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The Ultimate PVE Class Guide

I don’t really like doing a class tier list for PVE, but I’ve been getting asked a lot about the best classes for PVE. I think that’s because it’s been a while since we last talked about this, and we just got some new Essences for each class, so this should be a good time to make a new tier list for PVE.

PVE Class Tier List Overview

Actually, we don’t even need more than two tiers; all of the classes are really good for PVE, and that doesn’t change whether you’re a free to play or pay to win player. But, of course, some of the classes perform better than others.

Blood Knight’s PVE Ascendancy

So, let’s start with Blood Knight. Especially with the new Essence, Blood Knight is better than ever for PVE. The single-target damage of Blood Knight is really close to Necromancers, which is the highest among all classes. And for the regular open-world farm, Blood Knight is one of the best because it has really good AOE skills. I think we can place Blood Knight between S and A tier.

Necromancer: The King of PVE

Next, let’s talk about the Necromancer, the king of PVE. I think this is the best class for PVE because it has the highest single-target damage output out of all classes, and it’s not just damage. You buff your whole party at the same time. Even if you mainly play as a buffer, your damage output will be higher than other classes. For example, Crusader is a really good support class too, but it can’t deal as much damage as Necromancer.

Necromancer’s Misconceptions

By the way, some people say Necromancer is slow for open-world farming, which is not true at all. Just try out this build if you think it’s slow.

Necromancer S Tier Placement

I will link it in the description, and I think we can easily place Necromancer in the S tier. Well, with that said, let’s move on to the Crusader. Crusader is a must-have class for every raid and dungeon party, and if you have one in your dungeon party, it’s even better because your runs will be significantly shorter. If you choose to play Crusader, you are going to have an easy time finding parties and warbands. You can buff everyone in your team and still deal a good amount of damage if you like to play the support role. And if you want cool-looking cosmetics plus a horse, Crusader is the class for you. I will place Crusader into the S tier with Necromancer as the second-best PVE class in the game.

Crusader: The Essential Support

And I think we don’t really need to talk about the rest of the classes one by one because I don’t really like to direct my videos just to make them longer. Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Monk all have skills to deal a good amount of damage and provide some buffs for the party members. They are all unique in their own ways, but none of them are better than Necromancer and Crusader. I mean, we can even place Blood Knight into this tier too, but like I said, Blood Knight performed a little better than I expected, so I place it a little bit higher.

Diverse A Tier Classes

So, I will place Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Monk into the A tier. If you have different opinions, or if you know of some really good builds, especially for Monk and Wizard. It’s been a while since I tried those classes; maybe I’m missing some stuff. And don’t forget, these are just my opinions, and you don’t have to agree, and that’s cool.

Playing the Class You Enjoy

In conclusion, I think you should play the class you enjoy the most. In general, every class has a way to be good; just don’t give up quickly and try to build your gems and gear bonuses focused on your favorite class. I think that’s the best and most fun way to play this game.

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