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Hey everyone! It’s that time of the year again, the time when everyone puts aside the conflicts of Azeroth and just joins their friends and fellow adventurers around a table full of beer and food and talks about their achievements. That’s right, the Brewfest Festival is finally here, and we are ready to offer our boosting services to every WoW TBC enjoyer out there. We’re gonna go around everything this event has to offer!

First things first: how can get all the rewards it has to offer, including some very powerful trinkets, some awesome mounts, and much more? This event is lasting from September 20th to October 6th, so that’s two weeks, and it’s based on the very last patch of the expansion. This means the loot table includes items that aren’t supposed to be out yet. There is quite a lot of rewards, to be honest. So starting off with the vendor items, pretty much all of them are purely cosmetic. There you have the Brewfest outfit which looks quite cool, and which you’ll definitely get with our TBC Festival boost. Also, a pet, hops that transform your mount into a Kodo or Ram, and the coolest goggles, Belbi’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles, which turn pretty much everything that breaths into a gnome.

Buy our TBC offer, and our carry will get all Brewfest Festival tokens you need.

Moving on, other than the vendor, from the hubs in Dun Morogh and Durotar, you can also obtain a very useful buff if you’re leveling, Brewfest Enthusiast, which gives you 10% increased experience for 2 hours and persists through death. This drops for everyone who’s around the event hubs at specific timings. Then finally the best rewards from Brewfest Festival come from Coren Direbrew, a Burning Crusade boss that you can summon once per day and per player, whom our TBC boosting service always farms. After you kill him, you’ll obviously have a chance to get one of the two awesome mounts, the Great Kodo and Swift Ram. Those are, surprisingly enough, not that rare at all! But don’t get upset yet.

The most powerful items you can obtain also come from Coren Direbrew. Each time you kill him you have a chance for one out of 6 trinkets, each one is really awesome for a different type of roleю Those are pretty much the exact same as the Badge of Justice trinkets. Probably, the two that are the most interesting are the Brightbrew Charm and Balebrew Charm. Those were actually not present in the first Brewfest of the Burning Crusade expansion originally, they were added in the second one, yet our boost professionals know everything about it.

Well, that’s all we’re going to say regarding this event. However, we are pretty positive that the main things have been mentioned. Anyway, there is a lot to gain from this rare feast, so make sure to thoroughly enjoy it! In case you’ll ever need help, our WoW boosts are always there, in your reach. Bye-bye!