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New Mid Lane Tier List Patch 7.35d – Best Position 2 Heroes Ranked – Dota 2 Guide

Hello everyone, it’s Librarian Husky, bringing you an overview of the latest gameplay update, version 7.35D. In an exciting twist, the update introduces a feature allowing players to ban four heroes at the start of each match, with the assurance that at least one selected hero will be automatically banned.

Introduction to the Gameplay Update

As someone who predominantly plays in the offlane role, my strategy will focus on excluding certain carry heroes that pose a significant challenge or disrupt my gameplay. This patch, particularly with the adjustments made to the Helm of the Dominator, suggests that heroes who can summon units may rise in prominence.

Therefore, my personal bans are likely to include Sven, Naga Siren, Terrorblade, and possibly Batrider as an alternative choice. This new banning feature adds an intriguing layer to pre-match strategy, ensuring that every game could start with a slight edge if played smartly.

Strategic Bans and Hero Preferences

With the latest game update, the strategy around which heroes to exclude from play has taken on new importance. As someone who often plays in the offlane, my approach involves targeting carry heroes that traditionally complicate the match for me.

The newly introduced feature, allowing the ban of four heroes with the guarantee that at least one will be effectively removed from the game, introduces a nuanced strategic element to the initial setup phase. This enhancement empowers players to significantly influence the flow and potential outcomes of the game from its outset, offering a more hands-on approach to controlling game dynamics early on.

Update 7.35 D Overview

Though classified as a minor update, patch 7.35D introduces changes with considerable impact on gameplay. Notably, the cooldown for BKB has been extended by 5 seconds—a significant alteration that, despite its severity, does not diminish the item’s essential value.

However, the modification to Rapier stands out starkly: its damage output has been drastically reduced from 350 to 100, and it no longer inherently provides a 25% spell amplification. Instead, users must now choose between an additional 250 damage or a 25% spell amplification. This adjustment has rendered the Rapier far less potent than before, a decision likely driven by its previously perceived overperformance.

Although this change is dramatic, it’s essential not to overlook other adjustments, such as a slight improvement to Scotty. Among the notable updates is also the modification to Helm of the Dominator, which now includes a bonus for casting, marking one of the patch’s significant shifts.

Key Changes in Detail

The recent patch has introduced pivotal modifications affecting item strategies and hero mechanics significantly. The enhancement of the Black King Bar’s (BKB) cooldown period, alongside the comprehensive rework of the Divine Rapier’s features, marks a critical transition in tactical approaches to gameplay.

This reconfiguration diminishes the Rapier’s dual utility, compelling players to make a decisive choice between augmenting damage or spell amplification—thereby substantially influencing its battlefield utility. Furthermore, the adjustments made to the Helm of the Dominator highlight a strategic pivot towards more nuanced resource management and unit control, underlining the strategic depth of item selection for achieving in-game dominance.

Helm of the Dominator Update

The update to the Helm of the Dominator emerges as a particularly noteworthy improvement, especially for heroes such as Lycan and Beastmaster, who have not been at the forefront of the meta. This enhancement significantly reduces the item’s cooldown to 45 seconds, sparking debates among players regarding its potential equivalence to Hand of Midas. However, it’s essential to note the distinct difference: unlike Midas, the Helm does not grant experience, only the gold bounty from the dominated creep.

This distinction does not detract from the item’s enhanced appeal, making it a formidable choice in the current meta, particularly for unit-centric heroes. Its utility is now undeniable, offering substantial strategic advantages, although it necessitates more active management in terms of creep selection and control. This dynamic introduces a layer of complexity and strategy, particularly evident when considering the item’s increased efficacy without making it overpowering. This balance is crucial, ensuring the item significantly impacts gameplay without disrupting the competitive balance.

Item Adjustments Overview

The recent update introduced a notable decrease in Maelstrom’s proc chance by 5%, marking a significant shift for characters that traditionally rely on this item. Despite the reduction, it’s anticipated that Maelstrom will retain its effectiveness for those heroes inclined towards its use, albeit with diminished impact. Similarly, adjustments were made to both the Magic Stick and Magic Wand, increasing their cooldowns by 4 and 2 seconds respectively. While these changes are present, their influence on overall gameplay is expected to be minimal, as their utility still holds substantial value in various scenarios.

