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Season of Discovery Best Class Tierlist

Okay, so warlock mains are saying that warlock is not strong. You know, I want to put warlock as strong, but a lot of warlock mains in my chat are saying they’re not.

Introduction to Class Dynamics

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we delved for 3 hours just now. This depends, though. For example, “jid” is insane versus melee because they get kited hard, but against hunters, “jid” gets crushed, right? I think I’m going to put it in “A.” They have instant abilities you can use in cat form, Sunfire if you’re a Boomkin, you can Starsurge, you can kite, you have good heals, stun, hibernate. I think it goes in “A.” Can we agree on that?

Discussion on Warlock Class

“Sav, is this ‘D’ all over? I think ‘D’ is ‘A’ all we have. Next, we have Mage. I know Mages like to say they’re one of the weaker classes. I know in PVE, yes, I can agree with you guys; you guys don’t pump that much. But in duels, I think Mages are still fantastic.”

“I’ve seen, um, who is the guy? Noose, that little gnome over there, very, very good dueler, right next to, in stand, ‘INF fug’ on of course, great Mages too. Polly reset, if you could manage to learn how to do that perfectly, you can be up here. They’re very squishy, though. I’ve defeated a lot of them; they are pretty damn squishy. I hope they stay that way, but at 40, they’re even going to be stronger with ice block and whatnot.”

“You think Mage is ‘B’ here? I don’t agree with that. I think Mage is really strong. I’ve seen a good Mage beat a good Hunter too, and Hunters are ‘S’ here in PVP, in my opinion. New Dead zones, the hunter blinks in, Nova, both polymorphs the pet, and just blast the Hunter and just keep dead zoning them, and you can win. This is like good players and bad player difference.”

Mage Class Analysis

Okay, and I’m glad I got to duel good players and bad players today because when people lose to a certain class, they just complain, but we got to show that some classes, if well played, you can beat other classes. Right, Rogue is next. With all cooldown, I say Rogue is “A.” Damn.

Class Distribution Overview

I’m going to end up putting all the classes. I need to distribute this a little bit equally. Rogues are “B.” I think Rogue, with every single cooldown, they beat every class except for a good Hunter and maybe a priest. Oh no, warlock, sorry. Hunter and warlock.

I think a good paladin can beat everything here with every cooldown: evasion, Sprint, vanish, everything. Good Rogues can beat a paladin. If you’re a rogue and you can’t beat a paladin, I’m sorry. Like, Po does it, Bobka does it. Every good Rogue knows how to beat a paladin. You have gouge on a 6-sec incap, just kite away, eat to full, you get bubble, gouge again, kite away, easy peasy, done. You could do it, 100%. This is going to end up being like everything at “C.” Okay, let me put everything first, and then I’ll differentiate them a little bit.

Rogue Class Analysis

Okay, um, Shaman, I’ll go get to last. Warrior, I’m going to put Warrior “D” tier. As a warrior, they’re really good if you have a Healer, right? If you have a holy paladin juicing you up with freedom and tossing heals, Warriors are insanely good. But in a one-on-one scenario, right now, they’re not that good.

Maybe next patch with Bladestorm, they can be better, but Warrior is “D” tier for sure. I think versus Rogue, they can have a little bit of chance, but that’s probably it. Everything else, you’re going to get shafted. There’s no way they beat anything else here unless you get very lucky. Warbringer is good too, but I don’t think it’s enough to beat any of these good classes unless they are terrible at the game.

Warrior Class Insights

I’m going to place Paladin in “A” tier. I think paladins are extremely strong in a one-on-one, probably one of the strongest classes in melee if you are just fighting face to face. But they’re very weak against kite, especially with the recent nerf. I think the only class that shouldn’t beat the Paladin is probably Warrior.

Everything else, you have a shot. I’ve dueled every class out here today. I literally dueled three hours. Every class beat me once, well-known players. If they’re kind of new, they’re not going to beat me ever. But if I have full cooldown, it’s tough for them. I think Paladin, then, yeah. I’m going to put Hunter in “S” tier.

Paladin and Hunter Classification

Chat, summarizing the discussions and duels from today, it’s clear that class capabilities vary widely depending on the player’s skill, the matchup, and the use of cooldowns effectively.

Rogues and Paladins have shown to be highly versatile and capable in the right hands, with specific strategies allowing them to overcome seemingly difficult matchups. Warriors, while strong with support, struggle in solo engagements but have potential improvements on the horizon. The dynamic nature of these class matchups underscores the complexity and depth of strategy within the game, inviting players to continually adapt and evolve their tactics.

