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How To Do Super Express Event Guide

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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. Today I wanna talk to you guys about all the new stuff that we have got. We’re gonna focus mainly in this guide on the super express event as. I will have a couple of other guides covering the arc pass and all the other stuff that we did get with today’s batch as well as south. Word and all that. There’s a lot of good stuff today.

So let’s hop straight into it. So now the reason I want to bring this guide out to you guys about the super express event is that it’s really important to not mess this up and use it on a tier 3 character. Lose out on a bunch of possible rewards you could get and also boost up another alt from straight from tier 1 to 3 pretty easily doing this.

Login For Game

  • So the first time you do log in, you’ll have to log into your main if you are planning on making English because you need to collect your faith on a power pass because you need to obviously make your grave here. It’s going to be level one while leveling ten if you did the trick I mentioned earlier.
  • Once you log into your main, this event request pops up and asks you which character select. You don’t have to select one at that moment.
  • Just close it out, and it will still be there. You won’t lose it or anything, then you go.
  • You do your play Via stuff.
  • Make your Gladio or whichever old you feel like using this on, but I would highly suggest using this on a tier-one alt or tier two alt that you want to boost up if we come on over to the event once you’ve accepted it.
  • Is how it looks like there are different levels seen for different items, respectively, so level one is 302 to 460. there were two 460-600.

So that’s like the first version of tier-one, tier two-tier one as well, and then there’s tier two, and vs. Super Express Bonus mission. Now the thing with all of these over here, once you complete them, you get this mission of yeah. So if you check mission, this is once you complete level one, you will actually get this as well. So you get two of those selection chests, 20 of each of those.

So it’s very good for that helping you out in a tier-one character. So if you do have a tier-one character, it’s gonna boost it up with a lot of materials and stuff. But the main thing about this is not really. So much these upgrades it. That will boost your honing upgrades, so if we come on over to the holding vendor real quick.

Boost Effect

And see over here Growth boost effect gear two gear level 1 to 15 holding basic success rates plus 20. Owning levels increase by a maximum of 2 when attempting honing of tier 2 gear from 1 to 12. So that means anything level 1 to 12 will get you twice every time you upgrade. To see over there, it’s gonna go from eight straight to ten.

It’s gonna cost less live shots and fewer materials as well. Because you do have that buff, and then I do have my stronghold buff as well. So you’re getting a double buff if you’re doing this in tier two and tier 1 kind of waste in tier 3 because I don’t think it works in tier 3. It uses on the tier 102 character. So that’s really good. It helps you super express your honing up and then.

Also, there’s a major reward for that. You get to finish the last level, so level four will be 960 to 1100. This is all easy stuff that you will be doing anyway. There’s a lot of silver with this 300000. you can go back and do all of these as well later on. Just I wouldn’t suggest doing them straight away because they do require to do like lower-level chaos dungeons, which you shouldn’t be doing if you’re 960 anyway.

  • You want to do the first dungeon. First for your resonance, but anyway, long story short, check the mission over there. You can see this box control, right.
  • Click on it, and look at that. We get a thousand gold. We get a relic report selection chest that’s huge. It’s ten thousand reports with anybody I would.

Honestly, use it for the black bank to get your ashtray, but that’s up to you. Three million silver, so there’s a lot of silver to help you guys out, and we get a legendary rare card back, I think. That’s a four percent chance to actually get the legendary, and it’s 20 of them. Then the epic card pack for legendary over there is either legendary or epic card pack. I think that’s 20 chances to get the legendary. Then over there are three legendary card packs. You can get three legendary sets. It’s not a selection chest. You will get three random legendaries. So huge on these card packs over there and then.

We do actually get one legendary selection card pack. Obviously, you want to hold on to that one, do not use it until later on down the line once you’re actually finishing up your legendary card sets and stuff like that. You need your last one then. You selected. I still need to make a guide on that as well about the best legendary card sets and when to actually use your selection chest. So be on the lookout for that.

Legendary Report Selection

Let’s move on. We have the legendary report selection chest times three. So you can choose over there as well, so it’s another six thousand reports whatever. You want five stones of your choice, the item tier three. Okay, these are tier three stones. That’s pretty nice, or five of them. Then we got some sailing coins.

  • That’s quite a bit 500 times 10. what’s that 5 000 or yes, I mean. I get my math is bad anyway. It’s a lot of sailing coins. Save those. Don’t use them straight away because there’s a lot of stuff that you will need sun coins for and other stuff. You’ll need ancient coins. So don’t use them straight away.
  • Don’t just convert them but hold on to those as well. Like our roster bound, we get over there 20 class engravings as well bound to the roster. So that’s really nice combat gaming’s bound to roster really, really nice since all the engravings should be costing a little bit more. Now especially with the launch of play VM.
  • Then we got gross support over there. It’s just getting you some t3 accessories it’s.

Also, really nice once you get the d3 on your Lantern or Clavia. Whatever you want to call it, I’m a go-to lancer for some card XP. It’s awesome. Nice stuff raid seals victory seals adventure seals. So it’s all stuff your stronghold really nice honor leap stones 50. of those really nice and then some tier 3 destruction and guardian stones as well. So this severe is honestly the best part about the event and then.

That it’s going to help you boost another character really fast, so what you could do is use this on a complete level fresh level one that you have knowledge transferred tier one. Alt, I mean that your knowledge runs with a 302, and you’ll see just you’ll shoot through tier one and then tier two as.

Well, with the double honing up until plus twelve. So pretty much you’re gonna use half the materials as well. It’s going to cost you fewer shards as well. So you have got a couple of all sitting around choose one that you really. Think you’re going to play boost it up, or you could just do what. I’m doing now on the lancer. I’m actually using the Phaeton boost to boost this to 960 and then just using it on her to boost her through to get her.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for new guides. Please check out Lost Ark Guides. Learn with us!

It was Librarian Husky! See you.