Manta Style and Talisman Adjustments: Balancing Act in Patch 7.35D

The Manta Style experienced a cooldown increase of 4 seconds, accentuating the distinction between itself and Sange and Yasha (S&Y). This modification particularly impacts heroes who commonly opt for Manta Style, as it potentially hampers their gameplay fluidity, affecting farming pace, evasion capabilities, and overall efficiency. The shift subtly encourages a reconsideration of S&Y, which remains unaffected and possibly more appealing due to its sustained utility and the downturn of Manta Style’s convenience.

Furthermore, the Talisman received a minor enhancement to its mana regeneration feature. While mana regeneration is a coveted attribute within the game, this tweak is unlikely to catapult the Talisman into widespread popularity. The item’s utilization remains circumscribed, with the adjustment serving more as a quality-of-life improvement rather than a transformative update.

Meta and Item Changes Overview

It’s difficult to foresee a drastic shift in the meta solely due to the recent changes. The Oblivion Staff now offers slightly less benefit, impacting the Orchid Malevolence — a derivative item — by reducing its mana regeneration and intelligence stats, alongside an increased mana usage. This modification appears aimed at diminishing Orchid’s efficacy as a premier mana sustain tool. Despite these adjustments, Orchid Malevolence maintains a strong position within the current gameplay dynamics.

The item’s construction process, although slightly altered, remains exceptionally efficient, combining the advantageous properties of Oblivion Staff and an additional component, culminating in an item that continues to be highly effective for a broad spectrum of characters. Coupled with an economical crafting recipe, its overall value and utility persist, making it a viable choice for those accustomed to integrating it into their strategies.

Significant Item Adjustments

The reduction of Perasma’s conversion rate of intelligence into damage by a significant 25% marks a substantial downgrade. This alteration seems specifically designed to impact high-level play, with a notable focus on mitigating Puck’s effectiveness. However, it also adversely affects other intelligence-based heroes like Queen of Pain and Storm Spirit, albeit Puck appears to be the primary target. This adjustment strikes me as particularly odd and somewhat unwarranted, leaving me puzzled over its necessity or rationale.

Specific Item Changes

The update has introduced a restriction on Phantom’s Province’s active capability, preventing it from applying critical hits. This change directly impacts Phantom Assassin’s strategy against heavily armored adversaries, essentially removing this item from her arsenal. Previously considered a balanced item that had found a niche, its prohibition from crit applications seems an overreach, presumably driven by an unexpectedly high success rate. The decision to implement this change is curious and somewhat disappointing, given the item’s previously welcomed utility.

Shadow Blade and Neutral Item Tweaks

Enhancements to Shadow Blade, including a three-second extension on its active ability, improve its utility without tipping the balance. This tweak effectively extends the mobility and escape potential it offers, addressing previous concerns about its duration being too brief.

Additionally, adjustments to several neutral items have been made. Royal Jelly has seen a slight downgrade, which inadvertently benefits alternative regenerative items like Bubble and Seeds of Serenity due to the adjusted restoration effects.

Meanwhile, the modification to Grove Bow’s attack range, reducing it from 100 to 75, may seem minor but necessitates strategic reconsideration for heroes that heavily rely on it. Despite this nerf, Grove Bow remains a critical asset for certain playstyles, maintaining its status as an essential pick for applicable characters.

Adjustments to Light Collector

Despite my previous enthusiasm for Light Collector due to its movement speed advantage, the recent adjustments have markedly diminished its appeal. Specifically, the mana bonus reduction’s increase to 75% when near trees profoundly impacts its utility. This drastic change leads me to question its viability on the battlefield, a sentiment I’m sure many of you share. Initially, its superior attributes made it an irresistible pick, but now, its effectiveness is under scrutiny. The reduction to movement speed, albeit slight, compounds my hesitation. This adjustment might take some time to evaluate fully, given its significant impact on gameplay dynamics.