Class Competitiveness in PvP

I think Hunters are one of the classes that can beat every class here. Hunter is definitely “S” tier. Hunters are very good. When a Hunter complains about other classes, it’s kind of questionable, but they’re very, very strong. I think it’s one of the classes that can beat everything, correct? Like, this is a raid boss for a lot of people, for a lot of melee. As a hunter, you can out-range opponents and still deal significant damage.

Their pet does extreme damage, and if you go melee face to face, I remember Kaiser crying on a Discord call, saying he’s a warrior, and a hunter is doing more melee damage than him in duels. So, in range and close combat, Hunters are very strong, including the pet.

Hunter Class Analysis

What do you guys think? I think Priest is “S.” Wait, before I place priests, is there any disagreement in any of these placements right here? I should ask these guys too. “Come up here if you guys have any changes, speak now.” These guys are the gang members that are dueling all day long. “I have a change. Priest is ‘S’ for sure.

All, what do you think?” “Feral Druid is low ‘S,’ Rogues ‘B,’ Boomkin ‘D.’ I lose every time.” “Oh, really? Boomkins are ‘D,’ strong especially with nature fists.” Anything else you guys want to change? “They’re saying Druids are ‘S,’ so they agree so far.” “Okay, that’s fine. You have ‘S’ for Hunter pets up here. I think they’re ‘S,’ chat.”

Priest and Druid Discussion

Warlock that knows how to drain life, fear, pet usage, I think it’s ‘S,’ very hard to beat unless you’re a Hunter or Mage that can out-range them. Uh, Warlocks, what do you lose to? Probably like full cooldown Paladin can beat a Warlock. I can beat a Warlock if I have full cooldown. Priest, Destruction Warlock, ah, I did hear that a lot.

Priest counters Warlocks. I watched Snus 1v3. Snus is a great exception to the Warlock, one of the best ones out there. Affliction beats everything in a 1v1, brother. 100% that’s wrong. Priest destroys Warlock 100% of the time. Paladin can destroy Warlock as well. Hunter destroys Warlock with zero problem as well, yeah, yeah.”

Warlock Strategy Insights

The discussion reflects the nuanced dynamics of class matchups in PvP, highlighting how skill, strategy, and understanding of each class’s strengths and weaknesses can dramatically impact outcomes. Hunters are lauded for their versatility and strength across scenarios, making them a formidable class in the hands of a skilled player. The debate around Priests, Druids, and Warlocks further underscores the complexity of PvP encounters, where even perceived underdog classes can triumph with the right tactics and cooldown management.

Class Strategy and Matchups

I mentioned kite classes. I think Mages and Hunters have a good chance. “So, you think Warlocks are ‘A,’ then?” “I think it’s ‘S’ too, right, Mimi? What do you think?” “I’m thinking Warlocks are ‘S,’ but, uh, yeah. What are we thinking, boys? A good Warlock is definitely ‘S.’ These Warlocks here, maybe ‘D’ tier. Hoyo, Warlocks, look away, man. Yo, do me then. Okay, yo, let’s watch, chat. Let’s settle this right now. So, how do we do it? If ‘Among Us’ wins, we’ll put Warlocks in ‘A,’ and, uh, if ‘Zaddy’ wins, we put the Warlock in ‘S.'”

Warlock Class Discussion

“I don’t know, Voidwalker is good against Priest because Priest can dispel the shield. It does look like the ‘hoc’ is beating him up. He’s sucking on the ‘hula’ instead of the Priest. Here, and there’s a wand coming through. Yamazi getting kind of low here. He tops off with ‘penis,’ and ‘Among Us’ is extremely ‘n’ now, still sucking on the pet over here. I’m not sure if sucking on the pet is the play, though. There’s a ‘black op’ proc and the wand combination, and there’s a health candy being used. There’s a ‘penis’ to try to finish him off. Another suck goes on the main, but cleanses it.

Oh, my goodness, the cleanse is actually a counter, and he instant dispels it. Wait, can he dispel his pet too, or can he not dispel his pet? I could see, I could see this being hard for the Warlock because they could just cleanse the ‘uh.’ He can dispel ‘The Hite’ too. Oh, yeah, then that’s the same thing, right? I could see it being hard for Priest. I did hear that, though, that Warlocks struggle against Priest.”

Priest vs. Warlock Matchup Analysis

“‘S,’ ‘S,’ you saw it with your own eyes in the duel. They got all the counters. I think Priest is definitely ‘S.’ I was talking about Warlock, though. Warlocks are not happy being placed ‘S’ right now. If you can get a dispel off every drain, they can’t use it for 15 seconds.”

