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Diablo 4 – Get ANY Specific Max Rank Legendary Aspect & Greater Affix Gear Fast

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Diablo 4 – Get ANY Specific Max Rank Legendary Aspect & Greater Affix Gear Fast

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This guide details strategies for acquiring high-quality gear in a game, focusing on targeting gear pieces, using vendors, and optimizing resource farming for effective gameplay.
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Today, I’m covering an important topic: how do you get the aspects you need, specifically those high or even top-roll aspects, to enhance your build and make it as strong as possible? This will help you get the best set for Boss farming and, longer term, for pit pushing. We will explore the best methods to double up on your tests to get the best odds as quickly as possible. All paths seem to lead to health, but let’s dive deeper into how to obtain the best set by targeting the right pieces.

Targeting Specific Gear Pieces

If you’re hunting offensive aspects, you will be looking at offensive slots specifically, like gloves or weapons. These pieces won’t have defensive aspects or resource generation; they will feature offensive aspects. Therefore, when you roll them, you’re more likely to get what you’re looking for. For example, I am currently trying to roll chest pieces as many times as possible because they are the only pieces that can get that Golem Mastery increase, which is perhaps the most important passive I can get in the skill tree. By gaining more levels of it, I’m significantly improving my damage. Unfortunately, I can’t get more than two levels unless it’s a greater affix.

Specialized Gear Hunting

I am hunting chest pieces intensely. The same can be said for amulets; I’m trying to get higher levels of Hellbent Commander, so again, I need greater affixes of that. I am rolling amulets like crazy as well.

Utilizing Vendors for Specific Affixes

How do I actually target those things? Well, the most consistent way to target a specific exact item is through obals and specific vendors. As you know, you collect obals and come to these guys, and you can choose the specific thing you are looking for. Like I mentioned, I am really looking for chest pieces, and as you can see, they can roll with greater affixes. I’m looking for that glorious moment where I actually do get a chest piece with Golem Mastery on it. It’s got the greater affix, and that would be wonderful.

Optimizing Golem Mastery Gear

I did get a chest piece with Golem Mastery on it, but only one level and, again, it wasn’t my greater AIC roll. This is a great way to get greater affixes at a bare minimum though, because even though it’s not Golem Mastery, having an increase on intelligence is still a good thing for me in this case. So, how do you actually farm obals effectively? Well, before you do anything, you want to go to your season blessings and make sure that you’re maxed out on the obals one. This will boost the amount of obals you find in Hell Tide chests, which actually now spawn in Hell Tide, now with a 40% increase. If you’re going to farm this, make sure this is filled.

Farming Essentials for Season Blessings

On top of that, I would strongly recommend for what we’re going to talk about today the urn of iron because we want to get that reputation maxed out and also the urn of Whispers because we will be doing lots of Whispers too. You can take these out, move them around, no problem; it just costs gold to reallocate, and it’s not a ton if you haven’t already finished your season blessings like I have.

Strategic Resource Management

So we have obals, but we also have Whispers. When you hand in Whispers, you’re getting that choice of three options; maybe you’ll get an offer of a one-handed weapon or gloves or a two-handed weapon. You can pick any of those three and know that you’re basically rolling for offensive aspects. Technically, it’s possible to double up on these two things—obals and Whispers—at the same time, so we really want to do that. Not to mention, we want to be handing in Whispers relatively often right now because it’s the most reliable burst of gold we can get with how insanely expensive everything is at this point. We need so much gold, so it’s good to even triple up on that.

Advanced Tactics for Efficient Farming

However, as I said, you’re going to find most paths lead to Hell Tide to farm obals. You need to be completing events, but there are other things that do reward obals in season 4. We can get a good chunk of them by opening Hell Tide chests. Look at this heavy weapons chest I opened for 150 cinders; I got 65 obals, which is not a bad thing because I can open a ton of these chests in just one Hell Tide to collect ers.

I’ll be farming Hell Tide, which means I’ll be farming out events, which is also going to give me more obals. It’s just a great double up you can do. Obal events can happen anywhere in the world as part of Whisperers; sometimes, maybe even bump into them in a dungeon where that is fantastic XP, but if you’re not leveling anymore, it’s harder to justify. We want to layer on as many tasks in one action as possible, so we’re doing a ton of things at once.

Optimizing Hell Tide Events

I just think Hell Tide is the developers’ clear intended best option for most things. The events there are always going to be all over the two zones, and there’s always going to be people everywhere, which means things die really quickly. By completing those events, you get obals, but you also get Cinders to open chests and get even more.

