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7.35d Carry Tier List

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here. Today, I’m excited to share a carry tier list for patch 7.3 5D. Originally, I wasn’t planning to make a tier list for this patch, as I expected patch 7.36 to release with Crownfall. However, that did not happen, so we are still on patch 7.3 5D for now.

Creating these tier lists seems to hasten new patches, perhaps due to the community’s engagement with them. Previously, my tier lists were aimed at lower MMR pubs, but I’ve noticed a lack of interest in distinguishing between different types of tier lists. Consequently, this tier list will focus on high-level Dota but will also consider pub games to some extent.

Analysis of S Tier Heroes

Let’s delve into the S tier heroes, starting with Life Stealer. I recently developed a Life Stealer build, and the hero has become more prominent in the meta. One key reason is that while most farming items received nerfs, Radiance did not. Consequently, Radiance has emerged as potentially the best farming item currently available. This change has significantly influenced Life Stealer’s viability in the current meta.

Advantages of Hero Build Up

If you’re a hero that generally goes for Radiance and Armlet, which has been a strong combination for a long time, this hero still buys Armlet, so the kind of build-up for the hero is very good. Additionally, SNY has been buffed, an item this hero loves to buy. Then there’s the new Mags, which, while not super new, is relatively recent and enhances the hero’s capabilities significantly. It allows the hero to become invulnerable, disarm opponents, and inflict damage while Radiance is active. All these factors combined make this carry exceptionally potent.

Shifts in Meta and Hero Effectiveness

I also think the fact that you don’t have to be the ultra-ultra carry helps because you’re likely to have mid, four position, and offlane carries these days. There’s so much farm available on the map that you don’t have to be as insanely powerful as you used to be. You can stick to targets, run in, or use your ultimate in various ways without being the main source of damage. In the past, when this hero was your only carry, it felt underwhelming if everyone else was doing magic damage and no one else was farming.

Current Viability of Life Stealer

Primarily, the build, Radiance, and the adjustments to the hero’s capabilities, along with the general shift in meta where this hero has received small tweaks and buffs while other carries have been nerfed, have contributed to making Life Stealer very effective in the current patch.

Analysis of Luna’s Current Strengths

Then there’s Luna, a hero that has undergone various changes. A couple of years ago, Luna and Medusa were top-tier heroes. Luna received some nerfs, including changes to The Shard which no longer allowed right-click effects on your Lucent Beam.

Now, The Shard has been reworked and is effective in a different way, enhancing Luna’s play style. Luna farms incredibly fast, often emerging from the jungle around 20-25 minutes with three or four items, presenting a significant challenge for the enemy. The updated Shard provides a balanced mix of everything Luna needs, enabling Moon Glaves to activate and deal damage around her while reducing the damage she takes.

Enhanced Capabilities with Items and Talents

Luna’s kit offers significant late-game scaling through the acquisition of items such as Butterfly, Satanic, and BKB, which already enhance survivability. Adding The Shard to this mix elevates her capabilities, as it provides additional buffs. The inclusion of Aghanim’s Scepter and various talents also enhance her abilities further, particularly in the very late stages of the game.

High Ground Assault with Luna

Luna stands out in the current patch as one of the few heroes who can effectively push high ground. High ground assaults are notoriously difficult, but Luna’s ability to rapidly destroy buildings with her glaive bounces is unparalleled. If she gets the opportunity to hit buildings, they quickly crumble. This ability to breach defenses makes her exceptionally valuable, distinguishing her from heroes like Slark or Ursa, who struggle more with this aspect of the game.

Luna’s Impact on the Game

The incremental advantages provided by Luna’s comprehensive kit have made her an outstanding carry in this patch. She combines reliability with potent offensive capabilities, making her my favorite carry of the patch. Her ability to push high ground and enhance her survivability and damage output through strategic item choices significantly influences the dynamics of late-game engagements.

Morphling’s Current Role

Conversely, Morphling, although not a personal favorite, is seeing significant play in professional games. Morphling’s popularity is due to the versatility offered by recent changes and new item paths, such as those involving Vladimir’s Offering and the conditional build. This adaptability is a key reason why Morphling is heavily favored in current professional play, providing a variety of strategic options to dominate opponents.

Versatility and Adaptability of Morphling

Morphling’s flexibility in gameplay is highly valued, particularly in high MMR matches. Pro players often leverage this hero’s versatility, opting for either specialized builds seen in professional games or the conventional right-click approach, utilizing items like Manta, Linken’s Sphere, Satanic, Butterfly, and Skadi. This adaptability makes Morphling a formidable opponent and a favored choice among high-skill players.

