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9.2 R1 Balance Druid PVP Guide

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Hey guys, Librarian Husky here. So you’ve decided to play balance Druid in PvP. This is either you got tired of arcade mage, or you got tired of warlocks doing three times your damage in PvE whether. Whether you’re a new Boomi or a seasoned rank-one veteran Boomi, this guide will point you in the right direction to decimate your opponents, and all the timestamps will be linked down below.


Nature balances this. You’re just gonna run every single game. You would only go force of nature. If you’re playing RPGs and you’re sitting at a base. Next, I go renew every game in the arena because of all the balance shoot healing nerfs. I find renewal very, very nice. I was a huge advocate for running would charge in 9.1.5. I think nowadays it’s really only good. In rags because you take. So much damage now in the arena. Next, I go to guardian affinity.

This overall is just the tackiest. one out of all of these, and you need to be more durable in the arena rest of affinity. It’s not very good in the arena, same with Felinity. They’re just not very good. So go guardian infinity in every single arena, every single RPG.

Basher mass entanglement

Next, we have mighty basher mass entanglement. Now a lot of boomers get this one wrong. They always pick the wrong option. So I’m going to explain exactly when you want to use which. So mass entanglement, I would run. If the enemy arena team doesn’t have two freedoms, this can include mass dispel. Actual freedom tigers lust reverse from a demon hunter. You can run mass entanglement if the enemy team does not have two of those.

It’s hard to cover both targets. To get a root beam off, I would go mighty bash. Then the third way, the third option where you go mighty bash every game. is if you’re playing a double caster. So if you’re playing sp Boomi Ellie Boomi Afloc Boomi, any double caster and twos always go mighty bash.

Of course, if it’s not an arrested Druid. Now, if the team does have a wrestle, Druid runs mighty bash; suppose the team has two freedoms. So say you’re fighting Shadow Priest steven hunter. They have MD. They have reverse.

Star-lord & Arena 40

Next, we have you 40. This is pretty much a Straightforward star-lord and arena incarnate in RPGs. Star-lord is just a lot of haste. It’ll allow you to get dots out quicker and get clones off quicker. It’s really nice. Then incarnate just more burst now for 45, and RPGs always go sell or Drift.

  • I’m pretty sure you go solar-stripped in RPGs.
  • I’d be fairly certain because you run Starburst and then go Twin Moons for the arena.
  • This is a hundred percent always going to windmills in the arena. This helps for paladins who have aoe dispel or priests with double dispel since. You don’t have to dispel protection.
  • It’s nice to be able to get your dots out twice as fast with Twin Moons.
Final tier

Next, we have our final tier. You’re just gonna always go fury balloon whether. It’s RPGs or its arena. Just always go fairy balloon thanks for your PvP talents. Just go, Moon Kenora. This is pretty much Straightforward same with Alcanadep. You run this every single game.

High winds, you run this every game in the arena. If you’re fighting RMP, I will swap switch out high winds or protector of the grove and then. If you are doing RPGs, switch out high winds for Starburst, and that’s pretty much PvP Dallas. You’re just switching out. You’re playing high winds every game in the arena r b protecting the grove. You’re playing RPGs. Go starburst.


If you’re playing arena, it’s recommended to use Pelagos. In general, when playing double DPS in Two’s, it’s best to use Final Patience. However, in any other scenario, Precise Alignment is the way to go. Well-Honed Instincts, Adopted Armor Fragment, Innate Resolve, and Clear the Skies are also useful. Tireless Pursuit or Assigned Vigor are good options, with Assigned Vigor being preferable for caster cleaves and Tireless Pursuit for melee cleaves. For hybrid scenarios, Er Sign Bigger is the way to go.

For RPGs, Night Fae is recommended with Naya as the choice of the run. Conflict Elements Harvest Pursuit, Welcome Instincts, Innate Resolve, Fear of the Skies, and Urson Vigor are also useful.

Arena gear

For arena gear, it’s best to have Haste Verse and Mastery with four sets. Echoing Resolve and Eternal Aegis should be used every game, with Gladiators Medallion being a viable switch for Echoing Resolve in RNP. Legendary gear should be Timer Dream Binder and Unity.

When using Kirin, it’s important to put it on your partner when popping Kindred Spirits, especially if playing with a healer in Two’s. In RPGs, the Fast Studious Resolve trinket and a badge should be used, with Verse Mastery being the recommended stats for RPG legendaries. Balance of All Things should be on boots instead of Time or Dream Binder, and one-minute Convoke should be on the belt.


All right now, the best brace for a balanced route will be a night off on Alliance and Toron on Horde. Any of the other races are like, all right. They’re just not nearly as good as night elf or Torin. I think right now the best would be Nigel, but nobody plays on Alliance, so you can’t really play Natal.


All right now, your rotation is very simple. There are only three things you need to maintain. The first thing is the most important don’t over-cap on astral power the reasoning is. If you lose out on star-lord stacks, you’re going to lose out on new Canora Stacks.

  • So brings us to the second thing is to keep your dots out. You want your shooting stars to give you as much ash power as possible. With that, you’re going to be able to do even more star surges and have even more single target or AOE and RGB damage third.
  • It is the least important while in PvE. It’s very important in PvP. It’s a lot less important than staying in an eclipse.
  • The reasoning is people are in the line of sighting. They are interrupting. They’re stunning. You like it’s really tough to get into a clip sometimes. So that’s the least important thing.

You’re going to be wasting your shooting star Bronx. You’re shooting stars is a very important passive to understand now your Moon Fire. Sunfire damage over time has a chance to catch on a falling star doing damage and generating astral power. That’s why you run very low mastery in the arena. That’s why you just go first haste because people are just lining the entire time.


Now for your burst. It’s very simple. Make sure you have a team dotted up very quickly. Get your team dotted up, and then all you’re gonna do is very simple, right? It might be too complex. I don’t know, but you press fairy value with your loan empowerment. Then you press in the the card. Then you pick your spam star search right.

So here’s how we’re going to do it load empowerment with your thing incarnate spam star surge. That’s all it is. That’s all your burst is you pop your free Balloon. You can macro that with lone empowerment. Then pop in current. That’s it, spam star surge simply as that when you don’t have ink on up, try to be an eclipse before you pop your burst.

Again it’s not the end of the world if you’re running low on mastery in the arena. It’s just fine not to be in an eclipse when. You’re bursting. It’s not the worst thing. Thank you for checking my short, but informative guide. Please don’t hesitate to visit our Mythic 15 boost page. My name is Librarian Husky, cya on the next page.