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3 Items Will Make Goldmaking Easier

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Hey guys, Librarian Husky here. In this guide, we will be talking about a handful of items. If you’re a gold maker, you should have it on hand. These are specifically more toys geared toward gold crafters.

So people who do a lot of professional work will either lessen the amount of time crafting or give you a little more portability and make your gold-making spirits a little bit better. Of course, you can still use these if you are a pure farmer, but much of this will help the crafters. But without further ado, we will get right into this guide.

Chef’s Hat

The first one we’re going to be talking about is the Chef’s hat. Many of you probably know already that this toy speeds up your cooking. For example, if you were to craft a crown roast or anything from Shadowlands by default, it has a two-second casting time. However, whenever you’re using Chef’s hat, it only has a 0.5 or a half-second crafting time. So that is extremely useful. I know myself as somebody who has not gotten this Chef’s hat yet, and I’ll talk about that in just a second.

  • Technically, it speeds up your cooking by 300 percent, which equals a 75 decrease in casting time.
  • That is a little bit confusing because those are two different percentages.

The easiest way to obtain

The easiest way to obtain the hat is through wrath time walking. I have waited to make this guide because this week, if you are watching it the day it comes out, which would be the 24th of May on a Tuesday, it is wrath time walking week. So this is perfect. If you see this guide and want it, you can get it this week.

I spend probably at least 15 minutes a day or even 20 minutes a day crafting this food.
So I am ready to bring that down to hopefully five minutes to get this item. It comes from Northrend cooking. The only requirement is that you need Northrend cooking at level 25, which is pretty easy to get once you have that, you can learn this hat.

Time walking

You need time walking because if you don’t use time walking, you have to do a hundred dailies, which is a lot of work. Opening the bag gives you one of the Dalarna cooking awards you need for the hat. In total, you need a hundred awards. So you need about 2500 badges.

  • With wrath time walking, you can turn 25 of your time-blocking badges into a tiny spice bag.
  • Then on average, each dungeon will give you about 40 badges.
  • So if you’re starting from scratch, it will take you about 50 dungeons to get enough badges.

If you have never done time walking before, it is not that big of a grind. You have a one-time quest that you can do that will give you 500 badges. Of course, I feel like time walking has been out for a very long time, so you probably have a character at some point with some badges leftover, and you can utilize that.

Collect 2500 badges

After you collect your 2500 badges, buy your spice bags, open them up, and then you can purchase the hat inside of an old Dalaran. After that, as long as you have a level 25 Northrend cooking. You can learn it, and then you’re good to go. It will be in your toy collection, so feel free to put it on your hot bar and use it whenever you’re cooking.

Katy’s Stampwhistle

The second item that I want to highlight is Katy’s Stampwhistle. Now, this is a portable mailbox that only has a three-hour cooldown. The fantastic thing about this is that you do not require any reputation. Any profession, anything, can be used on all in any character. Now there are two ways you can go about actually acquiring this item. This comes from the Lost Mail questline, a part of Legion content. So as many of you probably have seen, this item is on your auction house. So if you want to take the expensive fast route, you can purchase it at the auction house.

  • I believe it sells for 10 to 20k. Now let’s say you don’t have that money to spend.
  • You can try your luck camping it and farming it. This item spawns every three hours at the mailbox in front of the violet citadel, the big main building in Legion Dalaran.

So you could either buy it off the auction house or try your best to farm it, and hopefully, it spawns when you’re around. It’s really up to you, and all you have to do is have this lost mail.

Questline start

Once you do, you right-click it, and it starts a quest line. It will take you into the Dalarna sewers, and you will go to the black market auction house, lady. Then you turn into the quest.

  • Then you will be able to pick up a quest, and then you have to travel to many places.
  • There will be about three or four quests you must complete, like picking up this item and giving it to this person.
  • So it will probably take about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how many portals and how fast you can get around.

There’s like a little RP moment. Then you can go back to your mailbox and find a letter instructing you to go to the Dalaran mail room. Now, if you’re not sure where this is, you will see this mail pipe that goes down in that side alleyway right next to the violet citadel, right by the pet graveyard. You jump into it, and then you’ll be teleported into this cool mail room.

Unlock mini-game

At the end of it, you will eventually return to the mailroom and unlock a mini-game. You must complete the first part’s access mode to complete the questline. Then you will unlock the challenge mode of the game. Then you only have to play that version of the game until you get the achievement priority mail. Then after that, you will get a title and a pet, but go back to your mailbox, and you should have been sent the actual toy, Katy’s stamp whistle. All you have to do is learn the toy. Then you’re perfect to go.

  • If you guys do not want to do the challenge yourself because it can be tricky, you’re sorting mail into different continents.
  • I will leave a weak aura in the description.
  • As long as you have weak oars, you can install this, telling you where to put each mail.

So it won’t play for you, but it makes it very easy. I love this toy, and I think it is very beneficial to anybody because if you have a bank tune that does not have the Brutasaur. So you’re standing in org or stormwind where you have to walk to the mailbox, even booty bay. It can be a little helpful; of course, it depends.


Wherever you are, you can use your mailbox, and then you have about 10 minutes to use it wherever you place it. So you can log into your bank, tune in, pick up the mail right there, put it back on the auction house, and you don’t have to worry about running to and from.

  • Also, it’s super good if you are a transmog or any farmer. If you always have a full mailbox, and you can’t store it in your guild bank, then you can use Katy stamp whistle.
  • Of course, you’ll probably only use it once per farming session because there is a three-hour cooldown, but you could plop this down and send off the mail wherever you have to go, and then you can continue farming.

It’s just one of those highly convenient toys that will probably change your life once you get it. The same thing goes for the Chef’s head. Those are the only two toys I mentioned because I wanted to keep this guide short, but hopefully, that gives you some idea.

Thermal Anvil

Another item I want to mention, because I’ve talked about it before, and it’s not a toy, is the Thermal Anvil. I like these as somebody who is a lazy blacksmith, and I wouldn’t say I like to run from the Orbs Mailbox. To the forge or anvil every single time. But this Thermal Anvil is just a usable item.

  • It has 20 charges, and generally, it’s pretty cheap.
  • You can buy about 50 to 60 gold at the auction house with 20 charges, spending about three gold per charge. It just placed an anvil right at your feet.

So then, you can do your blacksmithing crafting without having to travel. Now, of course, there is a five-minute time limit. So you can’t sit there forever and do your afk crafting sessions. But if you’re quickly restocking novice gear, crafting a few sharpening stones, or whatever you must do.

Fast completion

Get it done within five minutes, and you’re good to go. Of course, this is not a necessary item, but I like it for convenience; I’m a lazy gold maker. So it might be something that you want to pick up for emergency reasons. Thank you for checking my short but informative guide. Please don’t hesitate to visit our WoW Retail Guides page. My name is Librarian Husky. Cya on the next page.