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Many Hero For Eyery Role In Up Rank

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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. Today I want to do a quick but essential guide going over one hero for every single role that I think is very powerful right now I’ll. Also, briefly go over the general item build. I think you should be going on those heroes. I’ve played a couple of games in this patch, a good amount of higher-mark games, some unranked games, and just a little bit of everything.

I’ve also been watching some pro games, even looking at the stats on dotabuff. I’ve concluded that some of these heroes stand out from the rest. So let’s talk about it.

Nature’s Prophet

Starting with the safe lane, we have Nature’s Prophet. I think there are a couple of other heroes I will discuss in future guides for the safe lane. I want to start with Nature’s Prophet. Now he received absolutely no buffs in the recent patch.

So why is he good? Well. I think the main reason why this year was good. It is simply the other heroes of the meta are falling off. That’s number one. Okay, I don’t think many other carriers are as powerful as they once were.

Death ball team

I’ve had to play against these death ball team comps; frankly, they’re very hard to deal with. A hero I’ll discuss later in the guide plays well with Nature’s Prophets. The build is a robe of magi with three branches as your starting items in the treads.

  • Heroes like luna Medusa while they’re still potent and viable, and heroes like wraith king and Terror Blade, and Juggernaut are all-powerful right now.
  • I think Nature’s Prophet fulfills a very remarkable role in the current state of dota. I think this hero with these death ball team comps is mighty.

After treads, go for maelstrom. After maelstrom, go for shard after shard into BKB. Things get a little weird, and the available options are a witch blade after the BKB.


Honestly think Pudge is going to be a somewhat famous hero in this patch. The reason why I like Pudge is although I don’t think the hero is absolutely broken. I think he’s good now. I genuinely believe Pudge is just a good hero with situationally excellent matchups.

  • If a Death Prophet spirit siphons you, it doesn’t do damage if you get frostbite. It doesn’t do damage.
  • Dark Sears iron shell does no damage. Now I’m not saying you have to play Pudge into these heroes, although he has good matchups against certain heroes like these heroes.

If the enemy team, for whatever reason, has, let’s say, three heroes with damage over time, heroes Pudge can thrive. Because your flush sheep blocks damage, right? It’s a damage block ability, but it’s instance-based. So let’s say a Juggernaut spins on you. You proc your flesh heat. It doesn’t do damage.

Ember spirit

He’s fine, just in general. Honestly, I’ve seen him against an Ember Spirit in the lane. If you have higher base damage, you can trade well. The reason why you can finally use rot early on in the game.

The biggest problem for Pudge. Throughout history, dota was that he couldn’t use rot early on, and it was solely a last-hitting tool. Once you have two points in fleshy, even one point in flesh heap with level one rot, and you don’t take damage from rot.


I think it’s honestly this Beastmaster hero with this new Axe build. I also just made an insanely powerful guide. So if you don’t know what to try offline, give them a shot. I just made a guide on it. So I’m not going to go into depth in this guide literally. Go back one guide and check that out on 33’s Beastmaster; he pops off.

Terror blade & Nature’s Prophet

When you compare this hero with something like a Terror Blade or a Nature’s Prophet to the stronger safe laners or Wraith King or Juggernaut, all these like death carries and something like a mid hero. Your team comp can play very, very high tempo, get very active early on, and pop off coming in for position 4. roll; I wanted to put this hero mid.


I want to talk about Zeus. Very briefly, as I also just made a guide on this hero. I think Zeus is honestly just a perfect pup hero with his win rate. It is currently 52 in pubs, and I think it will go up over time as long.

  • Your damage just gets destroyed. Your shard is insane, and then it’s tough to cast your q or lightning bolt in team fights without an aether lens. You have a heavenly jump, which helps a little bit.
  • I don’t feel like it’s enough. I often feel like you’ll die anyway, or you’ll at least not be able to cast as many qs and Ws as you may want.

As people continue to buy the shard. After the shard, I like aether lens and ages, and I see many people going ags first. I’m personally very anti this build. I don’t understand the value of getting an early nimbus if you don’t have your shard. So, all in all, I think Zeus should be played in a very greedy position for style. What I mean by this is if your offlaner leaves his lane.

Winter Wyvern

Number five is my favorite position five to play personally, Winter Wyvern. I will admit that many of these heroes on this list are a bit difficult to play. I think Nature’s Prophet is tricky; I think beast master is. Honestly somewhat complex, not insanely stiff. The max-axis build is a little bit more straightforward.

I would argue wyvern is like a top-five most brutal to play. I think he’s up there with Invoker. Now you might be saying speed. Are you out of your mind? Are you telling me Winter Wyvern is as hard to play us as Invoker well? When it comes to casting spells, yeah, properly.

Even the micro on b semester isn’t too tricky. I think the wiring is tough to play with. A Cold embrace is like how much grief you see with a cold embrace in your average wyvern game is insane. I’m not going to lie. Winter’s curse is the hardest ultimate in the game, and it just is. It’s like you cast it at the wrong time.

Losing matches

You can lose your team in the team fight because you can protect the enemy. I’ve seen many wyverns curse and cast many wyverns or winter’s curses. That saves the enemy in my last wyvern game at a pub. I winter-cursed a Necro reaper scythe that was depressing. It was quite the moment for my team’s mental fortitude. I don’t know how to put that, but I think this hero is good because he’s perfect. Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please check our Dota 2 Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky!

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