DBloon Item Update

The DBloon, previously a niche yet formidable item, has undergone modifications that enhance its mana and HP regeneration capabilities by 50%. While this increase is notable, the comparison with the pre-adjusted Light Collector casts a shadow over its newfound advantages. Now classified as a tier three neutral item, its position in the hierarchy of desirability has shifted, potentially relegating it to a less favorable status. Despite its improved regeneration properties, its overall assessment against the backdrop of other available items warrants a critical reexamination.

Neutral Creep Changes

The alteration of abilities and hero attributes in the latest update, such as the reduction in mana cost for Ancient Apparition’s Cold Feet at all levels, offers a tactical advantage that enhances the hero’s laning phase efficiency. Furthermore, Arc Warden and Bat Rider have experienced tweaks to their talents and abilities, respectively, reflecting a strategic recalibration of their in-game roles. These adjustments, while specific, contribute to the evolving meta, prompting players to adapt their strategies and playstyles accordingly.

Hero and Ability Tweaks

The recent update brings a notable decrease in the mana cost for Ancient Apparition’s Cold Feet across all levels, enhancing its utility in early game exchanges. This adjustment alleviates some of the mana constraints faced by AA, allowing for a more aggressive playstyle. In another development, Arc Warden sees a reduction in vitality and a slight nerf to a critical talent, impacting his durability and late-game potential. Meanwhile, Bat Rider’s Flame Break now inflicts its damage in fewer bursts, maintaining overall damage output while altering its interaction with Sticky Napalm. Such changes necessitate a reevaluation of talent choices and combat tactics for these heroes.

Flame Break Adjustments

The recent modification to Bat Rider’s Flame Break introduces a nuanced shift, reducing its occurrences yet preserving total damage dealt. This alteration subtly impacts its synergy with Sticky Napalm, especially in the absence of a fully leveled Flame Break. The implications extend to talent selection, with a discernible decrease in the allure of certain talents in favor of optimizing ability effectiveness. The balance between Flame Break and Sticky Napalm now demands a strategic approach to ability leveling, underscoring the complexity of adapting to the evolving dynamics of hero capabilities.

Beast Master’s Inner Beast Buff

Beast Master has received an augmentative update to his Inner Beast skill, alongside significant enhancements to the Helm of the Dominator, a core item in his arsenal. The increase in beast bonus attack speed, though seemingly modest at six additional points at maximum level, synergizes well with the improved item effects. This synergy is anticipated to bolster Beast Master’s presence in games significantly, potentially elevating his selection rate and overall effectiveness on the battlefield.

Bloodseeker Base Agility Increase

A subtle yet impactful adjustment has been made to Bloodseeker, elevating his base agility by two points. This enhancement not only bolsters his physical output but also amplifies the efficacy of life steal effects, hinting at a more robust sustain in skirmishes. The recommendation leans towards integrating Sange and Yasha into his build, capitalizing on the amplified life steal properties. This change, coupled with the item’s inherent benefits, positions Sange and Yasha as a highly favorable choice for Bloodseeker, overshadowing alternatives like Yasha Kaya despite the recent Maelstrom modifications.

Centaur and Other Hero Tweaks

Centaur Warrunner experiences a notable reduction in Hoof Stomp’s initial damage, potentially altering his early game impact. Despite this, Centaur’s solid win rate suggests resilience to such adjustments. Conversely, Chaos Knight enjoys a boost in Chaos Strike potency and an enhanced creep damage multiplier, promising a quicker farm pace. Similarly, subtle changes across other heroes like Chen and Crystal Maiden—ranging from nerfs to Divine Favor to Crystal Nova’s mana cost increase—reflect an ongoing balance effort. These adjustments collectively shape the strategic depth and hero viability, encouraging players to adapt their tactics and hero mastery.

