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The Best RBG Comp in 9.2 Tier List

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going WoW here. We’ll go over the core classes you need in your group, and then we’ll show you how to build your lineup to fit some unique archetypes. Yes, every class will be included. So stay tuned as we give you the recipe for the best RBG comp in Shadowlands season 3.

The Core

The first part of building any RBG comp is making sure you have a good core. For the most part, this means having at least one Rogue, one Guardian Druid, and one Holy Paladin. If possible, you shouldn’t replace these things, but let’s explain why.

  • First of all, you will want at least two base defenders on most maps. Think of the eye of the Storm, Arathi Basin, and Deep Gorge.
  • Each of these maps includes at least two bases that will need to be defended for the majority of the game, often by a single player. Rogues and Guardian Druids happen to be some of the best solo-based defenders.
  • For one, both of these classes have stealth ability, which, by default, makes them challenging to see seascape by enemy assaulters.


Rogues specifically can deny base assaults thanks to a plethora of control options and by rotating defensive cooldowns. At the same time, Guardian Druids have 30 seconds of cc immunity, thanks to one of the most broken legendaries in the game.
While we’re on the topic, both of these classes work well on any FC maps, as Guardian Druids are easily the best flag carriers.

  • The only map where Guardian Druids aren’t needed is the temple of Cut Mogu, where the balance will have.
  • Way more value in. any case. Aim to have one Druid with the ability to play Guardian combined with a sub-Rogue in any RPG lineup.

Thanks to the legendary we just mentioned. The rogues are so strong on offense. that even being in stealth can indirectly pressure the enemy team because of the constant threat of a ninja assault or offensive push. Why Holy Paladins? Aren’t disc priests the best RPG healers? Disc priests are good, but the meta has changed quite a bit.

Holy paladins cleansing the weak

The most significant contribution holy paladins bring is cleansing the weak. This is one of the most over-budgeted PvP talents for RBGs, and it causes any cleanse to automatically remove the same dispelled auras off anyone within the Paladin’s range.

  • With a single dispel, all Shadow Priest Boomkin and Ellie Shaman Dots can be removed from everyone within range with virtually no counterplay.
  • You might be saying, well, what about the the unstable affliction? Yes is pretty much the only counter to cleanse the weak.
  • Making affliction Warlocks an Essential part of your group. More on that later. Back on topic 9.2.

Paladins advantages

I was pretty generous to Holy Paladins when it came to. Their healing toolkit, tier set bonuses combined with necro lord, and it’s legendary give them massive AOE healing with the light of dawn. These specs fill out the absolute necessities for your team, and playing without one of them will be a huge mistake.

  • Paladins offer some unique utility options for their team to round things out, especially with Aura Mastery.
  • This multi-purpose tool has enormous value in team fights, both offensively to free cast damage and Defensively to quickly recover hp. You will want at least one sub-rogue, one Druid who can play Guardian, and one Holy Paladin on your team.


We already teased having an off-spec balance druid on your team when we covered Guardian. Having a dedicated Boomkin is also incredibly strong. Just like Rogues, balanced Druids are a jack of all trades. They offer enormous pressure in team fights thanks to Convoke the Spirits while also being one of the most mobile DPS classes. Allowing them to play objectives when needed quickly. With the ability to go stealthily, their mean value cannot be understated as they join Rogues in the ability to ninja cap bases, especially in inexperienced RPG teams.

  • Boomkin Affliction.
  • Warlock Mistweaver Monk.
  • Disc Priest.

With the core out of the way, you’ll need some compliments. Think of your core like getting some popcorn. Now you need a drink to go with it. In this case, that means making sure you have the previous things.


Moving on to affliction, Warlocks have become one of the most critical assets on any RPG team for a few reasons, as we mentioned before. Holy Paladins are the best healer.

  • That is partially due to cleansing the weakly unstable affliction is. one of the few answers to this problem.
  • Can quickly punish AOE dispels whenever cleanse is pressed. That isn’t the only reason you want an affliction Warlock on your team. Their damage throughput is the best in the game.
  • Their aoe pressure has Enormous Ramp during intense team fights. Outside of that, though, they offer some unique utility options with Gateway and Healthstone.
  • Mobility is massively essential in RBGs, and having a single button that elevates your entire team’s mobility is incredibly useful.

While not the most Glamorous or exciting utility option, health Stones are still influential in a damage-heavy meta. Speaking of healing, missed Weaver Monks join our complimentary classes for RBGs in the 9.2 meta, just like Holy Paladins. Monks make our list partially because they’re aoe healing where revival combined with the peace Weaver PvP talent is a massive part of their healing toolkit in RBGs.

Disc Priests

Finally, we need to talk about Disc Priests. We mentioned earlier that Holy Paladins had replaced them as the god-tier healer of RBGs. They are still perfect. One of the main reasons for this is their ability to AOE heals pretty efficiently thanks to power word radiance which is a massive team-wide heal when combined. With ultimate radiance. This is on top of the dome of light barriers, which reduces their team AOE damage, which comes in handy in dense team fights like the eye of.

