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Hello and welcome! WoW Classic: Season of Mastery has been recently announced, and we’re already preparing fresh boosts for it! We will tell you about something unexpected that has just come into our sights. Season of Mastery is a Special edition for WoW Classic, and Husky is here, already selling professional boosting services at the best prices. Need Leveling? Gold? Gearing? Raid Carry? Attunements boost? You are in the right place.

No matter if you’re an expert at playing games or just starting out, our WoW SoM Boosting Services is good for players of all levels. Usually, it can take a long time – weeks or even months – to solve puzzles and face tough tasks to make your character strong. But, if you get our HuskyBoost Boost now, you won’t have any more troubles, and you can just have fun playing your favorite game.

Many players choose us for different reasons. Some of our customers don’t have the free time to play the game for months, or they’re simply bored of it. They usually reach out to us to make their character stronger or to get special help to become one of the best WoW players.

Cheap boosting in Season of Mastery details

Season of Mastery is a unique one-year game event where everyone starts at level one on a new server. That means all players are equal – no one has any gold or extra gear. The game kicks off with the basic WoW Classic setup and adds new stuff every two months. The schedule for new stuff is a bit different from the original one. For example, PvP and Battlegrounds now happen in the first phase instead of phases third and fourth.

New features in Mastery Season available for boost

The “Looking for Group” feature in Burning Crusade Classic is also in Season of Mastery. Meeting Stones can call party members of the right level to the linked dungeon. The price for learning how to ride and buying level forty mounts has gone down.

Unlock all Season of Mastery with HuskyBoost

Dear customer, our HuskyBoost services are created to make you as comfortable as possible in this season, so we will compete any desired goals for you and your character. Indeed, we can make even alt-characters strong as the main characters. It should be a problem for us at all, you can easily ask us for any kind of help for this Mastery season.