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10.2.5 Ranged DPS Tier List in M+

We’re going to be ranking all of the range DPS in Mythic plus based on their meta, and it is probably one of the most controversial rankings of the DPS. This ranking includes augmentation.

Mythic Plus DPS Rankings

I want to preface this and make the disclaimer that if we’re charitable enough to look at the overall performance of all the specs, considering that all of them are doing 27 and higher as of this recording, then we’re probably looking at something like this ranking. This is a more balanced look at the specs, and you can see a lot of specs are in the S tier, and a lot in the A tier, actually, because they are clearing close to, if not already getting into, plus 30s.

All the specs in the A tier, like Marksmanship and Affliction, are a bit behind everyone else, but this is the reality of the meta. Specs are actually fairly balanced. There’s a bigger gap between the best specs, like Fire Mage and Affliction. Although Affliction is still clearing keys very high, it’s not that bad because the fantasy of Affliction is just fun, and you should play it. You do a lot of damage, spread all the corruptions around, and it has a nice fantasy.

Placing Affliction in the F Tier

The discussion around placing Affliction in the F tier is important to consider. Despite its high level of clearing keys, the relative positioning of Affliction in the meta reflects its current performance in comparison to other specs. The enjoyment and gameplay mechanics are certainly there, but when it comes to competitive ranking, it falls a bit short. This is a testament to the dynamic nature of game balancing and the ever-evolving strategies players use to optimize their gameplay.

Affliction Warlock’s Position in Mythic Plus

I’m not putting Affliction into the F tier because it’s a dog spec, or because you cannot get into groups. It can definitely be played and does a lot of damage, but it is the worst of the bunch and needs a lot of help to catch up to the top tier specs. It’s still doing really good damage.

If you’re just looking at the top 10 Affliction warlocks in the world, they’re doing pretty high keys, not as high as Augmentation, however, which is unsurprisingly S tier. Augmentation is doing really well, although it seems to trail off a bit as the season progresses. You can see that it dips slightly in terms of its overall position within the meta.

By the end of the season, we might not even see Augmentation in S tier or in the top keys cleared, maybe in the Faded season, who knows. Balance Druid is currently in S tier, fluctuating between S and A tier, and now it’s steadily in S tier, part of the composition that’s pushing the highest keys.

The Standing of Mage and Balance Druid Specs

Looking at the top 20 Raider.IO keys cleared as of today, Balance Druid and Augmentation are prominently featured, along with a Mage spec. However, this Mage spec is not Arcane. Arcane does a lot of damage and is probably the best DPS spec in the raid. While we are discussing Mythic Plus and not raids, its performance in raids implies its potential in dungeons. The top Arcane Mage is pushing hard, but there’s a significant gap between this player and the rest of the Arcane Mages who are pushing keys. If everyone was close to this level, we might see Arcane in A tier, similar to where Beast Mastery Hunter is placed.

Beast Mastery Hunter and Other A Tier Specs

Beast Mastery Hunter is cranking in A tier, which is a tier where you can place specs that are really good. BM Hunter is pushing some of the highest keys in teams that include that Augmentation and that Mage or that Balance Druid. They are really good. The only reason they’re not in S tier is that BM Hunter is in the top 16th highest key cleared, and you keep seeing it more and more after that. This is quite impressive, considering that only 15 other dungeons have been cleared better than the ones with BM Hunter participation.

Demonology Warlock in the Meta

Similarly, we have Demonology Warlock. The top Demonology player is currently 18th in the world, which is still really good. This shows the viability and strength of the Demonology spec in the current meta. Despite not being at the very top, its consistent performance and presence in high-level keys illustrate its potential and capability within the competitive Mythic Plus landscape.

Demonology Warlock in Mythic Plus

When I say 18th, I mean that if you look at the top 20 keys cleared in Raider.IO, Demonology is positioned around the 18th or 19th spot, depending on when you check. The ranks will probably change a little, but it doesn’t change the fact that Demonology can actually push and duke it out with the best of the best. It’s probably not going to create the most efficient comps to push 32s.