  • This combo is one of the best ways to swing pressure in team fights. Provides a counter to unstable affliction when it’s spread on multiple targets aside from. Monks offer a unique zoning tool in the form of a Ring of Peace.
  • This spell has multiple uses, but it’s perfect on Warsong Gulch to prevent flag carriers from entering the tunnel.
  • While also denying enemy players from reaching the Cdr buff in the center of the deep wind gorge.
  • All of this comes with some of the best mobility of any healer. As we’ve already mentioned, mobility is king in rags.
  • The Storm, especially against melee cleave damage. This AOE healing tech is that Disc Priest has some of the best utility options for any healer. Power infusion life grip and aoe knock are great tools on virtually every map.

The Sauce

So to recap, your group at this point should include the core elements of sub-Rogue Guardian Druid and Holy Paladin. While also includes essential components like Boomkin Affliction Warlock, Disc Priest, and Mistweaver Monk. That still leaves three available slots. So let’s figure out the best way to fill out your RGB group. This is where you can start developing the sauce for your team.

  • This can periodically procure haste reduction debuffs on enemy casters, which helps slow down the pace of team fights. On top of this frost, DKs have multiple tools to slow enemy players down. Since mobility is king, this makes DKs.
  • Some anti-king can slow players while they try and reach key objective points. Offensively though, one crucial role DKs can keep enemy players in one place. Thanks to Abomination Limb and Death Grip.
  • This can come in handy on maps where aoe knocks are possible, especially when combined with a Shadow Rift from a Warlock. Repositioning multiple targets for knocks gives them enormous value whenever that tech is possible.

You can run a few different Archetypes, which we will get into later. But for now, let’s focus on building a balanced group that starts by adding a Death Knight. Like the arena, the role of the DK in RGBs is to set up kills and slow the game down. This second part is done Primarily Through their spell-warding mechanic.

Demon Hunter

Next up, we have Demon Hunter, who makes this list because they go fast. Seriously the utility of a DK in RPGs cannot be understated. Especially with spectral sight, as we already mentioned, Rogues and Boomkins play a huge role in affecting the course of a game through ninja assaults. Spectral sight is one of the only ways to counteract this actively.

Offensively, Demon Hunters offer two critical abilities. The first is an AOE healing reduction effect thanks to the mortal dance PvP talent. The other is passive spell damage increases on enemy players thanks to Chaos Brand. This essentially makes their Warlock’s damage even more robust and is a low-key reason demon hunters are so valuable.

DPS Substitutions

With that in mind, your RBG group should look something like this. Remember that you should try and play with the core specs. At all times and avoid making substitutions with compliments whenever possible. You can get away with ditching DKs and Demon Hunters at lower ratings.

But it might give you some issues with higher-rated teams. So we know what some of you might be thinking. Okay, skill cap, are you telling us always to play meta comps? Well, no, which is why. You can develop even more flavor on your team with some unique substitutions depending on the dynamic you want your team to have.

Optional slots fill

You can fill out optional slots with some of these specs. So let’s break it down. Destro Warlock’s frost mages and Elemental Shamans. are all excellent DPS classes in RBGs. And can deal a ton of damage while offering unique utility like Thunderstorm or ice wall. Their main drawback, however, is. The fact that they need to cast a lot of their damage is tricky.

  • For Shamans, specifically cleansing the weak can make it hard to deal damage if flame shocks, even with control of lava, are selected.
  • Speaking of cleaves, red Paladins and Warriors can add additional melee flavor to your team. Their damage is fierce when combined with the lockdown of a Death Knight.

Paladins main issue

The main issue with Paladins is that their damage only threatens during wings. However, it can constantly be refreshed by the Aura of Reckoning. They’re not too helpful outside of these short, damaged windows. Warriors are pretty scary for a few reasons, including the Necro banner and Kirian Spear.

  • They’re not bad at all, and it’s just. Other classes can perform the same role but usually better. In any case, adding a marks hunter to your team adds unique damage to your team fight.
  • They’re like a frost major Destro Warlock and are designed to blast people during truth shots and double-tap. You can also sit bases as a hunter, but that is slightly outdated tech. Their contribution to team fights is way more valuable.

Combined with other modifiers, these abilities damage their melee partners even more. Having a rat and warrior on your team can add tremendous offensive pressure, especially in dense team fights. That brings us to our final flavor option, marks Hunters. Hunters have always had an awkward time slotting into an RBG roster.


What classes make for a good RBG comp? It’s time to look at Archetypes. It would help if you never changed your core specs and significantly rarely changed your compliments. You can create synergies by combining other classes, and one approach is building your team around a melee cleave.

  • This is done by adding a red paladin and fury warrior to join your frost DK. Melee cleaves are good in dense team fights and can be super threatening during short damage windows.
  • You could also take a spell damage approach by adding an Elemental Shaman frost mage Destro Warlock or another affliction Warlock to your lineup.
  • This will give you slightly more control but at the cost of being shut down by enemy cleaves in some situations.

Finally, you could fill out your comp to be good at playing objectives by adding another sub-Rogue and balancing Druid. This can be good on maps with base assaults, as stacking these classes makes your offensive pushes infinitely more confusing for the enemy team. Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in the world. Please check our World of Warcraft Guides main mage for more valuable articles.