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WotLK Emblem of Conquest Boost

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What’s good, dear Customer? My name is Librarian Husky. Exist several methods to procure 226 ilvl equipment since its introduction on the Ulduar raid. One of the techniques for obtaining this gear involves acquiring Emblems coin, an in-game currency obtainable on any raid lvl.

Why should I buy the WotLK Emblem of Conquest Boost?

Nevertheless, you can spend a lot of time to get the currency. To economize your time and swiftly obtain the currency, contemplate availing our service. This service empowers you to buy as many Emblems as you require, enabling you to barter them for segments of T8 items.

What do Customers receive?

  • Chosen quantity of Emblems of Conquest acquired;
  • Raid carry finished.

How does WotLK Emblem of Conquest Boost work?

The chosen Swiftness of execution affects the time required for completing the WotLK Emblems of Conquest service

  • In Normal mode, you receive a standard position in the queue;
  • Express mode prioritizes your purchase, leading to a completion time reduction by 30%;
  • In Super Express mode, your purchase is given the utmost priority, resulting in the quickest possible completion time.

Additional options

  • If you wanna watch the service, ask to us for the Live Steam Service.


  • A character with a level of 80 in the Classic Lich King account.

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