While you’re doing all of that, you’re also just getting passively lots of Iron Wolf honor or that reputation on top of all the extra loot and random drops in Hell Tide, which very well could be the gear you’re looking for. So, you might as well be in Hell Tide, doing a bunch at once, like hunting Whispers. Sometimes, Hell Tides can have normal Whispers in there on top of Hell Tide Whispers too.

Enhancing Gameplay with Multi-tasking

That’s a great scenario because it layers on even more at once. Maybe you’re collecting moes to summon those mini-bosses while doing an event or spawning a corpse at a different whisper. All of that’s collecting Cinders at once, building Iron Wolf reputation, and you’re getting obals. It’s pretty insane. If not, there are still the four Hell Tide Whispers to do as normal as part of your normal Hell Tide. So that’s good to do. Just be sure that you’re activating this item, the Profane Mine Cage, because this gives you a 60-minute buff easily for the whole Hell Tide.

Maximizing Returns from Hell Tide

There, it increases the monster level by 10, but in exchange, we’re getting way more Cinders. This will generate the big bosses more regularly. On top of this, these drop pretty often while you’re doing Hell Tide stuff. I have nearly 30 of them, so it’s pretty much always going. There’s no reason not to use them. It’s also part of the Season Journey.

Utilizing Ritual Sites for Ultimate Gear Farming

On top of all of that, there is the new ritual site in each Hell Tide zone. These are going to be active relatively all the time. You can see it pulsing or pinging on the map when it is. It’s easily the best source of aspect drops on repeat. If you don’t want to faff around with Whispers or direct Cinder farming, or even think about your Iron Wolf reputation, just spamming these rituals is actually a top-tier way to get the gear you’re looking for.

It spawns tons of mobs, a big boss, and the loot is a genuine pile of legendaries that drops very often. If other roaming bosses wander in, or maybe the mini bosses, you’ll get even more loot. And if you’re the person to summon the ritual, meaning you’re spending your hearts, you actually get even better rewards, which is a nice little thing from the devs. As soon as you activate it, people come running over, and before long, there’s just a big group of you summoning it over and over, so you won’t even need the hearts to do it usually—it’s already going.

Efficiency in Zone Farming

The first step into the zone is crucial because of this: you won’t have to move around. Cinders are dropping en masse, you get loads of honor, and maybe the enemy types you’re hunting for Whispers just come or spawn right there, so it’s pretty efficient. I have a full bag of loot every time I do just a few of these spawns, and through that, I was able to get some of my better greater AIC pieces. Technically, it isn’t all about Hell Tide for fast whisper completion though.

Opting for PvP Zones for Quick Progress

As a heads-up, I’d really recommend the PvP zones for their Whispers. You get a full round completed in like three minutes; it’s very much insane. Just head there, do any event in the zone, kill the mini-boss—the roaming abomination—it appears on the map when you’re there, and complete one of the altar stones. Extremely easy. Sure, you might get attacked by other players, but it’s surprisingly uncommon with how PvP is pretty much left in the dust by the developers right now. Most of the time, I don’t even see another player while doing it, or I intentionally avoid them.

Quick Whispers and PvP Strategies

Because of that, it takes a very short amount of time. You just go into the zone, check where the Abomination is, go kill it, bring that currency to an altar, activate that, maybe do an event on the way or after, and then you’re in and out super quick. These Whispers are really efficient, but they’re only up like every two days, so you can’t do them all the time, but when they’re available, absolutely do them. I should also highlight the one-time rewards you get from the Iron Wolf reputation progress. It’s just tons of different rewards each time you level it up, and we’re all going to want to do this either way.

Maximizing Legendary Drops

When you complete it, that means one more spark for your Uber unique craft, and you need to progress it as part of the Season Journey for those rewards too. It just means a pile of legendaries, uniques, and very valuable consumables and currency as well. The fact that most of this gear farming will passively level your Iron Wolf rep is definitely one of the better parts of this process.

The last thing I can also recommend for getting piles of legendary drops to get your aspects to get all the gear—it’s the ladder bosses. The tormented versions are the best. In exchange for three times the materials, you have way more loot. Just two of these kills is usually enough to fill my bag and then some, but obviously, that requires a lot of the summoning materials.

Effective Gear Farming Strategies

I just want to highlight that it is a fantastic source, and arguably it would be the best if you could just infinitely do it. Summoning them is definitely not so straightforward, though. So, second to that is definitely the ritual farming in Hell Tide. Even the regular Andariel and Duriel will work great for filling your bags with legendaries. Having said that, personally, I found most of my good greater AIX gear from hunting Torment, Andariel, and Duriel, so it is worth mentioning. But yeah, that’s how I’ve been working on my gear set so far. I’ve got some seriously good greater affixes already, some top-roll aspects, and a very good set to kind of build up at this point.

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