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Blacksmithing Boost in WoW TBC

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⏳ Start: 30 min.

Welcome to yet another page of Husky’s site! Keeping on the pace on the profession boost list of the Burning Crusade, we’ve arrived at the Blacksmithing section. You’ll learn why it is essential to choose it among others and how to level it. Let’s begin!

Why do Customers choose Huskyboost for WoW TBC Blacksmithing Boost?

How does it work?

What is the delivery time?


▶️ Boost ⏳ Delivery time
1-300 Skill ⏳ 24 hours
300-375 Skill ⏳ 24 hours
Additional Profession
⏳ 48 hours
Leveling 60-70 ⏳ 5-8 days
Leveling 1-60 ⏳ 18-21 days
Leveling 1-70 ⏳ 23-29 days

Any Requirements?

  1. 60 level character for 1-300
  2. 70 level character for 300-375

What are the Start time and Boosting type options?

What do Customers Receive?

  • Entirely Handmade Blacksmithing Leveling till the desired skill

It is the primary profession for Warrior and Paladin classes since they wear plate armor and carry two-handed swords. At the beginning of phase one, every two-handed wielder will need to craft a weapon. Without it, no one will even consider taking you into the raid.

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But don’t worry. There is no need to change it before reaching t5 content. That’s right. Blacksmithing masters can craft two-handed weapons better than any boosted tier 4 option in the Burning Crusade by 30% and not buy anything else. And it will last them for half a year.

There are no BS requirements to craft anything. Thus you can create an expensive item and sell it at the auction. Plus, it is possible to make mail armor and gear up your Shamans.

BS masters also create adamantine rods for Enchanters, and they can’t enchant gear without the rod, hence have to purchase one.

Later in TBC, in Sun Veil, the blacksmithing profession will be significantly boosted. A recipe for IMBA chest, better than t6, will become available.

To sum things up: BS is mandatory for all plate armor and two-handed weapons users and is only optional to everyone else due to the possibility of selling the crafted gear at the auction.

Please don’t hesitate to check our WoW Profession Boosting Service for more information or related products.

This was Librarian Husky. Bye-bye.