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WotLK Specific PvE BiS Gear Boost

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Warmly welcome, dear Customer! My name is Librarian Husky. Do you know about the BiS Ulduar gear? Obviously, yes! And I am quite sure that you would like to have it with its unique weapons and gear as well. However, this is where the main problem comes in – getting it is quite difficult! Some players fail to get past the Ulduar raid, even though they have spent weeks trying. Some even admit that this instance is one of the hardest in the game. It is worth noting that completing the raid is the most reliable way to get the desired gear and weapons.

Why should I buy the WotLK Specific PvE BiS Gear Boost?

Thinking of giving up? Not by any means! Delegate all your game tasks to us. Rely on our team, and you will get all you ever dreamed of! Be careful – since you choose the gear you want by yourself, further discussion about the execution will be required.

What do Customers receive?

  • First of all, you wil get T8 BiS type of weapon according to your class and specialization;
  • Besides, you will get its certain parts as well (again according to your class and specialization);
  • Finally,the Ulduar raid will be finished.

How does WotLK Specific PvE BiS Gear Boost work?

You can choose the speed at which your order will be executed:

  • Normal – a common place in the queue is yours;
  • Express – a place with higher benefits that will reduce your wait by thirty percent;
  • Super Express – top-priority, which is complemented by first-class boosters and the shortest execution time.

Additional options

  • Do you want to watch the game? No problem! By selecting this option, you’ll be able to control the procedure.


  • The character of yours, which is in Lich King Classic account, must be of the eightieth level.

Buy WotLK Specific PvE BiS Gear Boost now!