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Platinum Farm Using Alts – Bannable Now?

Before we proceed, let’s read what this person is saying, especially in this screenshot here. Basically, if you are Selling something cheap to your main account and then selling it expensive on the market, that is going to flag you.

Community Concerns and Clarifications

However, there is an exception. What I have learned is it will only flag you if the price of the item is a lot higher. For example, a few players reached out to me; one was suspended for a day. He ended up transferring or flipping, whatever you guys want to say, 600k Platinum to his main account. That is a huge amount of Platinum that he flipped around between his alternate and the main account, and he got flagged and got this suspension.

Another player, who did between 3 to 600k, also got the suspension for one day. The main account was fine, but the alternate account got suspension. So, it seems like you need to transfer quite a significant amount of platinum before you will be getting flagged.

Multiple Account Management and Risks

What I understood is there are players who are running more than one alternate account and on Monday, they run all the accounts, maybe multiboxing, emulator, macro; I have no idea. It’s not like everyone is telling me everything they are doing; they only tell me a few things, and that’s it.

I’m not sure how many accounts they are running; some claim they are only running one account and still end up getting the suspension. I’m not sure if that is even possible.

Yesterday was Monday, and I ended up making some decent amount of platinum selling myself, not between the alternates, but selling some familiar myself, like purchasing some from the market and converting them and trying to sell them for a bit higher, and I was able to make some decent amount of Platinum yesterday.

Market Dynamics and Player Strategies

But selling directly to other players, for example, yesterday we had a lot of players selling cheap familiars in the market. There were some really decent ones. You guys can see an ant for only 4K. Try to purchase them, convert them using a conversion stone, get lucky, and sell them for an expensive price. The players who have been doing it know how it works. So yes, yesterday was a good day to do this, and it’s still a good day to do it today.

Not many players are trying to purchase these; a lot are actually trying to purchase these. Yesterday, there were a lot more, so you guys get the idea. Purchase these conversion stones and try to sell them with the legendary talent.

So, yeah, I tried and did that, made around 200k Platinum yesterday, around 150k I would say, and that is totally fine because I was purchasing directly from the market and selling it directly into the market.

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