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A Tank’s Guide to Halondrus

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going WoW here. The reclaimer and the burial of the first one’s raid. While there are many good raid guides, most tend to gloss over tank mechanics. So this guide will provide a short but detailed overview of what to do as a tank hello dress is without. I doubt the most challenging boss in the raid up to this point.

So you must understand the mechanics not to kill yourself, your code tank, or your raid. With that out of the way, let’s discuss Hollanders.

Tank Mechanic

The most crucial tank mechanic on Hellondress is the light Shatter Beam, which functions as the Primary Taunt swap. Jalandras will aim a sizeable white beam at the current tank when this is cast. Hitting them and anybody else inside the Rectangular Hitbox deals a decent Chunk of Damage.

  • It also applies a dot for 6 seconds, increasing the damage from additional light shatter beams by 500 percent. As you might imagine, a taunt-on-one mechanic is taking two beams.
  • It is nearly impossible to survive in a row without blowing All of your defenses, although ensuring that you’re not hitting other players in your raid is essential.
  • Another important use for this Ability on Heroic is with the light Shatter Beam.

Hellondress & Seismic Tremors

Hellondress will cast Seismic Tremors throughout the fight, the lines of swirly circles that you can see spawning on the ground. On heroic, each Set of Tremors will contain two blinds with white swirlies Instead of Brown swirlies.

When the tremors explode, they’ll summon a short fissure, and then little orbs called ephemeral motes will spawn from these fissures and move toward Hollandaise. If a moat collides with Allandrus, it’ll explode, leaving a nasty dot on the entire raid. Which usually leads to a wipe to prevent. This from happening, you’ll need to run into these ephemeral moats causing you to take a little bit of damage and knock them away from Hollanders.

First moat spawn

However, the first moat that spawns from each fissure created by a line of white swirly tremors will come with a shield that prevents it from being knocked back. The only way to remove this shield is to hit it with a light shatter beam.

  • You’ll get four light shatter beams for every set of tremors and a total of 2 shielded moats, so each tank has two attempts to hit a shielded moat. When these shielded motes are active, I recommend just wholly ignoring the well-being of your DPS and healers.
  • All you should care about at this point is doing everything in your power to hit the moat with the light shatter being. Since the shielded moat will always spawn on the set of white swirlies, most DPS and healer players should know to steer clear of that general area.
  • Suppose they’re tunneling and just standing in the path of the shielded moat shoot. Them in the face of the laser beam and then tell them to pay more attention next time.
Final primary mechanics of phase

The final primary mechanic of phase one and subsequent phases, where Hellondress plants himself in the ground, is reclaimed. He will cast once around eight total light shatter beams have gone out.

  • At this point, Hollanders will gain a shield for 3 of his maximum hp. While the shield persists, he’ll deal ticking damage to the raid and begin dragging the ephemeral motes faster than usual, obviously this mechanic. Mainly relies on your raid being able to deal good damage.
  • So you’ll want to help out as much as possible. During reclaim, your primary goal is to embrace your inner football-soccer goalie and kick ephemeral moats away from Hollanders. The healing check during this part of the fight can be pretty nasty.
  • So if a DPS player sucks too many moats, they might end up dying. As a tank, though, you can safely kick away a ton of moats without putting yourself in danger.

So I’d recommend doing this to make your healer’s lives easier. The final mechanic of this Phase is Earthbreaker missiles and Planetcracker Beam, the latter of which is exclusive to heroic. Earthbreaker missiles will target each player in the raid with an exploding circle, and then after the missile hits them, it’ll leave behind an aftershock. That explodes a few seconds later. This one is pretty straightforward. Just spread out so you don’t cleave DPS and move away from the aftershocks.

Planetcracker Beam

As for Planetcracker Beam, this mechanic is a set of laser cutters that will constantly rotate around the room. In phase one, these lasers are relatively unimpactful. So if you can’t easily dodge them, feel free to do. So but honestly, they don’t hurt. Suppose you’re attempting to aim a light shatter beam.

