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Arena 5v5 WoW TBC Boost

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Greetings, Warrior! Let’s meet each other, my name is Librarian Husky. What’s yours? Good. We provide the strongest PvP Arena service that was ever made, so check this out. We’ve got a whole lot of options for you.

Why should I buy the Arena 5v5 WoW TBC Boost?

When you will reach the top PvP level game will reward you with access to a vast amount of gears, items, etc. With our help, you can become the strongest PvP player with a high rank, and let the others know who you are. When you will finally reach it there will be a bunch of enemies waiting for you, so make sure to beat their asses. Now let’s talk about the requirements to get the desired gear and weapons that were made for PvP.

  • To get the Head, Chest, Legs, Hand, and off-hand slot gear you don’t need any XP rate.
  • To get the weapons you must have an 1850 rating point.
  • To get the Shoulders gear that is currently insane and desired by many players you must have a 2000 rating point.

Want to obtain the entire PvP Gear set? That’s will do, you must have 12000 XP for Arena. Believe me, this is a challenging time-consuming process that will take you hours, days, and weeks. So save your time and nerves, and let us do our job. We’ve created a special option for you to choose the Arena Set Gear.

Quick Note: To get maximum XP points with no time it’s better to play 5v5 arenas. They will get you a vast amount of it when the week end. It’s nothing like 2v2 or 3v3.

How does it work?

Self-Play and Coaching

You are able to gain the rating on your own up to 1600. Right after we will replace this option with our coaching. Simply, our booster will play with you on the same team, and you will be charged hourly. Contact us for more details. If you’d like to choose this option barry in your head that this is really challenging to gain your rank to 1600 by ordering self-pay. Altough, you are not time-restricted and the price will not change.


If you will order our “Any other ” server option, the time to complete everything might slightly increase.

What do Customers receive?

  • Tell us what rank you’d like to achieve and we will make it happen.
  • A vast amount of Arena Points when week ends.
Quick note: Unfortunately TBC Arena can’t provide us with a cross-realm thing. But we can figure that out, our pro-team will join your realm, or you will join ours. Check out the options.


  • World of Warcraft with an active subscription on it.
  • Your TBC character level should be not less than 70.
  • Resilience gear has at least four pieces (in case you don’t have it yet, we created a special option, check it out).

Buy Arena 5v5 WoW TBC Boost now!