Crystal Maiden’s Shard Strategy

For Crystal Maiden aficionados, the augmentation of her Shard capability, despite its increased mana cost, remains a compelling strategy. The advised approach involves a slight adaptation in skill prioritization, specifically allocating additional points to her Q ability to ensure the Clone’s defeat, thereby reaching the essential breakpoint for effectiveness. Subsequent emphasis on her E skill over further Q enhancements suggests a build strategy of 2-4-4, maintaining the Shard’s strategic viability while navigating the increased mana demand through clarity potions and strategic mana management.

Dark Willow’s Roaming Potential

Dark Willow roaming duration on Bedlam increased by an extra 0.5 seconds. Sure, that’s, you know, it’s an extra 140 damage. I mean, that that’s going to make the difference in a lot of scenarios, so it’s actually a nice size buff.

Disruptor’s Thunderstrike Adjustment

This one was huge. The slow regeneration on Thunderstrike is 4 flat, so it went from 4 seconds of slow to 1.6 seconds of slow at level one, making this ability a way better trading ability, right? In terms of its ability to kite, chase, or disengage, whatever you’re doing, way better at level one. So, nice size buff to Disruptor, and I actually think this hero doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. I really think it’s a decent hero.

Dragon Knight’s Illusion Nerf

Okay, Dragon Knight, this was a huge nerf. Illusions no longer apply dragon on-hit effects if they have reverted back from melee form. So basically, if they reverted back to melee form, they would still get the AOE slow, AOE damage, uh, and uh, AOE cleave or whatever you want to call it, AE splash damage, even if they referred to melee. So you could cast them, you know, right before your ulti reverted, and it would still work. Now you can’t do that, so that sucks.

Corrosive breath debuff duration decreased from 5 to three, which is a huge nerf because this does damage to heroes. This was a part of your farming tool, this is how you largely split push, this is how you take towers, so that sucks. And they nerfed his very strong 15 talent. So, do I think Dragon Knight is a good hero still? I think he’s still good, but I mean, these are big nerfs; like, this really does hurt. This one, in particular, the 5 to 3, it just hurts every aspect of the hero in some regard, so definitely sucks.

Drow Ranger’s Multi-Shot Cooldown Reduction

Drow Ranger received another buff. This hero’s getting buffed and buffed and buffed. Another huge buff at that, Multi-Shot cooldown instead of 18 seconds at max is 15. This is her fighting spell, her farming spell. You know, talk about like massive changes, similar to the corrosive breath duration, you know, this is huge, 3 seconds better on Multi-Shot. However, they nerfed the 15 talent to compensate, but obviously, you would take that trade any day because it also gives you the option to take 20% lifesteal at 15. I don’t think you do that. I still think you take Multi-Shot cooldown; it’s just too good, but still.

Mars Ability Adjustment

I mean, if you’re a Mars player, you probably still pick it, but you know, nerfs overall because a big part of this hero is that it used to have, I mean, I think Arena of Blood used to be like a 60 or a 70-second cooldown back in the day, now it’s 100. So, okay, they nerfed.

Medusa Talent Nerf

They nerfed Medusa’s OP level 15 talent by 2%. Not the end of the world, but a nerf nonetheless. The Mystic Snake talent, no joke.

Mirana Movement Speed Reduction

Mirana got five less movement speed. Level 10 talent ripped, high damage decreased from 25 to 20. An AA not going to kill the hero.

Necrophos Talents Buff

They buffed Necrophos’s both level 10 talents, okay, it doesn’t seem like anything crazy, but it’s nice, and this level 15 talent, but nothing crazy.

Pangolier Swashbuckle Nerf

Tango Swashbuckle count decreased from 4 to three. So that nerfs, so what this does is it’s a primary nerf to Diffusal right because the nice thing is it pairs, this item pairs well with like Maelstrom, but most importantly Diffusal. And so, with less strikes, you proc Diffusal less.

Like, it doesn’t seem like it does less damage; it definitely does less damage at level one, but as you get back to max, it still seems like it’s about the same damage, yeah, probably about the same damage at max, but it’s going to proc your Diffusal less, which definitely sucks. And, and yeah, as I said, it’s just straight up worse at level one by 10 damage. So, yeah, another nerf to Pango, and yet, he’ll still be in the meta at the pro level, in pubs, probably don’t pick this hero, it’s like too hard.

