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Updated – PVE Tier List – Which Is the best Class in Diablo Immortal

It’s been quite a while since I’ve put together a tier List for all the classes in Diablo Immortal specifically for PVE content. This tier List is aimed at players who are opting to play without spending any money. Which class will suit you best? The most accessible class for a completely free-to-play player in Diablo Immortal is the Barbarian. Before we go further, I want to clarify that this tier List is based on my personal experiences and should not be considered an absolute truth. Your experiences might differ, and I encourage you to consider the perspectives of other long-time players.

Barbarian Class Overview

Our first focus for PVE content is the Barbarian. In my view, it excels in open-world farming due to its ability to move quickly and perform dynamic spinning attacks. The gameplay is engaging, especially in dungeons where it can ignite enemies and execute powerful spin-to-win maneuvers.

The Barbarian shows remarkable effectiveness in simpler content such as dungeons and general open-world farming. Although it might not be the top performer in the Challenge Rift, it remains a robust choice for players who aren’t investing money into the game. The setup for the Barbarian is straightforward since most builds are quite similar, reducing the need for extensive gear farming. For players new or sticking to the free-to-play route, the Barbarian is incredibly accommodating, deserving a high placement on any tier List.

Blood Knight Class Performance

Next, we examine the Blood Knight for PVE activities. Known for its agility, the Blood Knight possesses numerous dash abilities that enhance both mobility and the ability to quickly traverse large distances. This class stands out in PVE due to its strong healing powers and the capability to temporarily become immune to damage, which are invaluable traits for excelling in PVE environments.

Demon Hunter and Monk Analysis

You can engage effectively in the Rift with dynamic tactics like spinning and navigating around enemies, aggregating them for impactful damage. In the challenging Rifts, combining primary and hybrid skills with some healing mechanisms allows for strong performance, even in tougher scenarios.

In dungeons, the healing and speed enhancements are significant. Similarly, in open-world farming, the combination of the Demon Hunter and the Blood Knight’s healing abilities and damage immunity, which renders you invincible, ensures you keep pace with others effortlessly. The Blood Knight’s user-friendly nature for free-to-play players earns it a top-tier ranking in my evaluation. Now, let’s discuss the Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunter Performance

The Demon Hunter, as a ranged class, faces a higher risk in PVE, taking approximately 30% more damage than melee classes. This necessitates agile movement to effectively navigate, shoot, and utilize abilities.

The Demon Hunter benefits from a variety of build options. Notably, the Trap builds in the challenge Rift engage enemies actively pursuing the traps, allowing you to maneuver, shoot, and inflict considerable damage efficiently.

In open-world farming, the Demon Hunter receives beneficial buffs enhancing mobility and versatility, with several build variations enhancing its effectiveness. The Demon Hunter excels in both open-world environments and dungeons, delivering significant single-target damage and proving effective against standard monsters. This class undoubtedly ranks in the superior tier for its performance.

Monk Class Dynamics

Turning to the Monk, this class has been enhanced with new Essences, boosting its damage output significantly. Despite these improvements, its speed in open-world farming doesn’t top the charts. It excels in mobility with numerous dash abilities, allowing for quick hits and continuous movement, ensuring you remain competitive.

Regarding enjoyment, the Monk might seem less engaging compared to other classes. Its appeal might resonate more with fans of manga-style narratives, but generally, the Monk lacks the visually striking effects found in other classes.

While capable of robust single-target damage and survivability in challenge Rifts, the overall excitement level of playing a Monk could be considered somewhat subdued. This is something I’ve observed and might influence its appeal, although its effectiveness in combat scenarios is undiminished.

Necromancer Class Overview

The Necromancer stands out as the top class for single-target damage within the game. It’s particularly friendly for free-to-play players because your summoned entities handle most of the offensive actions, allowing you to maintain a safer distance from direct combat. In challenging Rift scenarios, Necromancers can employ strategies such as erecting barriers that block incoming enemy projectiles, enhancing their survivability.

Moreover, Necromancers have seen recent enhancements for open-world farming through new Essences that improve their overall mobility. While they may not be the quickest in dungeon settings, their ability to inflict substantial damage effortlessly makes them one of the easiest and most effective classes for players who aren’t investing financially in the game.

Crusader Class Performance

The Crusader earns a spot in the SS tier for its excellence in both free-to-play and PVE contexts. Crusaders excel in open-world activities, where they can traverse quickly on mounts, wielding their swords to clear any adversaries effortlessly. This capability extends to dungeons as well, where they continue to strike foes while on the move and bolstering both their own defenses and those of allies.

Playing as a Crusader is not only effective but also immensely enjoyable. The class setup is robust, offering a 30% damage reduction and swift movement, which proves beneficial in all environments, including the challenging Rifts, where they still manage to deal commendable damage. While not the best for single-target damage, their overall strength and versatility make them a formidable class.

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