This conversation reflects the complex nature of class matchups in gameplay, highlighting the strategic considerations players must account for. The discussion about Warlocks and their positioning in the tier system showcases the nuanced understanding of game mechanics among players. The Priest versus Warlock duel serves as a practical example of how specific abilities can significantly influence the outcome of matchups, underscoring the depth of strategy involved in mastering these classes.

Class Tier Discussion and Adjustments

I say Priest is “S,” and Warlock is “A.” Okay, sure, we’ll put Warlock in “A,” and we’ll put Priest in “S.” Shaman, uh, Shaman is something I’ve not seen because I play Alliance. Maybe in Warsong a few times, and they lava burst hard, but it’s kind of hard to say. Tanks are kind of different, and lava burst Shaman are different. What do you guys think it is, “C” or “B”? Is that bad in PvP? Huh, damn, they’re usually one of the best dueling classes at level 25. Shaman is at 800% full Biz. Elemental Shaman cranks. Okay, so you guys think “A”? Yeah, Shaman, I can’t really say a lot right now, so this is what we end up with. I want to try to pan it out, you know.

Warlock and Shaman Tier Placement

Warlock is “S.” I want to put Warlock “S,” but a lot of Warlock mains in my chat are saying they’re not “S,” man. “Noose, what do you think? Yo, come here, Noose, come here, whisper into my ears.” Noose has been one of the best duelers out there. “Come here, Noose, what do you think about this tier list? Would you change anything here? You’re on the left screen, so you can type.” Warlock is “S.” “Shh, okay, you think Warlock is ‘S.’ Everything else is good?” Okay, everything else is good. Noose is actually really good.

Expert Opinion on Tier List

“Okay, can you come to… um, who’s that? Hunter, yo, you Florida man, come here. What do you think? Would you change anything right now?” So, Noose says, uh, Warlock “S.” “What do you think, man? Would you change anything here? I want to be.” This solicitation of opinions from experienced players such as Noose and the unidentified Hunter from Florida highlights the community’s effort to accurately assess class strengths and weaknesses. The discussion reflects a dynamic understanding of the game’s balance, taking into account personal experiences and broader consensus among high-level players.

Warlock Class Discussion

I want you to be 100% honest, Warlocks are “S-Tier.” Okay, so Warlock mains are saying that Warlock is not “S.” Metamorphosis is not good. “Rune, I think for you, for specific classes though, right? I think for a Paladin or Rogue, it’s super good. You didn’t hear it from me, okay? That’s the only thing you would change. Warlock is 1 million SVP.” Okay, Chad, this is a Warlock main streamer. Look at his profile pictures. Heard it from here. You’re faded if you think otherwise. You don’t meta in PvP anyways. There it is, boys. Anyone who knows that metas in PvP is trolling. Holy moly. “I’m sorry, boys, if you meta in PvP, you heard it here from a Warlock main streamer. Meta is best for RP, though. Understood, it’s fun but not really as good.”

Meta in PvP and Class Rankings

So, I guess this wraps it up, chat. No other changes. “Warrior, that bad? Okay, I’ll put Warrior right here. I don’t think it’s ‘D,’ but alright, we’ll put him in ‘B.’ He’s too far apart.” Alright, is that better? “Rogue is too CD dependent. Rogue is definitely CD dependent. I think Rogue, with every CD, should be able to beat every class except for a really good Warlock or a Hunter. I want to say I think these two are the hardest for them at level 25. Level 25 is what I’m going to guess over the Warrior change.

The thing is, no, no, no, no, the game is not about 1v1, chat. If in a Warsong, this Warrior has a pet healing him with freedom and heal, Warriors are extremely god mode. I ranked 14 Warriors, healer is a monster in PvP, it’s like a wrecking ball that doesn’t stop. But solo game-wise, it’s not the hottest at 25. Things might change at 40, but yeah.”

Warrior and Rogue Gameplay Dynamics

“I’ll close it out with this then, chat, and I think the majority of the people agree with this.” This discussion illuminates the nuanced opinions within the community about class capabilities, especially focusing on Warlocks’ position in PvP. While some argue for the effectiveness of specific strategies like Metamorphosis, others deem them suboptimal compared to role-playing scenarios. Additionally, the conversation shifts towards the balancing act between Warrior and Rogue classes, emphasizing the dependence on cooldowns and external support in PvP engagements. This highlights the complexity of class mechanics and the varied perspectives on their execution in gameplay contexts.

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