I think we already have a 32 done, and we’re likely to see more as we get to the later stages of the season. Destruction Warlock, however, is a bit lower. I’m generously going to put it into B tier. There’s quite a difference between Destruction and Arcane, but they are clearing keys at a similar level.

I am going to put Destruction into B tier because C tier is reserved for a special candidate. Destruction Warlock has seen its ups and downs this season in all rankings, the way we look at the meta, and the overall Raider.IO keys cleared logs. It’s not bad; it’s not Demonology or Balance Druid or Augmentation, but it’s doing its job. Destruction is simple and efficient; you can get your stuff done.

Fire Mage’s Performance in the Current Season

The Mage spec that I talked about is actually Fire Mage, and it has had a trip throughout this season. Statistically speaking, on all fronts and all accounts, Fire Mage is the best DPS spec in Mythic Plus. This has been a journey, but it’s back, baby, and it’s burning everything around, which is kind of nice to see. It’s nice to see Fire Mage at the top. I’d love to see other specs as well, not just Mage, but listen, Fire Mage has gone for it. It’s been through some iterations, through some horrible designs in terms of its overall play style, like Pyroclasm, but it is still fun to play. It’s nice to see that people are pushing keys high, most likely augmented by Augmentation, but not Pi anymore, as it was in season 1.

Frost Mage and Its Current Standing

Frost Mage is also decent. It’s going to be in B tier, alongside its Arcane brother. It’s a bit lower in terms of the overall keys cleared but not too low. It’s nice to see the Mage specs duking it out and clearing similar content overall. Frost has seen a steady increase in its overall performance, both in raids and dungeons. Obviously, it’s not S tier, but it is really good. All hail Glacial Spike!

Marksmanship’s Position in the Meta

Marksmanship is the spec for which the C tier has been reserved. It’s not as bad as Affliction but does fall behind, quite leagues behind Beast Mastery Hunter, which is why it’s placed in C tier. Marksmanship has its own strengths, but in the current meta, it struggles to keep up with the top-performing specs, indicating the dynamic and competitive nature of the Mythic Plus environment.

Marksmanship Hunter’s Progression

Marksmanship Hunter has seen a rise ever since it got its tier set at the beginning of the season. Its overall performance started really low and now it’s average, middle of the pack. It could probably get into B tier, at the very least. The keys cleared by Marksmanship are not as high as B tier, except maybe for one or two people pushing it to their utmost performance. They can duke it out with the likes of Warlocks and Frost and Arcane Mages, but generally, Marksmanship players are not seeing that high of a rise.

Devastation’s Place in the Meta

Similarly, Devastation also goes into C tier, slightly better than Marksmanship in terms of what it can clear. It might as well be B tier, but there’s a little bit of a dip in performance. There are some Devastation players who are really good, consistently in the top 10 keys cleared, but the rest are lagging a bit behind. Whether these top Devastations, and similarly other specs, are getting carried by their teams in high-level keys is debatable. We can say that about any spec these days. In the end, we must consider whether it was in a key that was successful, and that determines its placement.

Elemental Shaman’s Current Performance

Elemental Shaman is also decent, fitting into the B tier. However, the melee spec, Enhancement, is actually outshining Elemental, which is probably why there’s a difference between Elemental and Enhancement in the rankings. Elemental is doing a lot of damage, with surprisingly good single target as well, and is really fun to play. Despite this, as a Shaman spec, it is still kind of squishy, which is definitely going to hold it back. Enhancement, likely higher in overall rankings, packs a bigger punch with more high-octane damage.

Shadow Priest’s Ranking

Shadow Priest is leading the front of B tier. I cannot realistically put it into A tier because you don’t really see Shadow Priests clearing the top keys anymore. However, it’s by no means doing poorly, offering a lot of utility with dispels, Power Infusion, and some killer execute damage. It doesn’t seem to be able to hold its own yet in the same leagues as BM Hunter and Demonology Warlock. This is how the meta looks as of this moment. It’s been really fun to look at how things are. Thank you once again to Final Fantasy 14 Online for sponsoring this article. If you want to have a bit more fun and not worry too much about overall rankings and performance, you can check out our article on the most fun range DPS specs to play. Take your pick from there, maybe pick up an alt, and have some fun. Check it out!

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