Challenges for Average Players

For regular pub players, Morphling can serve as the quintessential “smurf hero,” akin to Tinker or Broodmother, where mastering this hero can lead to dominating performances. Even if Morphling is not favored in the current meta, skilled players can still achieve significant impact. However, new players should be cautious about attempting more complex, “cheesier” builds, as these can be risky and may not always yield the expected easy wins.

Current Meta and Hero Ranking

In the current tier ranking, Morphling stands out as an S-tier hero, a notch above those in A-tier, due to its higher pick rate and win rate. This distinction reflects its status among the best heroes in the game currently. Faceless Void, traditionally a top-tier carry, has received slight nerfs while other heroes have been buffed, which has somewhat reduced its dominance but it remains highly effective. Its capabilities are well known, and despite minor nerfs, such as to Maelstrom, it continues to be a strong choice, though slightly less omnipresent in games.

Slark’s Viability in Various Tiers

Slark remains a potent hero in pub games, despite mixed results in elite leagues where it was picked only five times and won once. However, in high MMR Immortal pubs, it is still among the top six or five heroes chosen for the carry role. The lower the MMR, the more effective Slark tends to be, making it a dominant force in games. This ongoing effectiveness results in periodic nerfs to balance its power, yet it still holds a strong position.

Current Position and Future Potential

While Slark might be argued to be B tier by some, I believe it deserves a higher ranking due to the advantages it provides in games. If it receives substantial nerfs or if other heroes continue to be buffed, its status might decline. However, for now, Slark remains a solid choice. Its difficulty with pushing high ground is a known drawback, but it does not significantly hinder its overall utility in matches.

Anti-Mage’s Rising Popularity

Anti-Mage is climbing in popularity due to incremental buffs and changes to the meta, such as the nerf to Maelstrom, enhancing the viability of Battle Fury builds. The current understanding of the game suggests that matches are likely to extend, allowing Anti-Mage to reliably acquire key items. This progression makes it increasingly difficult for opponents to handle Anti-Mage as the game progresses. Additionally, the Aghanim’s Scepter build has become highly effective, further boosting Anti-Mage’s late-game impact.

Anti-Mage’s Aghanim’s Scepter Strategy

Anti-Mage’s use of Aghanim’s Scepter (EGS) enhances his effectiveness significantly, creating a challenging scenario for opponents, especially supports. By sending in illusions, Anti-Mage can bait spells and initiate fights, or simply harass and distract the enemy. This addition increases the hero’s skill cap and annoyance factor, making it a formidable tactic in games.

Comparison with Phantom Lancer

The Aghanim’s Scepter makes Anti-Mage somewhat similar to Phantom Lancer in that both can create multiple illusions that are hard to manage and can initiate attacks from a distance. This similarity elevates Anti-Mage’s ability to control the battlefield, disrupt enemy strategies, and increase his overall impact in the game.

Beyond A-Tier: Hero Versatility in Lower Tiers

Moving beyond A-tier heroes, the distinction between S and B tiers can sometimes blur, depending on the MMR or play style. However, B-tier heroes like Ursa, despite their potential, face challenges such as difficulty in assaulting high ground. Ursa’s builds can vary from unkillable setups with frequent ult usage to more traditional builds. This flexibility makes Ursa viable in many scenarios, yet still reliant on team composition for effective high ground assaults.

Ursa’s Challenges with Buildings

Ursa’s main limitation in matches is its ineffectiveness against buildings, which often results in the inability to push effectively. This characteristic means that even if Ursa can dominate out on the map, collecting items and securing Roshan, the team might still struggle to capitalize on these advantages due to Ursa’s poor building damage.

Monkey King’s Versatility and Performance

Monkey King presents an interesting case. Despite a lower win rate in general pubs, it performs well in professional settings. Its flexibility in build paths—whether opting for Maelstrom, Diffusal Blade, or Aghanim’s Scepter—allows it to adapt well to various matchups, making it a potent choice at higher skill levels. However, its reliance on precise positioning and timing can make it less reliable than other carries.

Troll Warlord’s Conditional Effectiveness

Troll Warlord could potentially be considered A-tier due to its viability and frequency of picks in high-level play. However, its effectiveness is highly situational. In some matches, Troll Warlord feels unstoppable, able to secure wins with just a BKB and his ultimate. Yet, in other scenarios, its performance can be drastically weaker, demonstrating a polarizing nature similar to Huskar’s, where matchups heavily dictate its success.

Troll Warlord’s Limitations in Control

Troll Warlord’s ultimate, while powerful, restricts player control, leading to situations where you might inadvertently charge into disadvantageous positions. This lack of control, combined with various kiting tactics used by opponents, can make playing Troll Warlord frustrating. Until adjustments are made to his ultimate or other aspects of his abilities that enhance his manageability in fights, Troll Warlord is unlikely to ascend to the top tiers of gameplay.

