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New Midlane Hero – Unbelievable Abuse

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s your Librarian Husky here, and today I’m going to show you how to play mid-lane Kepper Of The Light featuring Sumail. We’re going to be watching his mid-cuddle if you don’t know; this is not a meme. This is actually one of the most popular mid-lane heroes of the current patch, at least in high mmr.

This hero is very powerful. It is one of the fastest farming mids in the game, in fact. I think you might be able to argue that.

About Mid Kepper Of The Light

Keeper Of The Light is actually the fastest farming mid in all of the dota. You will see his net worth absolutely skyrocket. The timings this hero can hit are nuts, and we’re gonna get into my personal favorite cattle build that, actually, Sumail goes. Well, I have two. He doesn’t. Obviously, he doesn’t go to both of the builds. We’re gonna watch him go to one of my favorite builds. We’ll get into that.

  • Keeper Of The Light doesn’t really have cooldowns. The only cool that it has is it’s ultimate, which is a 40-second duration, and a 65-second cooldown, which is only a 25-second downtime that’s obviously not that much for such an impactful spell.
  • Basically, this hero can just be very active on the map, and it farms items. That’s all you really need to know it’s kit isn’t necessarily that devastating in team fights, but it just kind of gets items quickly, and it uses those items to snowball its game as well as spamming Illuminate.
  • In the mid-lane, the main idea of this hero is not necessarily winning the lane. It’s just getting creepy. Securing as many creeps as possible. So the main thing that you usually do is if your block goes well, and it doesn’t get completely screwed over like this. What you would do is you would actually auto-attack the range creep three times and then blast.

All right, so the first thing to note about mid-lane Kepper Of The Light is that the hero. The reason why it’s a good midi is, number one, it farms a lot. And number two. It’s kind of just one of those heroes that can get very active around the map.

Sumail the beast

And fortunately, it didn’t get denied there, and Sumail being the beast that he is, was able to secure a couple of actually three denies, which was pretty nuts. Let’s get into the next part so the next thing you do is anytime you don’t have a clear wave to farm or the wave dies early on, you farm something else. Here the wave died immediately. Why?

Because it won our tower, what is Samael gonna do? He’s gonna blast the small camp. It’s not gonna kill the small camp. That’s not even the goal here. The goal is just to chip down the camp, and the reality is that how chakra magic works reduces the cooldown of your other abilities.

Instead, he just lets the storm push in the wave, but that is the gist of Keeper Of The Light. basically, you want to prep the range creep so that you can blast not only the range creep but also a melee creep as well. he honestly goes for a blast here that was actually kind of crappy. It didn’t really secure any creeps, and it even put his range creep in deny range.

Creps range

That is what’s needed at level 1 to kill off the range creep. And the reason why this is important is if you auto-attack the range creep right away at the beginning of the lane. Your first blast will kill not only the range creep but also the first melee creep. So you secure two cs with your first blast, and that’s convenient. Obviously, here because of the bad block and because of the fact that the position five Pugna. Happened, so he obviously doesn’t blast for that reason.


You’ll have to illuminate up for the next wave anyway, and you’ll see he’s now going to look to hit the range creep a couple of times and then blast said range creep. And also, one thing to notice at level 2. When you have your level 2 blast, you’ll actually one-shot the range creep off a full channeled blast. Sometimes it’s good to prep the range creeps anyway and hit it once because then you don’t have to the full channel. Sometimes, some mid-laners can actually cancel the channel or hit you while you’re channeling.

Of course, it depends, but usually, you’re just gonna full blast to level two. That’s gonna kill the range creep. Then you’re gonna wanna generally draw creep aggro on the melee creeps that they can’t be easily denied, and then you rinse and repeat, just blasting the camps over and over again. That’s kind of the gist of mid-lane Kepper Of The Light. on top of that. He actually does this kind of cool play where he kills the small camp into a stack on the large camp.

Creep lane

Of course, you’re gonna lose a lane creep for this, but it’s generally worth it. I think he hits it early. That’s what you can do as well for efficiency. Essentially in between each and every wave, you either want to stack something or kill a small camp. We’ll see here once he gets toward level five.

He’s gonna amp this up a bit more. Level five seems to be sort of the major timing here for him to head into the deeper jungle, and we’ll see that in a moment. He hits level five, and he actually goes at what I would consider a weird time. It’s a weird time for me because the creep wave is just meeting soon.

Storm 6th level

It’s because he hits level six before Storm does. He decides to bully him here, even pings the Storm. He’s like, maybe we can kill him. I mean, this is something you could do, too, right? Because when you hit level six.

  • Usually, I would expect him to connect. I thought he was going to stack here, but he actually just straight-up blasts. He just blasts through two camps. It doesn’t really even seem like he bothers trying to stack them. He just tries to kill two camps.
  • Now obviously, you don’t want to miss too many lane creeps, so that was probably not the best time for him to do that. The thing is like, don’t be afraid to just leave the creeps low. I think that’s a big thing here.
  • Don’t be afraid to just leave the large creep at like half hp in a medium creep at like three-fourths or a third hp to get back to the lane.
  • The priority has always shoved the lane and then killed the neutral camps because you know one goes away, and one doesn’t. Rinse, repeat, level five, clear the wave, then after that; there are some shenanigans here where the bulls believe the Storm.

