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Small Guide about server change

I’m about to delve into the essential rules for character transfer that you should be aware of before switching servers.

Character Transfer Rules

First and foremost, if you’re part of a war band or clan, you’ll need to exit these groups to be eligible for transfer. Once the transfer is complete, your status will default to Adventurer, erasing any leaderboard standings and nullifying any first-place finishes in challenge Rifts on the previous server.

Your collection of the last three Deeds of Weller badges will remain intact, although the most recent one won’t carry over. In an interesting twist, the Eternal Deed of Weller morphs into The Kons Chosen badge upon server migration, meaning any 20% bonus associated with it will be lost.

An additional noteworthy point is the possibility of selling your bonded familiars post-transfer. However, it’s crucial to remember that only those familiars that are bonded will accompany you, leaving behind any PED familiars. But there’s a silver lining: you have the opportunity to form new bonds with favorable familiars on your new server.

Server Transfer Details

I highlighted an intriguing aspect of server change: the ability to sell certain items post-transfer, a unique feature not applicable to other assets. It’s worth noting that your social connections, such as friends list, along with your in-game achievements and Battle Ground ratings, will remain intact after the move. Importantly, your character’s level at the time of transfer cannot surpass the average level of the top 50 players on your destination server, allowing for a transfer even for those who exceed the server’s Paragon level. Initially, the first transfer for each player account is offered at no cost, though this complimentary service is subject to change without prior notification, hinting at a potential future adjustment to this policy.

Transfer Limitations and Process

Following a character migration, all belongings will remain with your character. Yet, marketable items in your inventory will become non-tradeable post-transfer. In instances where your new server already hosts a character bearing your name, your character’s name will be modified by appending a numerical suffix, accompanied by an option for a complimentary name alteration. The migration process typically spans a few minutes. During this interval, access to your account will be restricted until the migration finalizes. In my case, the transition was swift, completing in mere seconds, indicating it generally should not pose an inconvenience.

Post-Transfer Restrictions

Should the destination server operate within a time zone preceding that of your original server, gameplay with the transferred character will be on hold until the lapse of the time zone discrepancy. Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that a character is mandated to undergo a 30-day cooldown period post-transfer before eligibility for another server migration is reinstated. The availability of server transfers is capped daily, imposing a limit on the number of characters that can be transferred. Encountering this cap necessitates a retry on the subsequent day. It’s estimated that this cap is set at approximately 150 characters per server daily.

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