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Vacation PvE 3+1 Bundle Boost

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Vacation PvE 3+1 Bundle Boost

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💰 5% CashbackWith each purchase, you earn a 5% cashback coupon that you can apply towards your next payment!
✅ Money RefundsIf you decide you no longer want your purchase, or if something goes wrong, we offer a complete or partial refund. For more details, please talk to our operator.
📞 24 hours supportWe're here for your gaming needs 24 hours a day, every day without any days off.
🛡 Safe ServiceWe take security seriously and make sure all rules are followed. Our pros don't use bots or scripts and avoid using in-game chats. We also make sure IP and MAC addresses don't overlap.
⚙️ Huskycarry VPNWe use Huskycarry 2.0 - log in from your country and city with the IP and Mac address proofs screenshot. You don't need to install it on your PC; we will do it only on our side.
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You will get a nice completion of the PvE activities in the range (period) of one, four, or even ten weeks for your lovely WoW character.
🕑 15 Minutes: Start time
⏳ ETA: Flexible

Feeling like you can’t unwind due to your regular PvE responsibilities in games like raids, keys, and Great Vault missions? Don’t worry! With our Vacation PvE 3+1 Bundle Boost, you can now take a much-needed break from World of Warcraft without the fear of losing your hard-earned progress.

Why should I buy the Vacation PvE 3+1 Bundle Boost?

Take some time for yourself while our skilled players handle all the activities, from completing Heroic raids to running Mythic +20 dungeons that you require. Your gaming progress is safe in our hands! Our HuskyBoost professionals will cover your needs really quickly – there is no need for you to struggle with this service on your own – we will save you time and nerves; just order this boost.

Quick note: For an option of m+20 & selfplay timed run, you are required to remain active within the completion of the dungeon due to difficulty of it. If the dungeon is not completed – you will obtain a refund for the option of this boost.

What do Customers receive?

  • You will get a nice completion of the PvE activities in the range (period) of one, four, or even ten weeks for your lovely WoW character.
  • You will get completed the desired heroic raid (each week) or just the death of the final boss of the Aberrus run.
  • You will get completed m+20 raid runs in the range of one to four each week.
  • Possibility of obtaining great loot from level 428 to 444 armor from the raids of the Aberrus collection.
  • Possibility of obtaining some great items from the m+ dungeons of level 431.
  • Possibility of obtaining great skin for dragon riding of the Highland Drake collection called Embodiment of the Hellforged from the death of the final boss in the Aberrus raid run.
  • Possibility of obtaining unique mounts from the m+ dungeons such as Sharkbait, a beautiful Underrot Crawg Harness, and an excellent Drake of the North Wind.
  • You will obtain excellent fragments of the shadow flame crest called Wyrm and Aspect.
  • You will obtain a nice currency called Flightstone.
  • You will obtain up to five unique rewards from the Great Vault depending on your desire from each week (up to item level 447).

How does Vacation PvE 3+1 Bundle Boost work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Broadcast – Want to spectate the whole process of farming items & completing your order? No problem, you will be able to do it. Our professional player will start the stream for you.
Loot options
  • A nice group loot option – This is the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to get access to the rewards from the Great Vault of your desire. You will roll items around all members of the raid team, and the system of the loot is pretty much random, so there are no guarantees for you to collect a particular number of items. But with high chances of obtaining the loot – the average obtaining is from one to two items.
Completion modes
  • I’d like to get a selfplay mode – This is a great option if you’d like to remain active within the boost completion – simply join our booster and play with him.
  • I’d like to get piloted mode – You are not required to play on your own – just give us access to your WoW account, and we will quickly complete your order.
  • I’d like to get remote control mode – Our boosters will log in to your PC using a nice VPN so that your account is 100% protected, and you can spectate the completion of your order.


  • Your character level should be not less than 70.

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