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Best Classes To Play In Season 4

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Best Classes To Play In Season 4

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This guide evaluates Diablo 4 classes for Season 4, ranking them in leveling, end-game potential, build diversity, and aesthetics.
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Do you want to play the least effective builds in Diablo I, or perhaps you want to struggle all the way to level 100? Of course, you don’t, and that is why you’re here. I’ve spent 100 hours on the Season 4 PTR testing all kinds of builds and conducting extensive research to bring you the best possible class tier rankings for the new season. Today, we’ll be ranking all the Diablo 4 classes from best to mid-tier to the least effective, in four categories: leveling, end-game, build variety, and, perhaps the most important one, aesthetic appeal. Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite, the simplest of them all: the Barbarian.

Barbarian Leveling in Season 4

So, what is happening in Season 4 when it comes to Barbarian leveling? Well, I’m glad you asked. Barbarians are looking extremely strong when it comes to progressing to the end game. With the buffs to Dust Devils and enhancements to Double Swing, Barbarians will be a respectable leveler in Season 4. If you go full effort, you can probably expect to reach level 100 in a day, and if you take it easy, you’ll still do it incredibly fast. Overall, a solid pick for leveling, and I rate it four out of five bald old men.

Barbarian Endgame Potential

When it comes to the endgame, this is where Barbarians really excel and start making significant progress. In Season 4, despite some nerfs, Barbarians are still set to dominate with Dust Devils. While you may be confused about the viability of a Bash build or a Thorns build, these will be among the best builds in Season 4, probably not the absolute best, but easily top five. This grants the Barbarian end-game builds a solid four out of five bald old men.

Barbarian Build Variety

This is where it gets interesting with Barbarians, as the amount of top-tier Barbarian builds is simply massive. For example, we have robust Dust Devils, Leap, and Earthquake builds, among many others, definitely granting Barbarians a five out of five bald old men rating. Turning on my brain cells for a second and doing a bit of calculation, that should amount to 13 points.

Necromancer Overview

Next, we have the cringe emo edgelord, also known as the Necromancer. For leveling, this will be the absolute best. Wait, what? How is Necro the literal sloth of Diablo? Well, you’re absolutely correct, but it doesn’t matter at all because in the new season, there will be enemies literally spawning out of nowhere, in other words.

Necromancer Leveling Efficiency

You can just stand still and rake in the experience. A Necromancer simply has the highest amount of damage and AOE early to mid-game, boosted further via insane buffs to minions. You’ll be one-shotting everything from level one to 100 without effort. Due to this, the Necromancer is a well-deserved five out of five in terms of leveling efficiency.

Necromancer Endgame Potential

Now, this is where it gets interesting. On the PTR, a Minion Necromancer was hitting for over six billion damage and it received no nerfs. So, what gives? Well, this insane damage was made possible by Golem Mastery ranks on gear, and it is possible that this doesn’t belong there, which would net a 700% damage loss. But even if we removed this, Necromancer could be hitting for billions in the new season. Not only that, but Necro also has another insane S-tier build clearing everything with ease, and that is the Shadowlight build which works by stacking intelligence for the Wither glyph, getting insane amounts of damage.

Necromancer Build Diversity

There are also a bunch of A-tier builds for the Necromancer, making it look really good for Season 4; definitely a five out of five. Now, I would grant Necro five out of five if it wasn’t for the fact that most broken builds are just abusing the overpowered minions. A lot of builds also work more or less the same due to this, so four out of five are granted. If we count all ratings together, how many do we get? Yeah, way too many, but that should amount to 14.

Rogue Leveling Analysis

Alright, now we’ve dealt with the classes that look really good in Season 4. Let’s check out one that isn’t looking as great: the thin, masochist, ‘dying of a sneeze’ class, the Rogue. Now, Rogue has previously been the biggest leveler in the game, but that’s just not the case anymore. While it’s still insane, I’d still rank the Necromancer higher. This is due to being squishy as hell and simply having less damage. It’s still insane though, and probably still stronger than the Barbarian, so that’s indeed a four out of five for leveling.

