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Storm Spirit Mid-Lane Playing Pro

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s your Librarian, Husky, here. Today I want to talk about Abed’s storm spirit. If you don’t know who this is, it’s the mid-laner for EG; many people consider him one of the best, and I think there’s a good amount of people who think he is the best mid-laner. At least mechanically, abed is incredible.

Storm spirit zero first phased multiple games in a row. Suppose you don’t know what that means. The first phase is the first few picks you have, and usually, those picks get counter-picked pretty hard. Regardless, abed makes this hero look broken. I just want to look at his general gameplay and see what makes him so damn good on this hero.

One Storm Spirit Gameplay

So this might seem like a small thing, but honestly, this is something I immediately learned from his replay. Which is the idea of not committing to the range creep at level one. So a common idea in storm spirit gameplay. Is that what you do you walk up to the lane and attempt to auto-attack this range creep multiple times? Then proceed to the static remnant. When you static remnant the range creep, it often will also secure your melee creep.

  • Now Leshrac didn’t even have. Stuns is skilled, but he could also just be punished by a less Shrek’s set of nukes and a Leshrac set of auto-attacks.
  • So instead, what abed does is something that.
  • I have seen it before, but it’s, I just want to say, like, less common.

Quin details

However, Quinn understands this idea as well. So we’ll end up seeing if abid tried to extend for that creep. There’s a decent chance he would potentially get punished by a Leshrac stun.

  • I mean, basically, he auto attacks down the first melee creep literally auto attacks it. Then nukes, and he understands that four autos plus a couple of creeps hits plus a nuke.
  • Is actually enough to kill it. It’s pretty insane how these players’ intuition is just.

So good at securing creeps. Then after that, he backs off and doesn’t aggro the two melee creeps, which are pretty key. So he doesn’t take damage the entire time. Then finally secures the range creep. When the two melee creeps are hitting Quinn, he still gets punished a little bit less. It is definitely pretty good against storms early on in the lane. It’s a really, really good start to the lane as his last remnant secures all four creeps of the first wave.

Null Talismans

So the next part of his gameplay allows storm spirit to become. So broken is Null Talismans. Now you guys might be thinking to yourself, didn’t this item get nerfed? So basically, the more null talismans you buy, the worse the amount of cost reduction becomes. The issue with this is it was barely a nerf.

  • The answer to that is not really.
  • So something you guys might know is that they made it where the Null Talismans mana cost reduction stacks diminishingly.

The numbers were super insignificant on that change. The thing was, they didn’t give the numbers in the patch. They just said its stacks are diminishing now. It was barely a nerf, like the numbers were so insignificant. so yeah, this null stack is still insanely good.

Tons of mana

It enables you to just have a ridiculous amount of mana throughout the lane and just throughout the game. On top of that, in minute 25, when they all double, your hero becomes stupid. Unironically 1200 gold is worth more than a lot of 5000 gold items. I’m not kidding. Like literally, three knolls or four knolls are worth more than having, like sometimes what we would call an old Bloodstone like the old Kaya Bloodstone. It was not much better than having four knolls.


So one key to this hero as well is definitely his, I would say, proclivity towards farming, so for the first like seven-thirty minutes eight minutes. He doesn’t actually go for a single kill.

  • His first few items hit really good Null Talisman’s timings. Funny enough, he’s actually getting out farm by the Leshrac by a lot, but that’s just because of the matchup and because Leshrac has an Io.
  • The thing is, having like 3300 net worth at minute 8 is really freaking solid. It’s going to enable you, later on, to kill another. The thing that happens.
  • This game which I just do want to bring up, is that he does get multiple, and I mean multiple, bottle refills throughout this lane.

He does have a couple of kill combos here, the main one being the Grimstroke ink swell into the zip combo. He does not put any priority on it, right that is not really the case. His main focus here that’s not what he’s looking to do. What he’s looking to do instead is make sure that he gets off to a really good start.

