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Get New Rewards & Make Tons of Gold! WoW Dragonflight

Hello everyone, welcome back. In today’s discussion, we’re diving into the Love in the Air celebration, highlighting the various activities you can engage in to claim a host of thrilling rewards. This year, 2024, has seen the introduction of several new features to the event. Additionally, I’ll provide insights into methods for accumulating gold throughout this festive period. It’s important to note that the event commenced today and is slated for a two-week duration. For those interested in any specific rewards, it’s crucial to participate before the event draws to a close.

Welcome to the Love in the Air Event

To start engaging with the Love in the Air event festivities, make your way to the area just outside Orgrimmar if you’re aligned with the Horde, or near Stormwind City for Alliance members. In these locations, you’ll discover a specially designated town, crafted exclusively for the Love in the Air celebration, marking an innovative addition in 2024 and drawing parallels with other seasonal events like Brewfest.

Starting the Event

Upon reaching your destination, it’s recommended to locate Maaha Kong, who can be found just at the outskirts of the quaint town. However, be mindful of a current glitch that may obstruct your interaction with this character. Typically, initiating the event involves dialogues with the event’s emissaries and acquiring a Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit. This kit is essential as it allows for the collection of Lovely Charms from defeated mobs or players that provide XP or honor, provided you deal the final blow.

Collecting ten Lovely Charms enables you to create a Lovely Charm Bracelet, which can then be exchanged for Love Tokens. The continuity of this mechanism in the game is currently under question, possibly due to a glitch or its removal. Yet, it’s expected that more information and possibly a fix will be forthcoming soon.

Event Dungeon Feature

A highlight of the Love in the Air event is the special dungeon accessible through the dungeon finder. This dungeon can be undertaken daily on each character, offering rewards like the Heart-Shaped Box. This aspect underscores the event’s unique opportunities for players to engage in festive activities and earn special rewards.

Exclusive Rewards for Level 70 Characters

For every one of your characters at level 70, the Epic quality box is an essential grab. It’s advisable to verify if your alternate characters, particularly those between levels 60 and 70, qualify as well. The highlight of the Epic box is undoubtedly the X-45 Earth Breather mount, complemented by a hefty allocation of Love Tokens. This presents a golden chance that I suggest you capitalize on with all your characters. Moreover, for players aiming to level up, engaging in this event with characters below level 70 can result in significant experience points.

New Additions in 2024

This year, the game has welcomed a slew of novel items, all available for purchase using Love Tokens. Highlighted among these is the Earth Sticker Manar mount, which is a vibrant pink version of the Mana Rays seen in past expansions, available for 270 Love Tokens. Additionally, for 40 Love Tokens, players can acquire the Earth Sticker Mote pet, and for those interested in unique toys, the Exquisite Love Boat can be yours for 270 Love Tokens. Another intriguing addition is the Date Simulation Modulator, a new toy that can be bought for 100 Love Tokens.

Year-Round Cosmetic Roses

The event’s dedicated town features vendors selling novel roses, designed to act as cosmetic enhancements by placing a rose in your character’s mouth, offering a playful twist usable even after the event concludes. These roses, along with items like the Roses of Purity, Friendship, and Dreams, temporarily boost your stats by 10% for a week, though their effects are limited to non-instanced activities. This enhancement is particularly useful for open-world endeavors, offering a comprehensive 10% stat increase.

Renewed Proto-Love Armor

A notable potential find within the Epic Earth-Shaped Box is the Renewed Proto-Love Armor Dragon Riding Manuscript, a coveted and rare item that provides a distinct aesthetic to your dragon mounts, infusing your collection with a touch of exclusivity. This sought-after piece is exclusively available through the Epic Earth-Shaped Box for the duration of the event, making it a prized possession for any collector.

New Achievement: Support Your Local Artisans

A newly introduced achievement, dubbed “Support Your Local Artisans,” requires players to donate a significant sum of 70,000 gold to the Artisans Consortium, marking their support for the Gala of Gifts celebration. Participants are encouraged to head to the designated town’s entrance and transfer their gold to the Artisan Consortium’s representatives.

This endeavor primarily grants the achievement as its reward, which might not entice players with a scant gold supply or limited enthusiasm for collecting achievements. Notably, this specific achievement does not contribute to the cumulative achievements necessary to acquire the coveted Violet Proto mount.

Therefore, this initiative is most fitting for those who are avid achievement collectors and have a considerable gold reserve at their disposal.

