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The Chosen Title Boost Service

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On the vast Azeroth fields, it’s heroes often find a challenge to compete depending on what they really like and what makes them whole. When somebody enjoys completing tasks and quests, others can’t live without their precious everlasting collection of rare cute pets, magnificent mounts and funny toys. Some people travel the most thorny paths of the realm of eternal battles and fight on the Arena or skirmish at the battlefields. By the way, on our WoW-related website you are free to buy any of the chosen boosts, all there’s left to do is open the destined section! Anyway, another part of players tend to race after achievements, especially after those that are not as simple as they seem at first. Correct. We’re going to tell you about one of them.

Next patch – next adventure


Legion expansion brought a whole bunch of incredible novelties to WoW, having The Chosen one of them, it offers a unique transmog set to boost your class whatever server you play – it’s applicable for both US and EU players! However, there were more brand new addons introduced. Each dungeon has become unique. It started offering everyone to participate in a real challenge including completing a run with an epic key which purpose was to increase the difficulty even higher and add more special modifiers. But the most attractive PVE aspect in this patch happened to be raid dungeons. There is a reason for every leading guild on the entire globe to compete among themselves in a race for defeating the ultimate boss first. Such heroic deeds accomplished in WoW are always rewarded with worthy rewards – fast gear to boost your power and unique achievements such as The Chosen to multiply your fame. Also, there has always been the Cutting Edge category. Several bosses even drop a special gift – a rideable pet – mighty mount. However, the truly serious challenge awaits you at the Trial of Valor raid dungeon.

Majestic ascension


The Trial of Valor is the second raid from Legion expansion, where champions had to face a nearly irresistible wall of monsters – Odyn, Guarm and Helya. These bosses are extremely strong, those who actually managed to take them down were honored as true heroes. Such champions are easy to distinguish – they have a unique title “The Chosen” which safely guarantees that this person is a famous WoW player, maybe even a booster. Returning back to the bosses, Helya is, undoubtedly, hellish. Many professionals tend to call her the hardest enemy in the whole Warcraft universe. However, in order to face Helya, you need to go through pretty challenging adversities first. Odyn punishes anyone who allows making even a slightest mistake in his long, enduring battle. Conversely, the fight with Guarm is very rapid and ferocious. But even if it’s short, the whole raid can fall in a blink of an eye without even knowing what hit them. And you’ve already heard of brutal battle with Helya. However, there is a really terrifying achievement in the Trial of Valor. It is granted to those who managed to walk through the dungeon and flawlessly kill every foe on mythic difficulty without dying even once in the process. Right, it’s that achievement. The process of obtaining The Chosen has never came in cheeply, every possessor had to struggle through a nightmare in order to get it, but as a result they have it right above their heads in WoW, telling everyone that the person in front of them is as strong as professional boosters! It’s worth mentioning that among the achievement comes a title and a unique transmog set for your class as a bonus. Each of these prizes will ascend you, making you story spread across the World of Warcraft.