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Most Important Class in Diablo Immortal

Today, we are going to discuss the most important one. Don’t mistake this for the best class, as that might differ for each player. Additionally, keep in mind that our focus is primarily on the PvP performance of these classes, since PVE is usually straightforward. In my opinion, the Crusader is the most important class in Diablo Immortal for securing wins in Battlegrounds. This applies to most PvP content as well, and this perspective has been consistent in my live streams.

Consistent Importance of the Crusader

I have long maintained that the Crusader is pivotal in securing victories, a stance I’ve reiterated for a long time. Over the past months, we’ve seen other classes become overpowered, but the Crusader has always been key for securing wins, especially in games with decent matchmaking. Sometimes, a high-spending player in a random class can dominate a match, but the underlying strategic importance of the Crusader remains clear.

Class Balance and the Crusader’s Role

You might argue that this indicates a worsening сlass balance, as the Crusader has been consistently strong. However, I disagree. Yes, the Crusader currently has some strong essences, but that is not the sole reason for the class’s success. More importantly, сlass balance is not our primary focus today.

Crusader Design and Battleground Tactics

The real reason the Crusader excels is not due to overpowered skills but because of how well it suits the design of the Battlegrounds. As you probably know, the objective in Battlegrounds is to push the idols and secure the win. While all classes are important, having at least one strategic Crusader is often essential to victory. The Crusader is the best tank in the game, which is crucial for moving the idols.

Crusader’s Tactical Advantage

Although the Crusader’s damage output isn’t extraordinary, it’s decent enough. It may not be able to chase down damage dealers or possess impressive mobility skills, but none of that is necessary for moving the idol. If you’re not overly concerned with the kill-death ratio, this class will work for you by contributing significantly to your team’s victory through pushing or defending the idol until the end. This role can be quite challenging, yet it is crucial for team success.

Strategic Importance of Team Composition

If you don’t have decent teammates, someone needs to clear the enemy back lines; otherwise, a random Wizard or Demon Hunter will melt you in seconds after your conjuration of light ends. The reason there are a lot of Crusaders in Battlegrounds nowadays is that it’s the only legitimate tank in the game that can effectively push or hold the idol. Barbarians lack that tankiness, and with their Demoralized Essence, they are better suited for diving into the back lines.

Crusader Versus Other Tanks

Maybe a tank-built Monk can be as effective as a Crusader if played correctly. I think the Crusader is not overpowered; as I said, you won’t get a ton of kills playing this class. However, since Battleground is a team-based objective game mode that relies on pushing and holding the idol, the Crusader is the most important class in Battlegrounds. I think we should have more tank build options for other classes to make it more fun.

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