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Alchemist Boost Guide in Dota 2

Hey everyone, Librarian Husky is here, and welcome to another one of our Dota 2 hero guides. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Alchemist, so for those that don’t know, an Alchemist is either a mid or carry hero.

Alchemist Boost details

He is a hero who can play either mid or carry because his kit allows him to farm faster than any other hero in the game. We’ll take a look at why in just a second, but the point of the hero overall is to spend the first 10, 15, 20, maybe 25 minutes farming creeps, caring about almost nothing else but hitting creeps – lane creeps and jungle creeps.

Then you want to group up with your team and take over the map, take over their jungle, destroy all the towers, get Roshan, etc., and pretty much win the game from there. Okay, I’m about to show you all of Alchemist’s abilities, what makes him good as a carry and a mid, and why he farms so quickly.

Alchemist speed

The Alchemist has an outstanding speed of farming, a great hero to boost and play! First, we’re going to take a look at acid spray. Acid spray, all you do is – put it down in an aoe, put this green acid on the ground, and it does damage over time. You can see that creep was ticking down slowly before these creeps hit it, and the other thing that it does is – reduce armor. All we need to know is – that it makes your right clicks do more damage when people stand, or you know when heroes or creeps stand in it.

Essentially, all that does is it allows you to farm quicker, but it also allows you to zone people in the lane. Let’s say – we’re mid here, there’s another hero, you know, over here – I put acid spray down, they walk into it, they’ll be taking damage, and when I click them, they will take more damage usually than I will take now. That depends, but they’ll take more damage than typical if they don’t have that acid spray down. I’ll show you later in the more advanced section how to use that, but that’s what you need to know for acid spray.

Unstable Concoction ability

What this does is a stun. When you click the button, the five appear over your head, which counts down to zero. Now, if you do not throw it onto an enemy, you get stunned for the longest duration, as you just saw there. If you throw it onto an enemy at any time, it will stun them now. The longer you charge it, the longer it stands, so that’s pretty much all you need to know. You won’t be using this too much early on because you should just be farming. It’s something you’ll use later on in the game, too, you know, stun your enemies and lock them down so you can hit them.

Third passive skill

This defines the hero because it makes him farm faster than any other hero in the game. All you need to know is that every time you hit a creep or last hit a creep with this passive; you get more gold for hitting that creep. Every time I last shot a creep; we’ll go up here. It increases to a maximum limit, but I get more gold for last-hitting these creeps than a typical hero.

Essentially, I want to hit creeps for as much as possible at the start of the game. Eventually, I will get more net worth items than any other hero with equivalent last hits with how this mechanic works. That’s pretty much how the hero works, and you might think. That’s, you know, highly overpowered, and in some ways, it is. But the hero has its other downsides, but it’s a little more complicated. I won’t get into that now and trouble you with that. You don’t need to think about that. Just know that that’s the point of the hero.

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Fourth ultimate spell

When you press R (your ability key), it’s called chemical rage. He gets into a state where he has increased attack speed and health regeneration. I go over here and start attacking this tower. I can even take this; I do it does a lot of damage, but you can see my health regeneration here is pretty high. It goes down a lot when it goes off, so I’m just like a regular hero. Here you know my regeneration isn’t very high, but then I click this all of a sudden, and it flies up.

That does make him very tanky when he has this ULT on. You can also obviously buy many items to make you even tankier, have more hp, have even more regeneration, and have a lot of armor, so you don’t die to right-clicks as much. But it makes him very tanky, so he does a lot of damage. He is tough to kill when he has this. He is a raid boss – you could say when he has this ultimate on. Later in the game or at any time, you need to be very careful when you don’t have this ability. One of the hero’s weaknesses is that his stats aren’t as good. He doesn’t gain stats as much.

Without the items and this ability, he doesn’t have as much tankiness or damage. Right now, you know it’s gone. It’s down. I have to wait 30 seconds. The hero’s point essentially is to spend the beginning of the game farming as fast as possible and then make sure you’re using chemical rage in team fights at reasonable times to make sure that you have it.

Last words for Alchemist boost

Then you’re fighting, and you don’t get caught with your pants down with no ultimate now that you know what alchemists’ abilities do and the general concept of the hero and how it’s played in the game.

That is my alchemist guide; I just wanted to give you a general feeling for the hero, so hopefully, that’s what I did for Alchemist for you and that you learned a lot. I wish you stomp your pubs with the Alchemist. by the way if you are interested in Dota 2 Boosting Services, please check our main page. We have more than 33000 positive reviews.

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