  • I’d recommend just standing in the plane tracker laser and eating the damage from it because it’s not scary enough to risk potentially missing a Shielded Moat. Hollanders will begin his intermission. At this point, he’ll uproot himself from the ground and begin walking down a Nearby Path.
  • During this intermission, he’ll spam cast lance onto the tanks, which is just a glorified auto-attack. He’ll also cast Earthbreaker missiles twice during the first intermission, but you will handle this the same way you did during the phase.


One of the only new mechanics during this intermission is Shatter, which her launchers will cast on two orbs located along the pathway. The Targeted Orb will explode when this cast finishes, causing everybody to take damage and be knocked away from it. If you’re standing in a small circle Surrounding the Orb, you’ll take additional damage from it. The damage taken from the Orbs is more of a healer mechanic.

  • It’s nowhere near scary enough to kill a tank. It would help if you still were mindful of the knockback, as the first Orb is positioned so that it can potentially shoot you off a cliff. At the same time, you could position yourself correctly to get Booped into the side of a wall.
  • It’s pretty easy to negate the knockback on every tank except a prop Paladin.
  • For instance, as a Brewmaster Monk, I drop transcendence right before the first Orb explodes.
  • Then I teleport to negate the knockback and immediately damage the boss again.

You can achieve the same results with a skull bash or wild charge on a Guardian Druid, death’s advance on a blood decay charge, or heroic leap on a protection warrior and space bar on a Demon Hunter.

Second phase details

The second shatter cast will be on an orb in the room where Hilarious begins his second phase. So you don’t need to worry about this one as much because there aren’t any cliffs you can be knocked off. At this point, Hollanders will return to reclamation form and begin phase 2, which is identical to phase 1. Once you’ve reached 46 hp, hello dress will shift back into his relocation form beginning the second intermission.

Orbs location

This is the same as the first intermission, but the path is slightly longer and has three orbs instead of two. The first Orb is located right at the start of the intermission. Since you’ll be standing on a bridge, you’ll need to position yourself carefully to avoid getting shot off. Warriors, Demon Hunters, and Druids will be able to ignore every Orb Shatter, as their abilities have a very low cooldown. For transcendence for monks and deaths advance for DKS, you won’t have it up for every single Shatter.

  • Because of this, I recommend correctly positioning during the first Orb Shatter and saving your knockback negation for the second Orb, as that one’s a bit trickier. This second Orb will be located right at the top of a significant slope.
  • So it can be challenging to line yourself up in time before it explodes. The final Orb is again located in the room for the following phase. So you don’t need to worry about it because there are no cliffs you can be knocked off once again.

Eternity Overdrive

Polandres will now shift again into reclamation form and begin its final phase, which is slightly different from the first two. Your group will likely be Bloodlusting here, as this phase is mostly a race to the finish. You’ll want to kill Halaundras before the fight gets too chaotic. One thing that is pretty nice for tanks. Is that no shielded ephemeral motes will spawn during this phase?

  • The last notable change during this Phase on Heroic is that the planet cracker beams will form a set of two complete lines, effectively dividing the room into two.
  • This means that your entire raid will constantly need to move with the beams. However, during phase one, these things tickle the tanks. So as you can see in this footage. I frequently jump into them to kick away stray ephemeral moats.
  • Suppose you have bonus defensive cooldowns. It’s also not a bad idea to step into these laser cutters to drop off your light shatter beam, and this will give the DPS and healers much more space to work with. Now that we’ve finished discussing every important tank mechanic for Hellondress.

So you can focus entirely on properly aiming the light shatter beam and playing goalie to knock away the rest of the moats. Once again, these motes are technically everyone’s responsibility. But there is a ton of damage going out during this phase. So you’ll want to make sure that you’re punting balls as if your life depends on it because it does.


I want to end the guide with a quick recap. The Primary Taunt swap is light Shatter Beam, a taunt on one ability. You’ll want to use this to break Shields on Ephemeral Moats. If a boat hits the boss, it causes a wipe. So it would help if you run into them to punt them away from Hollanders.

Halandris will detonate orbs during the intermission, potentially knocking you off a cliff. You should now use one of the abilities shown on the screen to negate this knockback. Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in the world. Please check our World of Warcraft Guides main mage for more valuable articles.