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Hello and welcome! WoW Classic: Season of Mastery has been recently announced, and we’re already preparing fresh boosts for it! We will tell you about something unexpected that has just come into our sights.

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A few weeks ago, we first heard from the developers regarding their plans to launch new realms for the Classic version of the MMO. There, players can start their journey across Azeroth anew with a few differences concerning progression speed and a few other things. The game authors have also prepared a few changes to improve the gameplay and make it more challenging. Here are some of the additions:

Everyone will start in these realms at level 1 without any progress whatsoever;
Like WoW Classic, the new Season of Mastery content will be divided into six stages, lasting two months each, dividing the boosting services into parts. Thus, it will take one full year to unlock its potential fully.
Raid bosses will be presented in an improved form with returned old mechanics and an increased health bar. However, they will not limit the number of applied debuffs, and the world buffs will no longer function while in raids.
The character development speed will be increased to match the Burning Crusade speed. Mainly, the rewards for quests will grant more experience.
Developers will turn all Meeting Stones into Summoning Stones for convenience purposes.

The game version launches on November 16th. The idea behind the WoW Classic: Season of Mastery is to offer a fast-paced rotation by having this season last 12 months and for boosts. There will only be a couple of months between the patches while providing more challenging content through more brutal raiding.

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We had the chance to test the beta for the last few weeks, and at first, it started very bare-bones, barely different from the original WoW. Still, over time, the developers added many new things and changed a bunch of stuff, making the game feel like a completely new product. So today, we’re going to look at some of the most important of these changes, and that way, you can see for yourself whether this is worth trying, so without further adieu, let’s get into it.

One of the significant changes in WoW Classic: Season of Mastery is the complete removal of any form of boosting. The developers went out of their way to ensure this would not happen. For example, Maraudon mobs will be immune to snares, slows, and roots 30 seconds after entering combat. Stratholm mobs also gain immunity to snare for 30 seconds after entering battle. Most importantly, mobs give significantly less experience when a high-level character is grouped with a low-level one. These changes will also help oppose bots, and for example, in BRD, one of the most botted places in there, which was the mobs around the arena has been changed, the moment you start pickpocketing one of them, you’ll receive a debuff preventing you from doing it on the rest of them, pretty much killing one of the most lucrative spots for bots. It leaves us almost no space for bots in WoW Classic: Season of Mastery, which means the boosting services demand more. But yeah, with all these changes, not only will boosting not be possible anymore and botting way more difficult, but the economic inflation will be happening at a way slower pace because Stratholm, Maraudon, BRD, Zul’farrak were the most oversized injectors of gold into the economy in Classic. For example, an Elixir of the Mongoose only cost a handful of silver at the start of Classic and went up to several golds by the end of the game. So this should help keep the value of gold intact, at least for a longer time.

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The following considerable change to Season of Mastery is the PvP honor system. It is faster now, so we all know how difficult ranking up was in Classic, it took people weeks of playing non-stop to reach rank 14, and only the most dedicated players managed to do it well. So, the developers are making it easier to rank up in Season of Mastery. Their blue post about this is super technical, and I will not bore you with it. This should make ranking up significantly more accessible. We’re not sure how much easier exactly, but you won’t have to play 15 to 20 hours a day non-stop to reach rank 14 anymore. If you always wanted to achieve that coveted rank fast without even ordering a boost, new servers of WoW Classic: Season of Mastery are your time.

Before we talk about raids and all the changes, there are also many small things brought to the Season of Mastery, like meeting stones being turned into summoning stones or the Looking for Group tool from TBC. However, I highly doubt that it will be used, seeing how forgotten of a feature it is in TBC itself. Mining and herb nodes have been increased in number, the debuff cap removed, world buffs removed from raids, but more on those in a second. All those small quality of life changes should make everyone’s time with the game feel a bit more enjoyable, and obviously, those are what we have right now on the beta. Things could change between now and release, or even during WoW Classic: Season of Mastery itself. Still, we’ll prepare suitable carry professionals and new services for you to buy.

From the looks of it, the upcoming version of our favorite MMO will be a fresh breath for everyone, especially those veterans who have been playing since the original game’s release. Even though we already know what’s to come, a considerable amount of space is still available for a change. Cya! Undoubtedly, Developers will make some additional improvements and changes after the beta ends. But, there is no use worrying about what’s to come if it is unknown and there is nothing you can do with it. Anyway, we will make sure to keep you in touch. Feel free to check our main Game boost store for any needed services.