Rogue Endgame Review

In the end game, however, Rogue is not looking that great. Rogue had quite possibly the best endgame build in Season 4 for like one day. That was working due to the Elemental Surge tempering manuals, and that was, of course, absolutely gutted. Now, the strongest build goes to Rapid Fire with the new legendary ring, which is not that strong in itself.

Rogue Build Diversity

As you are just as squishy as the rest, but the Rapid Fire build I’m going to discuss soon is absolutely S-tier. Right, right. Hey, yeah, three out of five is, oh well… And what about the build diversity then? Not looking too great, unfortunately. If you’re looking for strong builds, it’s mainly Rapid Fire, Barrage, or different combinations of Rapid Fire that will be the best. For example, Rapid Fire with Penetrating Shot is just not cutting it—a two out of five right here. And that, my friends, is a total of nine out of fifteen.

Sorcerer Leveling Ease

Next is one that’s looking a bit stronger: the hentai-worshipping, living in parents’ basement sorcerer gamer. And why is it looking strong, you may ask? Well, for starters, the leveling with this class is absolutely busted. You actually have leveling on easy mode all the way from level one to level 100. The only weak part about the Sorcerer is that it generally struggles with single targets, but when you’re a teleporting grasshopper on cocaine, you barely need it. This combined grants an easy five out of five.

Sorcerer Endgame Performance

For the endgame, however, the Sorcerer is not quite as strong as, for example, the Necromancer. This is, of course, due to all the top builds being nerfed, but it’s still fine because the Sorcerer was shredding everything on the PTR with ease and will still be top three or top four in Season 4. This easily grants a four out of four.

Sorcerer Build Diversity

Finally, the build diversity. Now, I believe the Sorcerer will have the absolute best build diversity out of all classes in Season 4. So, if you enjoy playing Sorcerer, this is definitely the time to do it. The top build will, for sure, be Frozen Orb, and not only is it strong but insanely fun as well. And slap on a ten or so A-tier and B-tier builds, and you’ll see why the Sorcerer will be the best in build diversity, easily a five out of five for a total score of 14 out of 15.

Druid Leveling Challenges

What else can he bring to the table, except for a ton of food, of course—that fat old character? Well, for leveling, the Druid is going to struggle significantly. Oh well, it’s not quite that bad, but in comparison to the other classes, they will be pretty lackluster. This is due to every good endgame build requiring a bunch of niche uniques, for example, Tempest Roar. You simply don’t come online as a Druid until the endgame. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that is the Pulverize. In Season 4, you will be granted Pulverized gear within the season journey, and that’s pretty significant. Regardless, Druid leveling is getting a solid one out of five.

Druid Endgame Potential

However, things change drastically for the endgame. For showing the best build in Season 4, I pulled my fat old Druid out of retirement to showcase the most goated of builds: the Werewolf Tornado build. This thing is absolutely disgusting in Season 4, deleting tormented bosses within seconds, and this thing isn’t even getting nerfed. It’s just going to stay this insane. Anyone having season zero flashbacks, folks?

Druid Build Diversity

While the other Druid builds don’t look as insane, the Werewolf build simply gathers a five out of five with ease—it’s just that good. Druid has a few builds going for them, such as Lightning Storm and Hurricane, for example. Yep, that’s correct, Hurricane is actually a thing, unless it’s been absolutely gutted as of this recording. Most builds, apart from the Werewolf, are however going to stay in the lower tiers, granted no one cooks up something amazing. And this, unfortunately, gives the Druid build diversity a mediocre three out of five. All this together, Druid will be receiving a total score of nine out of 15. Well, goddamn, that’s all the classes done.

Season 4 Class Summary

Let’s quickly summarize what we came up with. If I didn’t mess up the calculations—I mean, they’re pretty difficult, so who can really blame me?—then our tier list should look something like this: Necromancer on the absolute top in the best category, followed by Barbarian. We then have Rogue and Druid in the mediocre tier, and Sorcerer in the lower tier, because, well, you know.

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