Introducing the Cic Gateway Portal

Moreover, the debut of the Cic Gateway Portal introduces an innovative transportation method in the game. Situated in the quaint towns of Durotar and Elwynn Forest, this portal grants players the liberty to choose among several destinations for a casual excursion. Once at the chosen location, players have the opportunity to partake in a picnic utilizing the Love Picnic set, followed by a return journey to Durotar or Stormwind. This addition enriches the game’s exploration and social facets, providing a distinctive and tranquil experience.

Quest Updates and Opportunities

The recent updates have brought new quests like “Take a Look Around,” where players interact with vendors at the Gala of Gifts, and “The Getaway to Cic Perales,” utilizing the Cic Gateway Portal for delivering gifts. “The Gift of Relaxation” invites players to relax by the South River, while the expanded “Crushing the Crown” quest line offers more tasks, often starting in the town near Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

Previously, Love Tokens were earned by defeating mobs and collecting Lovely Charms, but there’s talk this method might be discontinued in 2024. Currently, the main way to gain Love Tokens seems to be through quests and dungeons, though it’s unclear if the Lovely Charm system is gone for good.

Event Impact and Item Acquisition

Event modifications might impact the accessibility of items traditionally available for purchase with bracelets, some of which are highly valued on the auction house. Nonetheless, this situation could be temporary, potentially leading to the re-introduction of the Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit and the resurgence of Lovely Charms collection.

The optimal strategy for collecting these charms historically involves setting up a level 10 Alliance character, preferably an Orc to facilitate easy access to Durotar’s prime farming spot. After configuring your character in Orgrimmar, it’s crucial to lock your XP to avoid surpassing level 10, equip any available heirlooms, and head to the Valley of Trials, where a plethora of boars await, ready to be a source of Lovely Charms.

While this technique has been a proven method for gathering Love Tokens in the past, its efficacy in 2024 is uncertain. Should this approach become impractical, shifting focus towards completing quests and consistently participating in dungeons across multiple characters could emerge as the most effective alternative.

Obtaining the X-45 Earthbreaker Mount and Dragon Riding Manuscript

The X-45 Earthbreaker Mount and the new Dragon Riding Manuscript are obtainable from the Earth-Shaped Box, awarded daily for completing the dungeon on each character. It’s crucial to note that the first box opened daily offers a higher drop chance for both the mount and the manuscript. Therefore, ensuring you participate in the dungeon daily, especially with characters that have the Epic version of the box, maximizes your chances of securing these coveted rewards.

Gold Making During the Event

One of the primary methods for earning gold during the event is through diligent farming of Lovely Charms and Love Tokens. By converting charms into bracelets and exchanging them for tokens, players can purchase event-specific items for resale on the auction house. This strategy has been a consistent source of income during past events and remains a viable option for players looking to profit from the seasonal activities.

Maximizing Gold with New Event Items

The Swift Lovebird mount has been a popular choice for players looking to turn a profit on the auction house. Yet, the event’s 2024 update has brought forth new items that also present significant opportunities for gold generation.

One item that stands out is the Date Simulation Modulator toy, notable for its affordable price of just 100 Love Tokens. Engaging in the daily dungeon across all your characters is advisable, as the reward, even from the green box, ranges from 5 to 10 Love Tokens. This means that within a fortnight, you could amass enough tokens to secure this toy and potentially sell it at a high price.

Considering many players will be conserving their tokens for the new mount, which is bound when picked up, it’s anticipated that the demand for this toy will surge. This could position it as a more lucrative option than the well-established Lovebird Mount.

Profitable Opportunities with New Pet

Besides the toy, there’s also a new pet on the scene, yet it’s uncertain if this pet can be caged for trading purposes. It’s wise to hold off for additional details or for its appearance in the battle pets collection tab to be confirmed. Should the option to cage and trade this pet become available, it might also become a profitable venture, although perhaps not as much as the Date Simulation Modulator toy. Thus, prior to acquiring this pet, verifying its potential for resale is crucial to enhance your gold gains throughout the event.

Selling Lovely Charm Bracelets

Another traditional method for earning gold during the event involves crafting and selling Lovely Charm Bracelets. These items are bind-on-equip, allowing them to be sold on the auction house for other players to purchase. This method remains a viable option, though the introduction of new items like the Date Simulation Modulator may offer more lucrative opportunities for gold generation in 2024. Focusing on these new items could be the most efficient strategy for maximizing your earnings from the event this year.

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