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How to Farm with Monk? Diablo Immortal

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How to Farm with Monk? Diablo Immortal

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With the current hype around monks, a lot of people have class-changed to try out the new one-shot builds.
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As some of you might know, I class-changed to monk a few days ago and I’m still farming to get all of the Essences and Mastery levels. With the current hype around monks, a lot of people have class-changed to try out the new one-shot builds. However, farming with a monk can become very annoying if you don’t use a proper setup. To help out with that, I’m releasing this build.

The good thing is, we are using a lot of old Essences for this build, and if you’ve played as a monk before, you might already have these Essences.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is the best farming build for monks since I don’t have all of the Essences, but it is good enough to farm at a good pace. When I acquire all the Essences and find a better build for farming, I will share that as well.

Why Choose This Monk Build?

Now, as always, let’s start with the skills. First, we have the signature skill of the monks: Shield of Sun. We are using two different Essences with it, and one of them transforms this into a damage source. The other one is just here to increase the duration of the skill.

Key Skills and Combinations

Next, we have Cyclone Strike with a chest Essence that turns this skill into an area of effect damage dealer. When you combine this with Shield of Sun, you kind of have everything you need to kill packs of monsters because Cyclone Strike has the wind effect and Shield of Sand has fire. Well, when you combine these together, it creates a firestorm that always hits critically. Next, we have two other skills that have a dash animation, which is pretty cool because it helps us move around quickly.

Advanced Skills and Techniques

Among them is Flying Kick, which already has a pretty good damage output by itself; we are just using one Essence to increase its range. Additionally, we have Exploding Palm, which also deals a good amount of damage. We are using an offhand Essence to turn this into a dash forward. Lastly, we have our primary attack. This is quite important because Fists of Thunder actually help you jump between packs of monsters when your dash skills are on cooldown.

Optimizing Set Items

Now let’s check out the set items. First of all, you can make this build work with a whole bunch of different set items, but I’m using two pieces of Vu’s, two pieces of Gloom Guides, two pieces of Banquet, and two pieces of Isar. But like I said, you can use different set items and still make it work.

Detailed Legendary Items Analysis

Let’s go over every single legendary item we are using. For the helmet, I’m using Pive Crown, which increases Shield of Zen duration by 36%. For the chest, we have Balance in Moderation; Cyclone Strike now creates a torrent of Mystic wind around you, dealing damage to nearby enemies. For the shoulders, we are using Mantle of the Crane; Flying Kick range increased by 26%.

For the pants, I’m using Part of the Storm, but if you don’t have this Essence, it’s not a problem since we don’t really need it; you can use any other Essence as filler. For the first main hand, Unyielding Doctrine, but just like the pants, it is not that important if you don’t have it; just use something else.

But this second main hand is a must-have for the build; it is called Cal Infection: Shield of Zan now protects you with a shield of flames that absorbs damage and also deals damage to nearby enemies. For the first off-hand, we have Obstruction of Omniscience; Exploding Palm now dashes forward, burning enemies. Lastly, for the second off-hand, we have Eye of the Storm, which increases the radius of Cyclone Strike by 26%. By the way, these percentages and damage numbers might be different for you because.

Overview of Legendary Items and Gems

I’m currently at mystery level three, and that’s all you need to know about legendary items. I don’t really like to talk about legendary gems when it comes to farm builds because this build works with whatever legendary gems you have. However, if you need some advice, you can use Everlasting Torment, Barker’s Eye, Viper Bite, Pain Clasp, Ignis Scorn, Mother’s Lament, Void Spark, Roing Consequence, Buttled Hope, and Blood-Soaked Jade. Like I said, you don’t have to have these gems; the build should work anyway.

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