The advantage is that you now have Blinding Light which does a hundred damage which is actually quite a lot. You can Blast them back into your Illuminate, which is the bigger part here because usually Illuminate is easily dodged at this point of the game if it’s channeled at all. You can use the Blinding Light to bully them out, and that’s what he does.

Storm back to base

He actually sends the Storm back to base. He was a little bit afraid of dying to him, so he jungle here until he got his south. The reality is that unless you go, the bots build that some Kepper Of The Light does; rotating it’s just not worth it because you’re giving up on so much CS, right? As we’ll see here, net worth is the highest in the game, and this isn’t even like as many CS as you could have. I’m pretty sure there’s Keeper Of The Light who can get like a hundred attend if they have like optimal stacking or their team stacks for them.

  • He was definitely afraid of Storm healing up and solo killing him as the level 6 timing was coming, but then from there on out, it’s a rinse and repeats.
  • Basically, all you’re going to do is clear the wave and then clear the nearby camps rinse, repeating this over and over and over again.
  • That is literally all you do. If there are no camps to the south side of you, you go north. If there are no camps to the north, you go south, and you just rinse and repeat.
  • Do not rotate at all. This is the last thing I’ll say before we head toward the mid-game and talk about the item decisions. Just don’t rotate.

Then they can even get 100, and he also died right, which set back CS quite a bit. If he hadn’t died and his team stacked for him, he would probably have about 100 right now, which is why this hero can get massive. Of course, as we said, he died, so he’s not like way ahead here, but that is the gist.

Skill Build

You’re gonna max out your abilities before taking any points in the solar pine, usually. Sometimes you can take one point before the last point of Chakra Magic. The only reason for that is like if you think you’re going to go for a kill when you’re level 9. then sometimes you want to skill it earlier just so you have the ability. You don’t always have to do that. The more common build is just going 404.

  • Having maxed out Chakra and maxed Illuminate, now we’re going to see his first major gank or at least a major successful gank of the game here.
  • Seemingly at level 10, this is when he does it. He skips his level 10 talent skills, the Solar Bind, and now he feels comfortable making a gank.
  • Even though he’s close to work, I thought he was gonna wait for Orchid. he just goes before Orchid leads in with the solar vine and throws down the Blast.

Usually, you’re gonna push them back into the Blast. Unfortunately just barely misses there; otherwise, the CK would be already dead. I missed the second one as well, a couple of misses on the Blast, but eventually ended up getting the kill with the third one and taking out the Chaos Knight. If anyone’s diving towers, this is the name of the game for caudle because if you defend towers like that, or you respond to people who are close to your towers. It’s very hard for the enemy to counter-gank you.

Alas amid

And that’s the biggest weakness of caught alas amid. You only have very limited hp and no massive way to defend yourself. And as a result, if you have to overextend for kills, you’ll likely die in return. Try to go for those easier kills, and stay on your portion of the map.

  • You shouldn’t be like pushing up to their tier ones and hitting a tier one.
  • You should never be doing these types of things.
  • You should only be really responding to dies.

You shouldn’t really be invading the enemy jungle. As once again, we actually see that immediately here. The enemy team dives his PL top, he tp’s in with his Orchid, and that is the build he’s gonna be going, so why Orchid? It’s pretty simple to understand.

Killing Dota 2 creeps

It does make you right-click. Sometimes you have to hit all the melee creeps. It helps you kill large creeps a little bit faster. Which is pretty nice, but the biggest part is, of course, the activity. The main reason why he buys it here is definitely for the Storm. I love this decision. The reason why is Storm is a hero that is a hard counter to Keeper Of The Light Storm is a hero that naturally gets on top of Keeper Of The Light and destroys him.

You kind of have two options. I would say you could either go an early Ghost Scepter to sort of try to deal with it. You can go Orchid which also allows you to go aggressive. The Orchid here is not only an offensive option. Like it’s typically used, it’s also a defensive option against the Storm. The Storm will not be able to kill him from full with the silence coming out. I really like this option here.


It’s also just kind of good at killing people, and frankly, I love the fact that he goes back for the Vessel. I feel like a lot of players think that you either rush Vessel or you don’t buy it at all. And I think this is totally incorrect.

  • The CK takes almost half of his health. Just from the first Blast in Orchid, and this is a what a two thousand hp hero with armlet active 2200, the Blast did a really significant chunk. Of course, these aren’t the main heroes you’re typically going to kill.
  • Keeper Of The Light is very good at basically full-to-nothing support that’s like the main heroes you’re going to be going for or like low-hp Storms.

This item just scales well because it’s percentage-based damage. Immediately we’re gonna see the Orchid payoff. He’s gonna TP and actually set up on a full hp Chaos Knight. You’d imagine that he just doesn’t really have the damage for this, but with the Orchid coming out, there’s no defensive stun that can come out. The Blast is gonna be amped up when the Orchid ends. It’s gonna be amped up a little bit.

And often, you do need a plus one in the early game to kill people, which is something to keep in mind. However, as long as you have a plus one, you can just kill people off cooldown because you’ll never run out of resources. Thanks for reading this interesting guide! Please check our Dota 2 Boosting Services. We have plenty of excellent boosts.