Marcy’s Rising Viability as a Carry

Marcy, traditionally viewed as a support, is gaining traction as a viable carry in high MMR games. Initially perceived mainly as a support due to her kit, the community is now recognizing her potential as a core. This shift is partly due to her ability to dominate games, leveraging her mobility and the secondary benefits of her stun. Unlike her early days, where her supportive role was emphasized, Marcy’s current implementation as a carry showcases her true potential in dealing significant damage and controlling the pace of the game.

Marcy’s Comparison to Ursa

Marcy can be likened to a more versatile Ursa in some aspects, performing better in certain scenarios while falling short in others. Her ability to dominate games and swiftly eliminate opponents positions her as a powerful force. The impact of a Marcy stun followed by team coordination can result in immediate eliminations, showcasing her potential as a game-changing hero.

Impact of Meta Changes on Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger has benefited from recent buffs and changes to her Shard, improving her effectiveness. The shift in meta away from highly mobile heroes like Puck and various spirits has played to her strengths. With less threat from heroes that can close distances quickly, Drow Ranger’s ability to control engagements from a range and contribute significantly to high ground defenses makes her a formidable opponent in the current patch.

Weaver’s Position in the Current Meta

Weaver, like Marcy, is experiencing a resurgence. Historically middle-tier, recent buffs, particularly to his Geminate Attack, have enhanced his viability. While not as dramatically altered as some heroes by new items or Meta shifts, Weaver’s consistent performance and recent improvements suggest he might play a more prominent role in upcoming games.

Weaver’s Role in Current Meta

Weaver is gaining popularity as a versatile mobility hero. If you are looking for an alternative to heroes like Slark, Anti-Mage, or Faceless Void, but prefer a ranged option, Weaver is an excellent choice. Despite challenges like facing a Slardar, which can be detrimental due to Slardar’s ability to counteract mobility, Weaver generally remains a strong, if not dominant, choice in the current hero lineup.

Gyro and Medusa’s Farming Efficiency

Gyrocopter and Medusa share a gameplay style focused on accumulating substantial farm by clearing jungle stacks, making them incredibly reliable in the late game. They are akin to a “discount Luna,” known for exiting the jungle mid-game with significant item advantages. This reliability is enhanced by the current nerfs to other heroes, elevating their status in the Meta.

Specific Challenges and Considerations

While Gyrocopter and Medusa are potent, they must be wary of specific matchups. Gyrocopter’s shorter range can be a disadvantage, and Medusa might struggle against heroes like Anti-Mage or those who build Diffusal Blade, although such items have decreased in popularity. These heroes remain highly viable, particularly in games lacking natural counters to their playstyle.

Niche Picks: Arc Warden and Meepo

Arc Warden and Meepo are considered more niche or “cheese” picks, suitable for players who specialize in these heroes. Arc Warden has seen fluctuations in its effectiveness due to various balance changes but remains a solid choice for those adept with the hero. Similarly, Meepo is less commonly seen but can dominate games when piloted by skilled players, especially with its unique abilities like Dig and potent split-push capability.

Overview of B Tier Heroes

In B tier, heroes are generally decent but not outstanding. Bloodseeker is a prime example; he can dominate some games, yet in others, he may appear utterly ineffective. This inconsistency places him in a precarious position, potentially rising with future buffs. Similarly, Juggernaut currently stands as merely average, often outshined by more reliable heroes like Ursa or Luna.

Juggernaut’s Current State

Juggernaut feels like a weaker version of many other heroes in the current Meta. His farming ability is decent, but his item builds—whether opting for Battle Fury or Maelstrom—are considered suboptimal. Moreover, his ultimate often proves ineffective against the common defensive items in play, making him a less viable choice compared to other carries who offer more consistent output.

Challenges Faced by Spectre and Wraith King

Spectre, while viable, faces challenges from heroes with break abilities, such as Hoodwink, which diminish her effectiveness significantly. Her dependency on a strong laning phase and susceptibility to specific counters limit her potential. Wraith King, traditionally seen as a carry, now often functions better in the offlane due to his fast farming and tower-pushing capabilities, though his role as a primary carry is less favored.

Wraith King’s Role and Alchemist’s Viability

Wraith King often feels more suited to the offlane role where his abilities to initiate and sustain in fights can be utilized effectively, albeit inconsistently. As for Alchemist, the changes to Greevil’s Greed have positioned him as a middle-of-the-road choice in recent patches. Alchemist can still perform well, particularly in a mid lane role, rather than as a traditional farming carry.

Sniper and Clinkz’s Current State

Sniper remains a viable carry, particularly in lower MMRs where his ability to defend high ground can turn games around. The hero’s build should focus on right-click damage rather than experimental items like Aghanim’s Scepter. Clinkz, on the other hand, has risen from being nearly nonviable to a decent choice due to effective item builds such as Orchid leading into Bloodthorn, which enhance his potential as a carry.

