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5 Items You Should for Mage Tower

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Hey guys, Librarian Husky here, and today I’m going to give you some quick tips on making gold from the Mage Tower, which is actually around the corner.


The drums from Leatherworking are from Mists of Pandaria to Shadowlands. You can craft them from many expansion professions, from Mists of Pandaria to Shadowlands. If you got any materials from older expansions, you should use them. Most of the required materials come from skinning creatures of their respective Expansion.

  • To craft 20 Drums of Rage, you only need one Magnificent Hide, which you can get from crafting the Magnificence of Leathers or Scales. I reviewed this in my previous guide if you want to check it out.
  • I usually craft the Drums of Fury from the Warlords of Draenor Expansion. These only require five Raw Beast Hide, and if you build the Trading Post Building in your Garrison, you can exchange the Garrison Resources with Raw Beast Hide.
  • The number of resources you’ll need changes daily, so you want to buy them when they are at their cheapest, around 16 resources, but 20 is also a good deal.
  • The first time the Mage Tower was around, so 2-3 months ago, I sold a few of them at the price of 117 gold.
  • I think it’s a reasonable price as this was 100% profit since I bought these (Raw Beast Hide) from the Trading Post amongst my army of Alts and sent them to my leatherworker to craft them.

I am assuming many people will repurchase a ton of drums because they want to maximize their chance to defeat the bosses and don’t forget these are consumed on use so that people will cycle through them very quickly.


Armor Kits

Another great item to sell is the armor kit. You can craft the ones from the older expansions, but they do not scale as well as the current Expansion. If you have unused Leather from the older Expansions, you can use it to craft the older versions. But I recommend the Heavy Desolate Armor Kit.

As you know, they are working for Mythic+, Raids, and current content. It’s also a more limited market as it requires you to be Honored with the Wild Hunt to buy the pattern. It requires 8 Heavy Desolate Leather; you can convert the Desolate Leather into Heavy Desolate. If the latter is more expensive, you know it’s rarer to find it from the skin.


Alrighty, now we’re going to move on to Inscription. Okay, the first category of item is Tomes. I find cheap herbs from the Auction House, either from the BFA expansion or this one, and even sometimes you can find the Legion herbs at a reasonable price, and I start milling to create the Pigments, and then I use them to craft the Inks and then the Tomes.

There are a couple of Challenges you want to change your talents, usually for the final stage, like the Guardian, the Healer, or even the Xylem. If you don’t want to craft Tomes, you can try creating some War Scrolls from BFA.


These are stat scrolls that increase your Stamina, your Intellect, or your Attack Power. So it’s like you have a Priest, Warrior, or Mage buff. To craft them, you only need 8 Crimson Inks, so you need to mill BFA herbs, and they all have a great chance to yield Crimson Pigment. I think these are so much easier to craft than the Tomes, and they will probably sell a ton. Let’s see through TSM how I did last time.

  • Okay, I managed to sell almost 25 War Scrolls of Intellect, 900 gold a piece, so not bad.
  • You can also try the Strength ones or the Stamina, but I don’t know if the Stamina is that good. I will probably focus on Intellect and Strength.


And final item worth mentioning is the Ghost Iron Dragonling from Pandaria Engineering. You can learn the pattern from these two NPCs. To craft it, you need 12 Windwool Cloth, 8 Ghost Iron Bolts, so 12 Ghost Iron Bars, and the final reagent is 4 High Explosive Gunpowders, so you’re going to need another 2 Ghost Iron Bars.

The powerful thing about this Trinket is that you can add whatever secondary stat you want so that you can add Critical, Haste, and Versatility. Each Cogwheel requires 2 Ghost Iron Bars to craft, and you can also sell them at the Auction House.

Ghost Iron Ore & Bar

I can see the price of the Ghost Iron Ore and Bar to be rising pretty high. Now, if you have a miner, you can farm the Ghost Iron. I recommend taking the route in Valley of the Four Winds, but you can also try Jade Forest. This is an excellent site to check out.

You can also see that I sold two of them, one at the price of 14k and the other at 3k. It’s not bad, and there were also a lot of undercuts, to be honest. And that concludes today’s guide. I will probably make the last part talk about Alchemy and Jewelcrafting, and there’s a lot of stuff to say there, so I will make it separate. Thank you for checking my short but informative guide. Please don’t hesitate to visit our WoW Retail Guides page. My name is Librarian Husky; cya on the next page.