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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Mounts Boost

What’s good, dear Customer? Librarian Husky is here. Are you interested in our insane SoD service for the classic version of World of Warcraft? Excellent! A unique set of mounts is introduced, primarily focused on the PvP (Player vs. Player) aspect of the game. This season features a PvP event called Ashenvale, which is central to the acquisition and use of these mounts.

In the early part of the season, there’s a special event that happens in a place named Ashenvale. This event is really cool because it brings in two new animals you can ride, made just for fighting other players in Ashenvale. If you’re on the Alliance team, you get to ride something called the “Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber,” and if you’re on the Horde team, you get the “Trainee’s Outrider Wolf.” Let HuskyBoost boosters help you with achieving mounts from SoD.

Fast mount boosting for Season of Discovery WoW

These mounts are tailored to boost mobility in the zone, helping players navigate more swiftly while engaging in activities where players have to fight each other. Notably, these mounts are only usable within the event, underscoring their specialized role in the zone-specific event of the PvP activities. Order HuskyBoost boosting to get the best mounts of this season.

Mounts in this version of the game are not unlocked until a later second phase. Therefore, introducing these Ashenvale PvP mounts provides an early advantage and adds a unique dynamic to the gameplay in this initial phase of the season. Additionally, the event itself offers various rewards, including PvP gear, a world buff, and these exclusive mounts, which are the only ones available until Phase 2 of the season begins. So, by ordering our HuskyBoost boosting service, you are not only obtaining a mount but great rewards as well.

Top advantage of ordering a mount boost for SoD

Here’s what our HuskyBoost dungeons service offers for SoD:

  • Avoid the boring, repetitive tasks and still earn awesome mounts.
  • Gain extra time to discover new things (since it’s the Season of Discovery).
  • Prepare for upcoming raids by quickly leveling up and grabbing neat equipment within the boost of the mount obtaining.
  • Our professionals ensure that the boost is very secure (with HuskyCarry VPN included).