Bottle refills

So it’s definitely a decent part of his gameplay. If you aren’t getting bottle refills, I recommend you farm back toward the base as a kind of substitute. So assuming no one’s helping you out, then you can take this camp into this camp, and then when you have no bottle charges and no mana, walk back to base.

  • I think he got two already by the eight-minute mark.
  • I think he’s gonna get a third from his.
  • I think from his tide hunter eventually.

That’s gonna be your way, too, obviously like keep your bottle up, keep your mana up. You might be thinking oh, but that’s slower. Yeah, it is slower. It is what it is. Sometimes you have to change up your gameplay a little. In pubs because your teammates are in crit and Jerax.

Ink Swall

The next thing Abed is extremely good about is not over-committing on the Ink Swall. Well, there are actually multiple examples throughout this game where he just has the discipline to not double down when he just doesn’t have the mana for it. This is just being a good Storm Spirit player.

  • You have to know how much everything costs and see it here. He hits up a nice set of spells, and most players would 100 percent commit to this Ink Swall.
  • He doesn’t, and the reason why is that he’s just afraid of the response from mars. Who now has ultimate the Leshrac has very high movement speed. Basically, there’s a decent chance that if he commits there, he dies.

Mid-laner details

Comes to just like feeling like you need to finish off a kill when you shouldn’t because you’re the mid-laner. Don’t double down on some position five kills, and if it’s going to end up making you get killed as well.

The Leshrac ends up coming in here, and that’s what happens. So please understand that if you’re trying to get to the next level as a hero-like Storm. You got to look at your deaths and see how often you over-commit when it.


So the next thing that he does well is he synergizes with crit a decent amount this game. They recently killed Kazu in the bottom lane with the Ink Swall phantoms embrace plus zip combo. Now they’re going to the jungle. This is just something that I love. Anytime you pick Storm Spirit, you know you’re gonna have initiation, right?

  • It’s kind of the reason why I think.
  • It’s like, honestly, the main reason why EG likes Storm. So much because it really enables your giraffe to just have this centerpiece hero. A big reason why the Storm is always popular is when the hero is decent.
  • It is because it makes your draft pretty well-rounded for the most part.
  • It’s a good laner, as we’ve seen, and then once again, it gives your team the ability to have this hunt combo, and there’s. So many heroes that work well with Storm. It could be sky wrath. It could be a Snapfire.

It could be a Grimstroke like we see here. It could be a Hoodwink any hero that basically just follows up on the DPS or on the control is incredibly good in Grimstroke’s biggest problem as a hero. It is not how much impact he has if you already get on top of them. It’s the ability to actually get on top of them. So as we’ll see here, the ink swivel comes out. It’s going to hit eventually, and then after that. They’re able to eventually just pick up this kill.

Big clears in the jungle

So it’s really, really well done. A big kill clears out their jungle, and it really opens up the map because now you’ll see Medusa, he knows. Is he not going to get ganked, right? How could he get ganked? Mars is dead. He sees where everyone is. He’s totally fine. Such movements like this with your position 4. completely not only change your own game and get you your own gold but also open up the map for your carry and even your offlaner if you’re an offender farming.

  • When you pull, it obviously is going to pull them both. It does like what the Axe would essentially do. It’s pretty freaking crazy.
  • That sets up for a stone gaze follow-up because the lash couldn’t turn around.
  • The Io is stuck in. The middle is slowed by overcharge. They all get hit by the remnant, and the Snake gets doubled up by the soul binds as well.
  • They just get decimated. It was a ridiculous play. So that was just some beautiful stuff from Abed and from crit to set that up.

Now this next play, oh my god. This next play was dirty from Crittenden abed and the Snake on top, but he was dirty. So he’s getting chased here. I guess they just felt like they could kill off the the Grim, but crit, with a really nice response, doesn’t get off the soul behind. That actually sets up for a pseudo storm ag’s time, as we’ll see here. He’s gonna zip in on the Storm. Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please check our Dota 2 Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky! Cya!

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