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5 Game-Changing Ward Spots to Abuse

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s your Librarian Husky here. I wanted to watch Lww on a shadow demon and pay attention to his wording. This is the position of five players for phoenix gaming, and he’s ranked 31. So we’re going to watch his wording and look at its impact on the game.

Then I will talk about how you can implement these words into your pubs.

First Ward Line

All right, so the first word we’ll see comes out around the five-minute mark here. This word is a fundamental understanding of the game state and the game’s timer. Then the heroes he’s playing against understand what Medusa needs to make sure he doesn’t die. So getting into the five-minute mark.

  • This is very important because this is how the DP Medusa matchup works. You can easily bully the Medusa if DP has some plus one. If DP is level 6 and you have a stun, the Medusa dies.
  • So this ward is going to be very important in the game. We’re going to see how it plays out later; so funny enough to skip ahead to minute six.

Especially up till the 10-minute mark. It is the most common time for the safe laner to get conned. It’s pretty easy to understand why the offlaner will hit level 6, the mid-laner will hit level 6, and the reduced vision makes it easier to set up on the safety liner.

  • So you guys can see this come into play.
  • It’s not exactly what I talked about, but you’ll see the gist right. The DP hits level six, and DP will dive the Medusa because this is always how this matchup plays out. Like, I’m surprised the DP didn’t want ultimate earlier. Frankly, maybe she could have killed Medusa, and she didn’t have mana.

As a result, what we’re going to see from Lww is he’s going to put down a ward right about here, which will scout out Earth Spirit and Void Spirit rotations onto the Medusa.

DP rotation

Either way, you’re going to see. They’re now going to rotate up because they understand this is what you want to do. When you have a DP on your team against basically any safe laner, you want to steal on the DP 6 timing because this will guarantee a kill. Or at least a tower optimally both.

The deuce can get out partially because of the war, mainly because the shadow even tanked the steal, which is also just a good play on his part. After this, he will now understand how the game will develop further. He’s going to dword of mid-ward, which is. Honestly, I don’t even know how he knew he was there. I guess maybe it was because they dove the Doom earlier, but.

Scouts Out

The next thing he does is he goes to this hill and scouts out a deword on. This hill and plants down a word of his own these words are so funny. Yeah, the reason why this one is important, and both teams now have or wanted to have a word here. It is because this is once again how this game is going to play out. You might be asking speed what to do. You mean what I mean by that is there’s a Medusa. Who is eventually going to farm triangle? They are most likely.

  • I would say a 99 chance to stack ancients and camps for the Medusa.

I’m surprised the shouted demon went bottom instead of stacking for the Medusa. There you go. He goes bottom; instead, it sets up for a kill on the cart weight well. It’s not a car wave, but they still have this cart, and that’s a great rotation. I feel like Lww also understands how you can be the ward. This sounds weird, and I’m sure many positions have five players.


Well, they have Medusa. Their doom is a dead lion’s dynamite close, and they use mars arena. So they don’t have anything right, so what will Low do? He’s going to understand that, okay, there’s a good chance they’re stealing here, right there’s a decent chance they’re in this area why they’re not top, they’re not mid they use the arena.

  • If you’re watching, some of you might understand this. It’s essential to understand when you should implement this idea, and this idea is like when do you bait when you tank the steal.
  • You’ll see a lot of pro teams doing this and adding this to their gameplay.

So yeah, there’s a decent chance they could be here. So he’s going to end up tanking the gang, right? Whether or not it’s intentional, it’s impossible to know precisely. Based on how mars and the SD were playing, you can see that they had a feeling something was up because neither of them was farming the bottom creep wave.

Nice Wards

So the next thing he does is very cheeky. He will head to the top side of the map when his entire team is bottom. This is something that I like from support players and their understanding. When you’re playing a hero like Winter Wyvern or Shadow Demon, you’re not the guy who needs to set up kills or is going to dictate the movements.

  • You still can base. You can still like the shot call.
  • You’re not the guy who’s going to like stun. Right, you’re not the guy who will be the burst damage.

He’s going to go in. He puts down a sentry and checks the hill with the Shadow Poison. He knows this isn’t warded. He will put down a hillward, allowing them to set up steals.

  • You’re kind of just more of a team fighter. In on these types of heroes what.
  • You can separate from your team a little bit; I mean, you can do this on any hero. It’s most common in these types of heroes. You can separate it a little bit.

