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9.2 Fury Warrior Guide: The Meta

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going WoW here. Your double arms warrior adventures will start with no surprise, with Sudden Death as the best option for raiding and for adventure warriors. This talent will give your attacks a chance to let you cast execute recoils of the enemy’s hp and reset its cooldown. Simple and easy, you’ll like it. For mythic plus in any way situations, you will want to go for Fresh Meat. With it, your Bloodthirst will Synergize even better with your mastery as using it on a new target will always enrage you making you a killing machine on big AOE packs as you will always be enraged to deal extra damage.


Double time is usually the pick in raids on the second talon row. If you need more mobility, this will increase the number of times you can charge so that you can get back to smashing every freaking time you take that mechanic and you have to run away from the boss. If mobility isn’t what you need, then go for impending victory. It will be a very powerful heal, especially when you take constant damage or just damage in general. So you can heal yourself fast and take a lot of pressure off of your healers. in mythic plus, or when you need an extra stun Storm, Bolt will have your back. You’ll have one extra cc to your kind of cc-less toolkit, helping you stun one target pretty often and from a very big range.

On the next row, because you like to smash things fast, the Frenzy will be your best buddy in raids and maybe in high keys as well, as long as you are not a vampire. This talon will give your rampage a stacking Haze buff every time you use it. Very strong when you need to smash buttons very fast in a very long boss fight. For your m plus AOE and vampire needs. Go with Massacre. Your execute will be usable much earlier, making you very powerful at sniping dying targets and the strongest guy around when dealing with a long execute phase. More resistance will be the way to go on your utility row, so get your war paint on. Having this will let you endure more when Enraged, so you can keep on going and don’t stop damage. The other options can be useful when you are comfortable with the damage taken but are usually Niche picks.

Next, up, cruelty will be your best choice for every content. With this talent, your raging blow will hit harder when Enraged, it will have a higher chance to receive a reset when used, and it will synergize very well with your tier set. But more on that in the tier set section. On the level 45 row, brace yourself as all options are viable for pure single target situations in raids dragon’s roar is still on top. It’s great damage with bigger damage when it creates ability and generates some rage, but please use it when enraged for more damage. Bladestorm will be the way to go for Mythic Plus and AOE situations.

This alarm will synergize nicely with the Signature Of Tormented Kings, the legendary, and the Merciless Bone Grinder Conduit, making you a god in every method. And thanks to the tear set and interaction it has with its meat, a cleaver is finally a good pick for cleave situations and even in some mythic plus. Your Whirlwind will deal more damage and will double the number of single-target spells that it can leave. More single target spells that can cleave means you will use a lot of raging blows and fewer Whirlwinds, exactly what you need so you can make use of the bonuses from your tier set. On the final row in Mythic Plus AOE, Anger Management is still your go-to pick before Acquiring the tier set. This talon will reduce the cooldown of recklessness every time you use rage. More chances of getting that sweet Bladestorm from the signet and more damage in general. After you get your tier set, you will want to swap to Reckless Abandon for raids at least. Your Blood Thirst and Raging Blow will be transformed into a better version of themselves when you activate recklessness. Just be careful when the boss will move or pay attention to not jump into a mechanic you shouldn’t. When spamming, that improved raging blow as it will have a small charge attached to it. The last pick is very close to anger management in raids before you get your tier set, but usually, you will get the same effect from the legendary, so it’s rarely taken.


When it comes to the best stats you can get, timing is the way to go. But I don’t know how to Shim Flame. Well, don’t worry, my information-hungry friend, as we have a seeming guide for you but only check it out after you watch this one because algorithms:

  • Strength
  • Haste
  • Mastery
  • Versatility
  • Critical Strike

So get that higher eye level piece in. After that haste, you will smash faster because two big weapons hit better when they hit faster. It’s thought in the second term of smash school. Master will come very close to haste and will make you Smash Harder this. Time going Further Versatility will be next, giving you both damage and a little resistance, and lastly, Critical Strike will be very close to Versatility but still a good stat. When going to an Enchanter, ask for one celestial guidance ancient on one of your weapons. See if they have one simple revelation enchant for your other weapon, especially when dealing with a single target fight and as for one Lightless Force if you deal with heavy AOE fights to replace Civil Revelation.

Go with the Eternal stats Enchant on your chest, especially in high-end content, and the Eternal Skirmish one for single target damage output. Use the heavy Desolate Armor kit temporary add-on, and you will be a little tankier for when those big hits come to your face for whatever reason why you are pulling Aggro, man. Use the Eternal Strength Enchant on your hands. When handling two swords or even two little ones with a single minor fury, you will need it. It’s not the size that matters. It’s that there are two of them. The fortified avoidance Enchant is the way to go for your Cloak, and you will resist more of those hard-hitting AOE spells. Go for the quick Jewel Cluster in your gem slots and the tenet of haste Enchant on your rings to hit faster.