Primal Beast Targeted Nerfs

Wow, Primal Beast getting targeted. They nerfed Onslaught damage at level one, and two, and three. Aghanim’s Scepter damage per line, okay, and they nerfed this a bit. I don’t even think people bought that much, but it was powerful in the right games. Aghanim’s Shard no longer increases enemy search range by 200. This is for Puck on the Phase Shift Attack Shard. Aghanim’s Scepter attack speed decreased from 100% of Puck’s attack speed to 90%. Alright, not the end of the world, I’m sure it’s still incredibly good, but you know, I still think Puck’s a very good hero if you’re good at it.

Skeleton King and Shadow Fiend Adjustments

Skeleton King gained six base damage, but he lost strength gain. Six base damage. Shadow Fiend, Mana cost on Shadowraze is now 75 at all levels instead of 75, 80, 85, 90. So that’s really nice for the high level of Shadowraze when you’re spamming raises, really going to help you save a lot of mana. So, big buff to Shadow Fiend, pretty damn nice.

Silencer’s Buff to Intelligence Steal

I never see this hero. I feel like it’s pretty bad, but I can’t imagine this really will put it in the meta. But, eh, maybe in pubs, it’s fine. It’s an okay hero; it can dominate the lane. Silencer, this is a pretty cool change. The intelligence steal on glaives was 1/1/2/3; now it’s 1/2/3/4. So, it’s the same at level one but is obviously double as good at level two, which is significant. At level three, you get extra int steal, and at level four, you get an extra int steal. So much better, honestly.

I mean, it adds up really quick. A big buff to Silencer, especially as a core. As a support, not a lot better, but I don’t know, core Silencer, cool. I don’t think it’s very good at like a high level because it’s very slow, it’s very gankable, doesn’t push out waves quickly. Like, it has a lot of flaws as people get good, but I think at a low level or like average pubs, it’s pretty damn strong. Like, you go Pike, Witchblade. I guess they nerfed the Witchblade, but yeah, like, you probably still just go Pike, Witchblade.

Snapfire Adjustments

Scatterblast attack slow, movement speed slow, slow duration are increased by 50% at Point Blank Range. So if you hit them with the point-blank Scatterblast, it gets 50% better. That’s kind of nice. And projectile speed on Snapfire Cookie is 100 better. Whatever, I don’t like this hero still.

Sven and Techies Laning Phase

Sven lost a base armor, making his laning worse. Sticky bomb cooldown on Techies three seconds cooldown worse at level one, so just trying to nerf his laning stage, which makes sense because it’s the same at max but trying to nerf his laning stage. Makes sense, just a very strong laner, way too many sticky bombs, so hurts him a little bit.

Templar Assassin and Terrorblade Meta Shifts

Templar Assassin actually getting a buff here. Meld damage bonus damage does 30 more damage at max, but it’s the same at level one, scales up. Terrorblade reflection, no, Terrorblade support, already no. They could have left it in the meta for a little bit longer. I mean, come on, it just got good. Like, that’s why sometimes I don’t know, I feel like Valve should target that. Didn’t just get good, like Terrorblade support is cool, and I don’t feel like it’s that broken, you know what I mean? Like, it’s just cool. I kind of like playing with it, I don’t mind playing against it; it’s interesting.

So, why instantly nerf it, you know what I mean? I don’t really get it; it’s like maybe I’m biased because that’s just how I feel about it. Life Stealer, I kind of like seeing him get nerfed because I’m an offlaner, but even then, they could have left Life Stealer the same, and I’d be like, alright, sure, he kind of just gained popularity. I’ll figure out what are the counters. Like, I’ve been thinking about how to counter this hero.

I just looked, literally just today, I looked at all the win rates against Life Stealer. It’s like, I don’t know, I kind of feel like instantly hitting the heroes that shoot to popularity is a bit cringe, and they should just do more buffs and nerfs to the heroes around these heroes, you know, and give them a bit more time.

