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Everything you Need to Know About Dota 2 Crownfall

You progress with your team of new lore characters and get different dialogues as well. They also added a new trade system that requires tokens for the game, and apparently, the map is so detailed that you can touch the fish as well. To summarize, they want you to explore, unlock, and avenge. I’m assuming that means they want you to delve deep into the lore as you progress in the mini-game. The main rewards here are from the treasure chest, which contains 24 new item sets separated into two different chests.

Interactive Elements and Cosmetics

They also have some candy which can be used to upgrade and exchange your candy for more cosmetics from hero sets, wards, and even a chance at a free Akara. You can also find this item in your mini-game called Crownfall Coins. This item basically gives you a discount on items that require real money at a cheaper price.

Support Packages and Additional Content

All of this, however, can be found in the game for free, and if you really enjoy and want to support the game, just like a battle pass, they provide you with this package that basically gives you a little boost on the map, some treasure chests, some Immortal items, some new Crypts designs, and some other extra items. Most of these items are free and can be found in the game.

New Characters and Skills

They also released two new characters, which start with Sky Mages’ scream form. Just like all the Arcana does, they have different skill effects.

New Arana Features and Customization

I will let you guys explore it yourself, as what I like about this new generation of Arana is that they added custom item designs and effects. In this case, they added Factory and Rod of Atos, and for the second Arana, the Vengeful Spirit, the resurrection of Shen. This kind of looks like an angel version, similar to Sky Mage as we know from the lore. Just like the others, they have customized skill sets starting from a Magic Missile, Wave of Terror, her Swap, and also for staff effects, and don’t forget the Aghanim’s Scepter effects.

Game Dynamics and Long-term Planning

They also added a question mark for any Den ni. There will also be alternate styles in the future as you have to complete the main quest until act four, so you can see that they are planning this to be a long-term event.

There’s also a preview of the two treasure chests currently available: the first is a common Legion Commander set, a very rare Drow Ranger set with custom taunt, a common Bloodseeker set, a Zeus set, a very rare Meo set if you love Fret Chicken, a rare Baked Bird mode Antimage, an ultra-rare USA set if he was born as another animal, an Arc King set, a rare Beater Nature’s Prophet set, a Hoodwi with feather set, Om Nom Nom set, and the once-in-a-lifetime jackpot courier.

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