Of course, don’t forget to sim in case you have too much haste and change these with the counterparts that sims will recommend. Tell your Alchemist you need special Flasks of power because you want to be a powerful warrior. Take some portion of spectral strength as the best portion you can use in all the situations since more strength makes you a stronger warrior. It’s science. As for your weapons, the Shaded Sharpening Stone and the Shaded Weight Stone will be the way to go because you can be more stoned. I mean, you can stone mobs, I mean. When hunger hits, calm me down with a feast of Gloveness for more strength or swap to the Tenebrous Crown roast aspect for more haze, usually in dungeons, or if nobody has a feast because I ain’t buying that is expensive, man, it’s expensive.


With 9.2, although all covenants are pretty close to each other, Kirians have pushed a little further ahead. The Spear Of Bashing covenant ability is very flashy and will make your friends say flame has a big spear. He just popped that mobs. It will deal decent damage with a nice utility attached to it. The hot utility, you might ask. Every enemy hit by the spear can not get out of its circle, and it will be dragged back to it if it tries if they are not immune to CC.

The Signature Ability will be the summon Steward Spell that will give you the file of serenity, among other things. The file will be an improved Hellstone that will have three charges of healing and will clear all of your Diseases, Poisons, Bleeds, and Curses. Your best all-around Kirian friend will be forged, light prime mechanics. With a three-point second path for raiding and the two points you want for mythic plus and AOE, you will have access to some pretty nice traits. Bronze call to action will be the first one summoning brawn knocking enemies away, damaging them after, and healing your allies when needed. The hammer of genesis will follow and will provide you with a stacking ace buff whenever you hit a new target. The soul Glow Spectrometer will give you a little extra priority to target damage further down the tree. For the final trait, you have the Effusive Anima Accelerator. This baby will attach an extra AOE damage to your Spear Of Passion, and it will reduce its cooldown depending on how many targets it hits. For pure single target traits, clay will be a little better than mechanics, and you will receive the Critical Strike you are missing with her tree. With a two-point seconded path, the first pick will be Valiant Strikes. This one will be a utility trait, but it will still be useful to heal an ally when he or she drops low and increase your Critical Strike chance per stack when you have access to the final piece of the puzzle. Again, another utility trait, mentorship, will increase the hp of all nearby allies when you are close to max health.


Follow Nike and just do it when you hear the other side, as this dungeon will provide you with one of your most powerful trinkets. The Overwhelming Power Crystal, and since it’s in the name, we aren’t lying. Care not to be killed by its Masochistic trinkets. Ian, that’s your idea man the ticking nut sack of terror, lego’s middle school nickname, will have you go to the new Tessa Fish Dungeon.

Unfortunately, the lower side because that’s where it is, and that is the hard part of Tazavesh or close to the hard parts, but it will be worth it for this trinket. From the Suburbs of Plaguefall, be a little good fury champ and farm that file of future faction. It’ll be good for you. from the raid, the old warrior soul from Sylvanas is still holding on to the top spot. Even the heroic version will be very good compared to the other choices. The prototype pantheon again will drop two very decent trinkets for you. The first sigil is first. Man, I cannot come up with this. with a very high cooldown. But a very high amount of versatility will make it worth the use. The Elegy of Eternals will be another very powerful pick that will provide you with extra stats of your highest one and share 10 of that with party members in the same covenant as you. Of course, the best weapon out there will be the Gavel of the first Arbiter from none other than the Jailer.


The rotation hasn’t been changed by the tier set that much. Only really the legendary can alter it a little bit as the signal proc can proc Blade Storm, and you will not be able to charge. So charge first and ask questions while Blade Storming. Your opener in single target situations with reckless Abandon will have you use recklessness charging after rampage Ancient Aftershock or Spear of Passion.

Next raging blow and continue with the priority. For your single target priority, use recklessness on cooldown. Rampage when or above 80 fits of rage. Ancient Aftershock when Enraged, execute with Sudden Death or in Execute Phases, Dragons Roar while Enraged, raging blow on cooldown, Bloodthirsty fall others are on cooldown, and finish with a Whirlwind as a filler. Your multi-target opener with Cygnet sees you charge in. Bloodthirst to apply in rage, Spear of Ancient Aftershock after, recklessness in case it procs Bladestorm next, Whirlwind until Bone Grinder buff falls off, and rampage to get Enraged again if it dropped. Use again Whirlwind until Bone Grinder buff falls off, and rampage in the case in rage fails off, and continue with the single target rotation. The multi-target priority is pretty much the same as a single target. You will just need to have the Whirlwind buff whenever you use a damaging ability. If you have the four sets, spam as many raging blows as you can.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in the world. Please check our World of Warcraft Guides main mage for more useful articles.