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Plan For Next Major Update

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Plan For Next Major Update

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Today, I will be sharing my plan moving forward with Diablo Immortal now that the major update is coming very soon.
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Today, I will be sharing my plan moving forward with Diablo Immortal now that the major update is coming very soon. With this update, we will be getting new ways to gain more power, most notably through the introduction of new two-star gems, five-star gems, and one-star gems.

Update Plans for Diablo Immortal

Regarding gems, I have been contemplating making some changes to my current setup. I have been thinking about dropping one of the gems from my inventory, specifically the two-star Mother Lament. Since the introduction of two new slots for gear pieces, I have been using a four-piece Banet in most of my builds, achieving a 25% critical hit chance. It has become significantly easier to achieve this thanks to a weapon that grants me a stack and an armor piece that provides an additional stack of a harmful effect, which synergizes with the critical hit chance bonus.

Strategic Gem Updates for Enhanced Power in Diablo Immortal

Consequently, I have been considering replacing Mother Lament with the next gem. Although I do not have much information about the new gem yet, I am hopeful it will be advantageous and increase damage output. If the new two-star gem proves to be beneficial, I will replace my Mother Lament with it. Otherwise, if a suitable new two-star gem is not introduced, I will replace Mother Lament with another gem, specifically the Pain Clasp. The cost of upgrading this gem is still high, but I have encountered some rare quests that could assist in this endeavor.

In my opinion, Mother Lament has lost its appeal with the addition of two new gear slots and the subsequent decrease in its necessity. Therefore, my focus will shift towards enhancing damage output by upgrading the new gem to rank 10 and then unlocking the talents within Pain Clasp. The talents within Pain Clasp differ from those in Mother Lament, as they predominantly enhance defensive stats, such as block, rather than solely increasing attack damage, skill damage, and overall damage based on the number of members in the group.

Gem Strategy Revision

I’ve been contemplating switching out one of the gems in my setup, specifically the two-star Mother Lament. The introduction of two new slots for gear pieces prompted me to use a four-piece Banet in most builds, granting me a 25% critical hit chance. This setup has been facilitated by a weapon that provides a stack and an armor piece that also contributes a stack of a harmful effect, enhancing the critical hit chance bonus. The prospect of destroying Mother Lament for a new gem is under consideration, although the specific benefits of the new gem are yet undisclosed. I remain optimistic about its potential to increase damage output.

Considering New Gem Options

In anticipation of the major update for Diablo Immortal, I am evaluating the possibility of incorporating a new two-star gem into my build. The lack of detailed information about the new gem’s capabilities has not deterred my optimism for its potential to enhance damage output. Should the new gem meet my expectations, I plan to replace Mother Lament with it. Otherwise, I will consider destroying Mother Lament for another gem, specifically the Pain Clasp, despite the high cost associated with its upgrade.

Focus on Damage and Defensive Stats

The strategy shift towards replacing Mother Lament is influenced by the introduction of two new gear slots, reducing the gem’s necessity. My plan involves upgrading a new gem to rank 10 to unlock talents within the Pain Clasp, which differ from Mother Lament by focusing more on defensive stats, such as block. This approach aligns with my goal of enhancing both damage output and defensive capabilities in my build.

Gearing Up for the Next Update

I will be awakening still for the Mother Lament, but in the upcoming few days, I am about to get my Cing B to rank S. In fact, if we go to the jeweler right now, we can most definitely do one upgrade here. Recently, I made an upgrade to Bler CH and the Cing Pile here as well, and today I will be making another one. Let’s go, let’s select this gem, and I’ll select this, this, this, there we go. So, I should be able to get one upgrade done here, there we go. So, one upgrade is done.

I’m getting really close to getting this to rank seven now. I just need one, two, three, four, five more progressive upgrades. I already have enough copies; I just need more Gem Power. And then, I will be upgrading some of my Bottled Hope as well. I ended up getting a copy for that. But first, like I said, I will get this to rank seven.

And once we get the next major update, or at least get the patch notes for the next major update and learn about the new two-star champ, I will be making a change here with my character moving forward with Diablo Immortal, replacing my Mother Lament for a damage-based gem that is going to make me a bit stronger.

Strategic Adjustments and Upgrades

Today’s focus is on upgrading specific gems to enhance my character’s power in Diablo Immortal. Having recently upgraded Bler CH and Cing Pile, and aiming to upgrade my Cing B to rank S, my strategy is clear. With the jeweler’s help, I’ve managed to secure one upgrade already, moving me closer to rank seven. The need for more Gem Power is evident as I plan to further upgrade my Bottled Hope. However, my immediate goal remains to reach rank seven with the current gem.

Preparing for Change

With an eye towards the future, the anticipation of the next major update prompts a reevaluation of my current setup, particularly the Mother Lament gem. Understanding that new gems will introduce different dynamics, my intention is to shift towards a gem that offers increased damage potential. This change is motivated by the addition of new slots which allows for more strategic flexibility in maintaining critical hit chance bonuses while exploring options for enhanced damage output.

Community Feedback and Future Plans

I invite the community to share their thoughts and strategies regarding their own setups, especially in relation to the Mother Lament gem. The introduction of four slots has opened new possibilities for optimizing builds, prompting me to consider replacing Mother Lament with a more damage-oriented gem. Your feedback is invaluable as we navigate these changes together, and I look forward to discussing our experiences and strategies in the comments section.

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