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How to Get Pandemic Rune Fast!

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How to Get Pandemic Rune Fast!

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Today, we'll discuss phase 4, examine some statistics to support our discussion, and look into the future of classic WoW.
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Welcome everyone, this is Librarian Husky here with an essential guide on obtaining the Pandemic Rune in Phase 3 for Warlocks.

To start, you will need to journey to Feralas, where your quest to find two crucial pieces begins. You are searching for a dead Grim Totem Shaman and a dead Woodpaw Mystic. Each NPC will drop an important item: the staff piece from the Grim Totem Shaman and the Necklace piece from the Woodpaw Mystic. These items are located in a chest adjacent to the respective NPCs. The exact locations of the Grim Totem Shaman and the Woodpaw Mystic are marked here on the map for your convenience.

Finding the Key Items

To reach these NPCs, there is a specific pathway you must follow. On the side of the mountain near the NPC locations, you’ll notice a trail lined with torches. Simply follow these torches up the mountain; they will lead you directly to the camp where the dead NPCs and the treasure chests containing the essential items are located.

Final Steps: Awakening the Trent

Once you have secured both the staff and the Necklace pieces, the next step involves combining them to form a complete staff. This newly formed staff is used to awaken a slumbering Trent located near the Woodpaw camps. Approach the Trent with caution, use the staff to wake it, and prepare for a battle. After defeating the Trent, you will be able to loot the Pandemic Rune from it.

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