Team comp

Because their team comp can set up smoke tanks, they have a Lion, a Doom, and a Mars. So it’s very likely that they’ll be able to smoke into this area at some point in the game. Catch the AM or the Void Spirit, who will most likely be playing here. You can even see this word scouts out the aim rotation.

  • When you put down a word like this, also it tells you a lot more. Then just like what am and voice spirits are doing. If you’re good at the game, you’ll also assume that the rest of the heroes are here.
  • So we could potentially also dive the mid if we wanted to. We need to fear a smoke ink into our triangle because they’re not top. So it’s always one of those things where you can learn.

You can see he’s drawing lines on the map here. He tells them to be careful, and that void spirits are running down to the guys. So just with one suitable word, he can scout out the majority of the rotations from the enemy team.

Specific rotations

So much about what specific rotations tell you; I have no idea why. You went on AM. This word is going to get rewarded now; it doesn’t look like it. There you go. Now, will continue scouting out the supports rotations. They know they’re heading back toward mid the void sphere is heading off toward the top, and I am defensive. So yeah, it’s just such a beast word from that place, Lww, that if it stays up could ultimately dictate.

I’m not just saying that the next two minutes of the game. Here’s precisely what I’m talking about immediately comes into play. I mean, not surprisingly, it’s like. If you’re able to sneak up a word like this, it’s just. So game-changing. You have to be careful because often when you go to war like this, you’ll run through a word. so you can sometimes smoke to it. If the smoke isn’t being used, he could smoke to get down like this. Or you can take the chance. Take the risk?


You know, he even put centuries on his way there and had one here to scout it out. So yeah, you want to throw down a century or a couple of centuries before you go for a deep word like this. Either way, immediately look at what happens.

  • DP on the hillside, the Void Spirit and your Spirit are scouted, rotating the top. There you go, and now they know what they’re doing.
  • There’s nothing else to say, and it’s like they know what they’re doing. This line is baiting. He, unfortunately, gets no. he doesn’t die.

Nope, the doom comes out, and I think they catch their spirit. No, he gets out, but they kill the void spirit. So it’s just one of those plays where that’s only possible because of this d-board all.


Another thing to understand is simple lane or team fight words during the night. So anytime it’s nighttime, you want to get that, you should just put down a word wherever you’re going to fight or wherever you think you’re going to fight. So what he does here is he puts down a nightward mid. The main reason why they’re doing this is as they scout out this Observer word mid.

  • So, unfortunately, I think their plans are exposed. They’re doing this because they want to go for this mid-tier. one tower.
  • They want to play in this area, and they haven’t for a while because they have a Doom, Medusa draft.

So when it hits night time if you have a word advantage, it’s most likely that you’re going to win the fight. Because this ward will tell you, especially in the nighttime, you’ll see so much, so they now see the earth’s spirit. The DP is rotating through mid, and that’s why these mid to late-game nighttime Edwards are. They are so valuable, and you’ll see pros constantly putting them down because they scat out so much. the majority of dota matches rotate through mid.

DP details

That’s how it works, so we’ll immediately see it come into play here. The DP is showing tp’s showing she walks up and gets caught on the byline, kind of a weird initiation byline, but she gets gone, on they take her out.

  • They don’t have a giraffe that wants to like siege mid-tower. So at this point in the game, they’re feeling pretty strong. the Medusa now has Manta.
  • She has a Crystallis Mars is pretty strong. He’s got his Blink Doom has a speedy b. They’re ready to go.

Simple as that, simple, right, effortless, but it’s essential to understand that these ideas are simple. Whether or not you’re doing it consistently, you’re telling your team what you’re doing, and you understand the purpose of these things. So you can do it every game and not just occasionally.

Last Ward

All right, the final ward or almost final ward. We’re going to see another hillward. So anytime you’re fighting Roshan feel free to put downhill wards, and it’s one of those objectives where you should sacrifice wards for the temporary vision.

Honestly, this word isn’t too great for this Roshan fight. I think he was putting it down to see. Suppose they were doing it or not because it will give you a vision of DP spirits and things like that. So you’ll see stuff if they’re reaching, probably. So yeah, that’s what it does. It also scouts the am rotation on the way out.

  • That hill Ward will most likely get rewarded, and it’s okay.
  • If it’s going to secure you a potential win at the Roshan pit, you should just put down the ward.
  • So if you have the opportunity to award here, do it. You can use it to jump people if they come to a dword. It’s just precious to do these types of things. So a fight breaks out.

Just another good engagement, another good word, another good understanding of why vision is vital for these fights. Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please check our Dota 2 Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky!

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