Timbersaw Adjustments

That would be my philosophy if I was making changes. So, eh, not a huge fan. Okay, Timber Chain damage nerfed at all levels. Wow, does 25 less at level one. Max stacks, so they nerfed. Oh, and they nerfed Reactive Armor, especially at level one, making the value point of Reactive Armor quite a bit worse. You can get a whole less stack off from heroes, which hurts.

Tinker’s Buff

Tinker got two base armor. Damn. Cast range for Defense Matrix, which is actually nice because his cast range was kind of mid at 650, is now 700/750/800/850. 200 cast range better at max. Don’t make Tinker good, Valve. Don’t do it. Spare us all. It’s miserable in every regard. When it’s on your team, you’re like, “Damn, my Tinker is still farming. He still had no impact. It’s 38 minutes into the game. Surely, he’ll carry me in 5 minutes.” And then, when it’s against you, you’re like, “Damn, how did he dominate my mid? Why is he killing everyone?” I don’t like Tinker. I really don’t. Oh, God. Two armor. Does he need that much armor? Why does this hero have, like, terrible armor or something? Didn’t Tinker already have good armor?

Tiny and Troll Warlord Changes

Tree Grab bonus damage decreased from 20 to 14 at level one, so making his laning stage worse. As a support, I guess that’s every role. Okay, they nerfed the max stacks bonus on Troll’s Shard Fervor by one. Interesting choice.

Underlord and Ursa Updates

Aghanim’s Scepter no longer slows enemy movement speed by 400. Aghanim’s Scepter now increases the radius by 100. Okay, I’ve never seen Underlord’s Aghanim’s like this. Bonus damage per creep increased on Atrophy Aura from 2/4/6/8 to 3/5/7/9. The big one is level one, and that’s a big deal because, after a creep wave, you know, you’re getting an extra four damage, which is a lot early on, you know. It’s going to be the difference between getting a last hit or not in a lot of cases, so it’s pretty nice.

Void Spirit and Weaver Buffs

Alacrity is a new level 15 talent that slows by 30%. I think A is just better, so this probably just a nerf. Ursa’s slow resistance rescaled from 15/20/25/30% to 10/20/30/40%, probably about the same but better at max. Sure, I mean, I guess it’s a buff because you’d rather have slow resistance later on in most games. Damage on Dissimilate 20 better at all levels. I mean, sure, it’s good for securing the range creep. Gemini Attack on Weaver: five damage at all levels.

Patch Review and Impressions

I don’t know about it; I feel like I’m not going to cap, guys. Maybe it’s just me, but they’re like, “Oh, we’re going to remove the TI prize pool and make better patches.” This patch is good; it’s a good patch, okay? It’s a letter patch. Maybe I’m, I don’t know, I feel like they could do… Some of these changes are really cool. I like a lot of these changes. The Helm change, really cool. The Divine change sucks.

What are some other cool changes here? Shadow Blade change, cool. Light Collector change, reasonable, but I don’t like it. I don’t know, what are some other cool changes in this patch? I guess CK is quite a bit better. The Disruptor change is cool. Dark Willow change is cool. Drow change is cool. I mean, some good changes in this patch, you know what I mean? Like, this Lich change is very, very creative. They do a good job with a lot of things, but at the same time, I don’t know, some of it just feels unnecessary and random. Like, this Weaver change, kind of boring, boring, boring. This one is interesting, boring, necessary. Tinker, I don’t know.

Highlight Changes and Hero Shifts

Among the highlighted changes, the adjustments to Helm, Divine, Shadow Blade, and Light Collector stand out for their impact on gameplay dynamics. The positive tweaks to heroes like Chaos Knight, Disruptor, Dark Willow, and Drow Ranger enhance their playability and introduce fresh strategies. Conversely, the modification to Weaver and the divisive change to Tinker spark debate among the community, underlining the patch’s mixed reception.

Community Engagement and Feedback

Encouraging community engagement, the author solicits opinions on the patch’s various changes, emphasizing the importance of player feedback in shaping future updates. The invitation to explore new hero builds and strategies reflects a commitment to adapting gameplay in response to the patch’s effects, further bridging the gap between developers and the gaming community.

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