and increasing movement speed. Now: Aghanim’s Shard works on Tether but increases IO’s vampirism with spells by ten %. And under Overcharge, IO shares this skill with the bound hero and gives him ten % extra damage from spells.
  • Previously, Spirits dealt thirty/fifty/seventy/ninety damage to the hero, with Aghanim’s Scepter working without cooldown. Now it deals damage and slows it down, and the duration is 0.3 seconds.

How to play at the new IO:

  1. When choosing IO, you must ask an ally to take a hero with high magic damage: Storm Spirit, Leshrac, maybe Necrophos;
  2. Standard item choices: Holy Locket, Mekansm, Aghanim’s Shard. If IO is on Cor position, Helm of the Dominator and Aghanim’s Scepter are needed.

Lone Druid

Players on Lone Druid finally get what they’ve been asking for: the summoned bear’s attack rate has been raised, and it will make him stronger not only on the line but also in-game. And the minibear will also be able to get extra armor with the redesigned Spirit Link.


  • Before this, Spirit Bear’s damage at the first level was 20. Now it’s 28
  • Spirit Bear used to have roots tied at 0.75/1.5/2.25/3 seconds. Now it’s tied at 1/1.2/2.2/2.8 seconds. The change is minor, but the hero is relatively more robust at the beginning
  • You used spirit Link to increase attack speed by 16/34/52/70. Now Spirit Link transfers ten/fifteen/twenty/twenty five% armor between hero and bear.
  • Proper Form is used to cool down if the hero was killed while applying it. Now dying while applying True Form will not send the ability to cool down.

How to play at the new Lone Druid:

  1. Top players on Lone Druid try to take Spirit Link as quickly as possible. They can even take it sooner than a level 4 bear;
  2. There’s a variety of items again: Hand of Midas + Radiance, Phase Boots + Mjollnir, but more often Mask of Madness + Desolater;
  3. In every game, without exception, players acquire Aghanim’s Shard.е предметов: Hand of Midas + Radiance, Phase Boots + Mjollnir, однако чаще встречается Mask of Madness + Desolater;
  4. In every game, without exception, players acquire an Aganim Shard.


Many gamers didn’t understand why Mars got even more potent when examining the patch note. Honestly, there is no explanation. The hero was one of the best at The International 10, showed his strengths in ranked matches and during the DPC season, but still wasn’t weakened.


  • Before, the strength gain was 3.4, and now it’s 3.7.
  • You used to get out of the Arena of Blood with different spells. Now you can’t fly over it or jump out of it anymore.

Mars did get the Spear of Mars and Arena of Blood nerfs, but they were minor. That’s why the gameplay for the hero remained the same, but Valve still helped him get more robust.

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Pudge is the favorite character of many players in Dota 2. The character is always in a bane or peak, but he has lost his power since the last Flesh Heap change. Valve has breathed new life into the hero, and the developers have added unique mechanics to the Flesh Heap ability.


  • Increased intelligence gain, from 1.5 to 1.8
  • Previously, Flesh Heap gave magical protection of twelve/fourteen/sixteen/eighteen % and a bonus power per kill of 1/2/2.5/3. Now Flesh Heap has a kill power bonus of 1.11/1.4/1.7/2, but you can now activate the ability. It blocks five/ten/fifteen/twenty damage for seven seconds.

How to play at the new Pudge:

  1. You can pick the upgraded Pudge to Offlane again. He now gets no damage from Rot when Flesh Heap is turned on, so he doesn’t lose health;
  2. For your first money, it’s best to buy two Bracer and later Phase Boots. After that you can buy anything you want, as long as you are helpful;
  3. In a bad game, you should become a support pudge with Aghanim’s Shard; in a good game, you should become a tank with Heart of Tarrasque and Assault Cuirass.


In patch 7.31, there was a significant rework of Techies. The hero now fits entirely into the standard game concept, and the Techies can no longer blast anyone on another part of the map.


  • Previously, the Stasis Trap ability – rooted up enemies in its radius of action. Now, it’s removed from the game. New Reactive Tazer ability increases movement speed by fifteen/twenty/twenty-five/thirty %. It also gives powerlessness to whoever attacks Techies, and it explodes after 6 seconds.
  • Previously, the Remote Mines ability allowed you to place green mines that explode remotely. Techies now have a new ultimate. It used to be the 1st skill, now it’s been strengthened, but the mechanics haven’t changed.
    Another new ability is Sticky Bomb, which you can use to throw a sticky bomb. It slows enemy movement by twenty-five/thirty-five/forty-five/fifty five% and, after 3 seconds, explodes within 300 radii, dealing 90/180/270/360 damage.

How to play at the new Techies:

  1. Surprisingly, the hero has become much more versatile, now even being taken to mid or offlane;
  2. Everyone buys two Null Talisman, Soul Ring, Aghanim’s Shard, and Aether Lens;
  3. The emphasis in abilities is on Sticky Bomb and then the Blast Off! Reactive Tazer is the last one to be picked up.

After patch 7.31, there are a few heroes that have improved. Pugna, Puck, Rubick, Tusk, Tiny, and Visage. Thanks to this, Dota 2 has become more diverse. On the pro scene, there were already characters that peaked before, by the way, if you are interested in Dota 2 Boosting Services, please check our main page. Cya!