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Heroes That Taking Over The Meta

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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide.

Today I want to look at what the best of the best players think are the best heroes.


We see Marci. Not surprisingly, I think this hero is pretty broken, and it’s stupid later. The most significant advantage of Marci, in my opinion, besides its laning. It is its rotation capability; there’s no hero better than Marci. There’s it. You can’t tell me there’s a hero better than Marci at swindling mid.

  • I think its e is insane. It’s like what 70 life steals. You guys could correct me on that 65 damage 70-ish percent lifestyle.
  • It’s just nuts that one of the best initiators swindles mid.

You might be like, but Tusk Snowball. I can roll on the mid-laner and shard him. That’s better than Marci. It’s the same thing as speed. It’s not rebound is so much faster. You misplace or displace the enemy. Right, you also literally put them out of position.


There’s no comparison. I think Alchemist will become more popular, and the euro as the safe leaner is good. He’s pretty good against the unit drafts, mainly because he lanes well against them. Like Visage Beast and Lycan, they can. They can sometimes will, but. Alk is a good laner and can do well against them. He gets off to a good start, buys a radiance provides miss chance for his team.

Monkey King

So other than that, we have Monkey King. I will sort b between both divisions to see what even division 2 is picking. We’ll see a lot of Monkey King picked up here. The hero’s doing well in both divisions. I think that’s for a couple of reasons. Monkey King is good against the unit meta to an extent. Monkey King has perfect armor. So in the early laning stage, things like wolves, boars, and eidolons don’t do anything.

So Monkey King is an apparent response to enigma to some extent. I think he’s perfect against Beastmaster, and I think he’s good against Lycan. He’s also these beasts, and Lycan heroes are tanky early on in the game, but Wukong’s command plus a stun is good enough to kill them for the most part. So it’s an excellent response in that regard.


Dawnbreaker is interesting to me because the hero is getting picked like crazy. Yet it doesn’t seem to be owned necessarily. I think teams like it because they’ve gotten comfortable with the idea of having perfect lanes and a hero that can play a crazy tempo. Dawnbreaker is one of the fastest heroes. In Dota 2, in terms of the pace that you can set. It’s incredible.

  • I remember playing against one of the top teams, and they picked Dawnbreaker. It was just brutal because no matter what, play.
  • I felt like I made they would respond right. That’s the power of the Dawnbreaker if it has a good lane matchup and other heroes to keep tempo with.

It feels pretty broken, but it falls off as the lane progresses. As the game progresses, Dawnbreaker does fall off quite hard. At least, from my experience, that’s the case. I’ve seen a lot of this shard. It does help the hero scale, but I don’t think the hero still is that incredible in the mid to late game, even with these items for the most part. So I get why it has a 52-win rate. It’s still a winning hero, and I don’t think it’s broken by any means.


That’s doing quite well is Bristleback. He’s a great response to the meta, a response to Bristleback, Enigma, a response to Visage, a response to Visage. He’s just so dang good. I think Abaddon and oracle as heroes to enable Bristleback in the early game because Bristleback has sustained issues.

  • He also has a Spirit Vessel issue. If you get rid of those issues, I think this hero dominates, and I think the best way to enable him is Oracle and Abaddon.
  • I think Dazzle’s good as well with Bristleback doesn’t have the dispel, which I believe is so freaking good with Bristleback.
  • So I think Abaddon is the main one. I believe that teams are undervaluing this hero.
  • Finally, if bristle doesn’t want to defend towers necessarily. If his matchups are bad.
  • So if it’s a bad Bristleback game, you can pick Wyvern even in pubs like, let’s say, your teammate first picks bristle.
  • If he has terrible matchups and you have a Wyvern.

Either way, you can even pick that in your draft to incentivize people to pick it because I think it’s so damn good. I will say one thing about Bristleback that can be good as well as picking like Wyvern, and why Wyvern is good in the meta. On top of that, you can heal the Bristleback in the lane if you want to go that route.

The Bristleback can see just jungle until he has BKB, which is quite late into the game. It’s 22-24 minutes, not too late, and the Wyvern can just dead lane for as long as he can. He can delay the game by defending towers. So that matchup is or that that pairing is good as well. But right, that’s going to be about all for today’s guide. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it.

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