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Greetings, dear customers! Have you got enough time to get acquainted with our recent articles? Well, here comes another one, this time featuring 1 – 60 leveling in the Burning Crusade. We’ve already mentioned the optimal classes for experience grinding purposes. But what if you wanted to start from scratch?

Why should I buy the 1-60 Level Boost in WoW TBC?

There are some changes from Vanilla, though. It would take 10-15% less WoW XP to boost up from 1 straight to 60 in BC. Also, all the new talents added to the classes will help a lot. A 50% bonus exp event is on. The price has been reduced.

What do Customers receive?

  • Fully handmade level service in WoW TBC from chosen to the desired level.
  • All gold, items, and gear collected during the boost will belong to the Customer.

How does 1-60 Level Boost in WoW TBC work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Completion time

  • Customers can check the delivery time at the bottom of the website calculator.
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Buy 1-60 Level Boost in WoW TBC now!

Dungeons Farm Within Quick Leveling For WoW TBC

First, just like in higher ranks, it is advisable to farm dungeons if you have a group ready to go. Even though the total number of WoW quests in BC got nearly doubled compared to Classic, it is still going to be way quicker leveling from 1 to 60 while clearing instances than questing since you wouldn’t need to waste time moving between areas such as zones, towns, and camps to claim rewards or take on new tasks.

If two players of the same skill level had started from scratch, one would have played solo and gained experience through quests. In contrast, the other would have farmed the Burning Crusade dungeons; then it would have taken about two weeks for the first player to boost up from 1 to 60 in WoW and only a single week for the second one.

Requirements for the Fast LvL Up in Wow TBC

Thus, it is more beneficial to clear instances, no matter the circumstances. Don’t forget to get distracted! Ignore all your thoughts about leveling any professions. It would only waste your time. You’ll quickly achieve your goals at sixty or even at seventy when it is much cheaper and more straightforward.

33K Positive Reviews For 1 60 Leveling in WoW TBC

Nevertheless, Classic is unforgivable compared to retail. If you take a 1-level 60 World of Warcraft character, let’s say, a mage boosted up to tier 3 gear and put it next to a 38 monster in the monastery dungeon, it would be a matter of seconds before that character dies in Vanilla or BC. In retail, however, if you’d recreate the same circumstances and leave your tier 3 geared mage AFK next to an aggressive mob, you could make yourself a tea, a dinner, eat it with your family, rent a car, drive to another town, spend two days there drinking to your heart’s content, sober up, return home, and your character still would be exemplary.

Moreover, in Vanilla WoW, even 1 level 12 monster can easily take down an LVL 60 mage, not that the same would happen after a boost in the Burning Crusade. Mobs don’t miss in Vanilla, and they could stunlock anyone and pwn them. These unforgivable mechanics got nerfed in the Burning Crusade, but the issues remain. Considering all these additions, which classes are the best to use? Let’s break it down to tiers a bit.

Mages Guide for WoW TBC Level Boost

Naturally, mages would be a no-brain leader in 1 – 60 power leveling speed in the Burning Crusade. It’s the easiest to master because it is the fastest to kill mobs and progress the talent line. Essentially, the mage is an excellent option as a starter class. It will also help your economy in the late game, as you will be able to clear dungeons and provide expanding services to others.

It is possible to aggro half a zone and use AOE skills to deal with mobs. Just get LVL 22 and spam Blizzard, which has the power to deal a formidable amount of damage over time on your way, leveling from 1 to 60 in the Burning Crusade. Consider mages an S-tier class.

Buy WoW TBC 1-60 Level Boost Right Now

Then, you have classes with pets, such as hunters and warlocks, and powerful ones, such as paladins, who are vital for not having a target limit – they can deal damage to 20, 30, or even more enemies at once. Remember paladins being nearly useless in Classic? This class was significantly improved by new talents in the Burning Crusade, and now, it is a fitting World of Warcraft challenger for 1 – 60 boosts.

Moreover, it is suitable for PvE and one of the best Arena choices! It is capable of one-shotting most enemies. While farming, you could gather the whole plain of mobs and AOE them to death, thanks to not having a target cap. Thus, we can assign prot paladins to the A+ tier.

Weak Classes in WoW TBC for Leveling

Shamans, druids, rogues, and warriors are not too weak either. Each could be used to provide 1 – 60 boost services in WoW BC. Thanks to the talent buffs, they quickly reach A tier along with hunters and warlocks. Rogues might be closer to the B tier, but that depends on the player’s skill and the situation since they do massive single-target DPS and heal by poisons.

Warlocks are good because their pet can soak up a lot of damage while the character runs around, waiting for DOTs to finish the mob group. Hunters can’t pull half a zone, but they move fast and can kill any single-target enemy. Thus, they are all A-tier. This means it is possible to boost your XP from 1 to 60 in the Burning Crusade WoW expansion.

Top Classes for Leveling in WoW TBC

Classes are great, but you’d still play what your heart desired most, right? A casual player who can’t invest all the time into the game, who doesn’t know the mechanics or advantages of the chosen class, and who needs to refer to guides a lot would take three to four weeks to reach the cap.

However, with our WoW BC service, Powerleveling any character from 1 to 60 would take five to seven days! We’re professionals, after all. We have leveled countless characters of all classes throughout the WoW existence, cleared numerous dungeons, and escaped unimaginable situations.

Efficient LvL Up in World of Warcraft TBC with HuskyBoost

Considering all the newly added quests in the Burning Crusade, will you level through them or find a group of WoW friends to clear 1 – 60 dungeons to boost the exp? Maybe you’d take a vacation and read some guides to try to no-life a week or two? Or, perhaps you’ll decide to skip the unnecessary difficulties and order a boost? The choice is yours!

Hopefully, you’ve fished something new out of all this! Husky shall remain by your side in this and all future expansions! So feel free to rely on us if you ever need a WoW TBC boosting service. Until then, farewell!