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SOTFO Heroic Raid Run Boost

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SOTFO Heroic Raid Run Boost

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291/298 ilvl Fated gear
Full run, all 11 bosses
🕑 15 Minutes: Start time
⏳ ETA: Flexible

Yooo, How’s everything? My name is Librarian Husky. Let me take you over our SOTFO Heroic boost service real quick. I promise it will be interesting. So let’s go!

Why should I buy the SOTFO Heroic Run Boost?

To make things clear, it is an entire heroic run. You will humiliate eleven bosses with our boosters in the third Shadowlands raid. It will take no time to get rewarded with many items, resources, XPs, etc. In the fourth season of Shadowlands, you will face deadly enemies like a Jailer or tons of Masworn creatures. Speaking about Jailer, his specs will hardly be increased to make it challenging to beat him since he is the last boss of the entire expansion. Get yourself brand new achievements, unique mounts, and full gear. Everything is waiting for you in a SotFO raid run. Be a real champion of Azeroth.

As you probably know, there is a new Affix item that will increase the level of loot in season four of Shadowlands. Unfortunately, you will be able to use it one time per week. But that’s okay for us. We will get it in time. If you are interested in a list of events for today, we created a special table down below.

How does it work?

What do Customers receive?

  • We will complete the entire SotFO Fated raid with heroic difficulty. You will be rewarded with a whole lot of loot.
  • We will destroy every boss in SotFO, like well-known Jailer, Anduin, Mal’Ganis, etc. It will get you the Puzzling Cartel Dinar quest.
  • We will complete killing credit for the quest – Puzzling Dinar.
  • Possibility of getting a high-end gear with a level of 278 on it, either 285 for killing the last three bosses) including pieces.
  • You will get the unique mount – Carcinized Zerethsteed when Jailer will be defeated.
  • You will obtain all of the achievements like Heroic-type – Sepulcher of the First Ones and Heroic-type – Fate of the Sepulcher.

Completion time

It will take only from an hour and a half to two hours.

Quick note: Nowadays, it is not available to get the Ahead of the Curve – The jailer achievement. Barry, in mind that game allows us to play raid with the once a week. If Fated Affix is activated for Heroic it will be working one time per 3 weeks.

Additional options

  • Self-play – Interact with our boosters by playing on your own character during the order completion. Just follow them and grind resources, items, XPs, etc.
  • Loot-trade – Let us get you from 1 to 15 extra-loot cornets with the same armor you wear. Also, our professionals will trade all the loot they picked up during the order so that you can get even more items!

What items can we get guaranteed?

If the personal loot option is chosen, we can’t provide you with any extra loot.

  • One trader – Get 2+ extra items.
  • Two traders – Get 3+ extra items.
  • Three traders – Get 4+ extra items.
  • Five traders – Get 8+ extra items.
  • Seven traders – Get 10+ extra items.
  • Ten traders – Get 14+ extra items.
  • Twelve traders – Get 18+ extra items.
  • Fifteen traders – Get 20+ extra items.

So take your opportunity to get even more loot.

Quick note: Loot that you will collect your own will count as guaranteed as well.


  • Your character level should be not less than 60.
  • SotFO Heroic must be available at the moment of the order.
  • World of Warcraft account with the Sepulcher Affix turned on it.

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