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Nerub’ar Palace Mythic Raid Run

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Nerub’ar Palace Mythic Raid Run

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Mythic ilvl gear
Rare Cutting Edge achievement
Guaranteed loot nd GV rewards
🕑 15 Minutes: Start time
⏳ ETA: Flexible

How are you, the cherished customer? Me name is Librarian Husky. I’m a boost specialist, and I’m very excited to go on this adventure with you. Unlock the ultimate challenge of The War Within’s Nerub’ar Palace at the mythic level with our exclusive boost service. Dive into the most demanding raid, equip your character with top-tier Mythic player-versus-environment equipment, obtain outstanding rewards, and secure the prestigious Cutting Edge achievement. Join forces with a team of top-notch players for a remarkable adventure.

Why should I buy the Nerub’ar Palace Mythic Raid Run?

In the mythic version of Nerub’ar Palace, traditional loot trading options like armor and token priority runs are not available. Instead, loot is distributed via a group loot system, where participants roll for items. Despite this, Huskyboost’s Nerub’ar Palace Mythic Boosting Service ensures you won’t leave empty-handed. The loot you receive in this game depends on the number of bosses you defeat. If you defeat 2 out of 8 bosses, you won’t receive any items. Defeating 3 out of 8 bosses will grant you 1 item, defeating 4 out of 8 bosses will grant you 2 items, and defeating all 8 bosses can grant you up to 5 items.

Huskyboost is ready to launch this service as soon as the War Within expansion and its raids are released. Trust us to handle every aspect of your experience with efficiency and expertise, ensuring a smooth and rewarding journey through the Nerub’ar Palace raid in The War Within expansion.

What do Customers receive?

  • We’ll help you complete your adventure through Nerub’ar Palace, tackling all bosses or just the ones you want, on the most challenging mythic level.
  • Defeat multiple raid bosses from the start or collect all loot from Nerub’ar Palace on Mythic difficulty.
  • Get a chance to obtain mythic item-level equipment.
  • Earn the esteemed Cutting Edge triumph by mastering the top mythic difficulty challenge, unavailable in the following TWW season.
  • Gain extra triumphs for taking down certain bosses in the NP raid.

How does Nerub’ar Palace Mythic Raid Run work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.

Loot options

Blizzard brought back the group loot system, but we have other options for you:

  • Group Loot – share the chance to win items with others in the raid, with no guarantees. Often, you may receive one to two items, all down to luck.
  • Top Priority – secure all fitting loot, including armor, tier sets, and other equipment, as the exclusive customer in the raid. Generally, each boss drops two to three various items.
  • Guaranteed rewards represent a set minimum of loot the customer will obtain with us, not specific items of the customer’s desire. Skipping a roll on a class-appropriate item still includes it in the guaranteed minimum.
  • If the promised loot amount isn’t obtained during the raid, we’ll perform the raid again the next week to satisfy the order. If your class is unsuitable for the chosen time, we’ll provide you with the next suitable one.


  • Hero’s level: 80.
  • You bought the War Within expansion and have a valid World of Warcraft subscription.

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