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WoW Classic Hardcore Ranking Boost

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Let’s talk about the competitive and sinister world of Hardcore PVP in WoW Classic and how it can make your gaming style much better and your character tough.

Why should I buy the WoW Classic Hardcore Ranking Boost?

Hardcore PVP, or PvP Hardcore, is a special approach to player versus player (PVP) in WoW Classic. In this mode, competition is fierce, and survival is the key to success. Hardcore PVP offers a unique thrill for players looking for an extra challenge. The rewards and prestige that come with reaching the top of the rankings are rewarding.

Only our best boosters will be selected for this boost service, as it is one of the most difficult and risky, but in the right hands, your character will be feared among all.

What do Customers receive?

  • Rank you choose;
  • Many Honour Points for honorable kills.
  • Each gathered currency, item, equipment, and other items during the boost will be your personal possessions.

How does WoW Classic Hardcore Ranking Boost work?

  • Normal – Your request joins a line, should one exist, commencing at the earliest opportunity;
  • Express – Your purchase takes precedence over others, commencing and concluding significantly sooner;
  • Super Express – Utmost priority for initiation and completion, employing our most skilled and seasoned team members to swiftly fulfill your request

Additional options

  • Broadcasting – Interested in witnessing the full boost service? No worries! Our skilled gamers can deliver it to you.


  • WoW Active subscription on Battle net account

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