Shift in Gameplay for Clinkz

Clinkz has undergone a transformation similar to Techies, receiving nerfs that initially reduced his viability. However, as players adjusted and explored new strategies, Clinkz has reemerged as a solid choice. While traditionally seen in a carry role, Clinkz is also effective in position four, exploiting his damage potential and utility in various team compositions.

Viability of Windranger and Illusion Heroes in Alternative Roles

Windranger, often more effective in mid, offlane, or as a support, can occasionally be played as a carry. This is especially true in teams where the mid and offlane roles are occupied by greedy heroes. Windranger excels in winning lanes and performing targeted ganks, contrasting with traditional carries focused on sustained farming.

Specific Role of Windranger in Team Compositions

Windranger’s ability to adapt to different team needs, particularly as a single-target damage dealer, allows her to be flexible in her role as a carry. However, her effectiveness as a carry is highly dependent on the match-up and the overall team composition. In certain setups, she can effectively run around the map securing kills, which can be crucial for teams with ample farmers.

Phantom Lancer and Naga Siren’s Current Meta Status

Phantom Lancer and Naga Siren are considered decent but not top-tier in the current Meta. Phantom Lancer, in particular, can dominate games if the conditions are favorable and if played by someone proficient with the hero. In contrast, Naga Siren struggles to scale as effectively as in previous patches, and her farm-intensive style can be cumbersome in the current fast-paced gaming environment. Both heroes are somewhat situational, with their effectiveness heavily reliant on the specific match-ups and game dynamics.

Challenges with Naga Siren and Overview of D Tier Heroes

Naga Siren often feels ineffective in the current Meta, leading many players to favor faster farming heroes. In D tier, heroes like Phantom Assassin (PA) and Sven, although still picked, generally do not perform well. PA can be effective in lower MMR games where players may not effectively counter her, but she struggles against common game mechanics like breaks.

Specific Struggles of Sven and Phantom Assassin

Sven, despite being picked in professional games, has one of the lowest win rates currently, reflecting its diminished popularity and effectiveness in pubs. Similarly, PA faces issues with mobility and being kited, despite her potential for late-game scaling. Both heroes suffer from a Meta that does not favor their playstyles, particularly with the prevalence of kiting and break abilities.

Riki and Terrorblade’s Limited Meta Impact

Riki and Terrorblade, while still playable, face significant challenges. Riki, who relies on itemizing with Diffusal Blade, struggles with farming speed and efficiency unless he’s significantly ahead. Terrorblade, primarily an illusion-based hero, has seen better days. Previously popular as a support, recent nerfs have diminished his effectiveness, making him the least favorable among illusion heroes in the current Meta.

Challenges for Support-to-Carry Transition Heroes

Terrorblade’s recent nerfs have weakened his early game significantly, especially the reflection ability, which reduced his effectiveness as a bizarre supportive save hero. Unlike heroes like Clinkz or Hoodwink, Terrorblade struggles with transitioning into a carry role, mainly due to his susceptibility to kiting and the predictability of his ultimate in current gameplay.

Current State of Carry Options

Heroes like Templar Assassin and Shadow Fiend, traditionally recognized for their farming capabilities, are now facing challenges due to the faster pace and competitive farming of other heroes like Luna. They quickly fall off compared to other carries who continue to scale better into the late game. Lina and Razor also reflect this trend, where they are seen more effectively in roles other than the primary carry.

Specific Issues with Non-Traditional Carries

Carry roles for heroes like Chaos Knight and Bristleback are becoming less effective. These heroes, ideally suited for offlane or other roles, do not perform well as main carries in the current Meta. Their inability to outscale and outfarm more traditional carries leaves them less desirable in late-game scenarios, emphasizing the importance of strategic hero alignment within team compositions.

Decline of Traditional Carry Roles

Certain heroes have significantly fallen out of favor as viable carries, notably heroes like Bristleback, which no longer serve effectively in this capacity due to changes in the game’s dynamics and Meta shifts. This trend underscores a broader shift away from these types once dominant in the carry role.

Overview of F Tier Heroes

In F tier, heroes such as Lwood and Pudge are considered non-viable for the carry role. Lwood has been substantially nerfed, rendering it a poor choice even as a cheese pick. Pudge, while occasionally playable as a carry, generally performs better in other positions due to its lack of efficacy in the carry role.

Specific Challenges with Non-Traditional Carries

Heroes like Dawn Breer and Tiny, once capable of performing as carries, are now rarely viable in this role. Tiny, for instance, has not been a practical carry for over two years despite its historical success in quickly demolishing structures. Such heroes are better suited to other roles or are merely nostalgic inclusions hoping for a resurgence in future patches.

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