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60-70 Level Boost in WoW TBC

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Good day to you, fellow WoW enthusiasts! Today, we’ll talk about the 60 – 70 leveling in Burning Crusade, and we’ll give you a brief on everything that got altered regarding the process of gaining experience effectively. A 50% bonus exp event is on. The price has been reduced. Several changes have been introduced in the expansion. As we have already mentioned in one of the previous articles, one to sixty will be easy, as Classic has simplified.

Why should I buy the 60-70 Level Boost in WoW TBC?

In WoW, starting with level 58, heroes can take on a quest to enter the Dark Portal and enter the BC to boost their exp up to 70. If you’ve decided to take on Blizzard’s offer and purchased a lvl 58 once per account service, you will find pretty poor gear, which will not carry you even through the beginning of new content. That is why it’s recommended to do some quests, farm several raids, and get some gear, which will be significantly more fitting for starters.

What do Customers receive?

  • The customer’s character will be power leveling from the current level to the desired chosen level.
  • No cheats, bots, or third-party programs – only handmade hard work.

How does 60-70 Level Boost in WoW TBC work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.
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  • Customers can check Service ETA in the price calculator. Also, we will send a summary with the Estimated time to the Customer’s email.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.


  • We don’t have any requirements. However, Huskyboost will ask the Customer to provide the character with a level equal to the chosen level in the order.

Buy 60-70 Level Boost in WoW TBC now!

Fast 60-70 Level Boost in WoW TBC from HuskyBoost

Or order a 60 to 70 BC power leveling service and chill. However, don’t bother getting good equipment and venture forth with default items obtained from Blizzard service if you like to take a challenge. Thus, you’ll suffer for a few hours before reaching the first quest rewards. Everything depends on your preferences. If you want to enjoy the Burning Crusade in World of Warcraft without spending countless hours grinding exp, order a 70 boost and have fun.

Some people preemptively buy full gear from Naxxramas to play comfortably. The difference in strength is not to be joked about, though. You’ll have to spend twice as much time killing one mob in default gear than if you have had full Naxx, taking low damage and usual misses into account.

So, what about the leveling process itself? To boost up to 70 using questing, you’d have to go through all six WoW BC zones and complete all tasks within them. But there is another, quicker, and more profitable option. Just gather five friends and clear out dungeons massively! BC dungeons will provide you with plenty of blue loot and reputation points, which could be further increased by doing WoW quests after you’ve finished Power Leveling from 60 to 70. It is possible to get chants with reputation, especially the helmet chant, and some of them will provide you with +34 stats overall.

Leveling in TBC WoW is easy with boosting services

Another important thing that you could obtain with reputation is recipes. Moreover, you will have no further need to complete the standard instances before joining heroic difficulty runs in the future. Another pleasant thing about increasing the level to 70 in the Burning Crusade dungeons is that no one will bother you during the so-called boost. I think we are all too familiar with mob queues.

Sometimes, it is necessary to hit a specific monster that spawns once every two or three minutes to complete the quest. But the difficulty lies in the number of people with the same task as you. We’re talking about hundreds of players who will instantly try to complete their mission! Although the power leveling situation in WoW should not be as terrible in BC due to the layers mechanic, 60 to 70 will be at least uncomfortable and bothersome.

Faction leveling difficulties in TBC

And don’t forget about yet another annoying aspect – PK. If you hadn’t met anyone from the other faction in the first 30 levels in Vanilla, things are different now. In the Burning Crusade, champions of the Horde and heroes of the Alliance will start exploring the new territory together. These champions will interfere with power leveling in BC unless you ask Husky to get you from 60 to 70. In WoW, without knowing how to reach level 70 without ordering a boost, players could even drop playing the Burning Crusade.

There will always be “special” players who do not care about anything but kill others. Many people love PvP, so what can you do if you’re not one? Numerous battles shall occur all over the place. Bandits and battle fanatics will take over the locations. Are you prepared to face them?

BC in TBC Boost

Moreover, the town there in BC has only one exit, so if a group of campers decides to sit there, you won’t be able to leave the city and boost yourself up to 70 since you wouldn’t be able to fly yet. That’s why dungeon clearing is advisable over questing. So try your best to gather a group to farm instances with! If doing so isn’t possible, take the road of quests.

Start enjoying WoW TBC Classic without boring 60-70 leveling

A word of advice – if you don’t have a stable dungeon party, try visiting the LFR chat often. If a good party opportunity arises, send a message, stop doing what you were doing, and get into the instance. But do it while doing missions not to waste time.

Each World of Warcraft BC zone will provide you with enough experience to boost your level approximately by 2, all the way to 70. Complete the first zone – get sent to the next one, rinse, repeat. Professionals recommend getting to Netherstorm as soon as possible. It is one of the most pleasant locations, where you’ll reach 70, grab your gold sack, and finally purchase a flying mount in the Burning Crusade or get a boost to gain enough WoW currency. You’ll need 900 gold to get a flying mount and 5000 gold to buy a rank 2 one.

Crafting professions boost in WoW TBC

Do not get hasty with professions. Crafting professions will be difficult to raise because the materials will cost a fortune, and gathering specializations would take forever to farm without a flying mount. If you wish to farm the Burning Crusade professions in WoW, try getting our boost and reach 70 in the blink of an eye. But overall, we advise you not to rush professions until you’ve acquired wings and a few weeks into the expansion will have passed.

Thanks for stopping by and acknowledging the valuable information! Husky highly appreciates the attention you pay to us! Hopefully, you’ve found what you were looking for. If not, we have WoW TBC Boosting services  for all tastes. Make sure to come back once in a while, ok? Cya!