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The Best Way To Start Mists of Pandaria Remix? Sharing My Method

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The Best Way To Start Mists of Pandaria Remix? Sharing My Method

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The text outlines a personal guide for navigating the Mists of Pandaria remix event in WoW, focusing on achieving rewards through strategic goal-setting and resource management.
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It’s a personal guide because this is more or less a reflection of what I’m going to do as a player. You can follow this if you like, or you can use it as inspiration to carve your own path through this month-long event. The remix consists of three kinds of rewards: the kinds that come from Achievements, new items that can be bought with Bronze, and old items, that is, stuff that’s already available in the live game, that can be bought with Bronze.

Managing Mental Health and Prioritizing Goals

Speaking for myself, I’m big on managing my mental health. I personally find that very important in an MMORPG, so I’m setting priorities. Achievement-based rewards are going to be my first step, and that’s what most of this guide is going to cover. I’m a big believer in setting smaller and attainable goals that are easy to understand, as opposed to the panic of having to farm up, what, hundreds of thousands of Bronze somehow, some way.

Strategic Use of Resources

Items bought with Bronze are something that I can start considering after the Achievements are done, and odds are I’ll have a nice handful of it to start buying things with post-Achievements. I’ll have a much better grasp of what gives the best return of Bronze for time spent, and there might be adjustments and changes, too. I’m just saving future strategizing for later.

Post-Achievement Strategy

Once I’m done buying all of the new cosmetics, I’ll start considering existing cosmetics to buy because the worst thing that can happen at that point is that the event ends and I’ll be back to RNG farming like before. The vendor method is going away at the end of the remix, but the cosmetics are not. That’s kind of my line of thinking.

Example: The Jade Forest Achievement

Let’s take a look at the Jade Forest Achievement first. It asks us to complete two Achievements out of the three listed. The Order of the Cloud Serpent wants us to reach exalted with that faction. Tour the Jade Forest has us complete outdoor content and even here, we only need to collect a number of treasures or defeat a number of rares. These aren’t full completionist Achievements; add-ons like handy notes can easily trivialize the tasks under this achievement, and the Looking for Group achievement merely asks us to complete the scenarios and dungeon related to the zone, which isn’t all that big of an ask, especially if it means more levels and Bronze and gems and more, so in the case of Jade Forest.

Zone and Group Achievements Strategy

I’ll complete the zone and group Achievements and I’ll probably leave the reputation alone. I may learn later that the reputation grind for the Order of the Cloud Serpent is actually super fast, so maybe I’ll keep an open mind. Many of these major Achievements have a similar vibe but with a few small differences.

Valley of the Four Winds

Under the value of the Four Winds, we can choose between completing almost the full story Campaign, doing the dungeon and the world boss, and the zone exploration similar to Jade Forest. Valley of the Four Winds holds a special place in my heart, so I’m going to actually do the questing and the dungeon with the world boss. It just seems easy to do so; that’s going to be my approach.

Krasarang Wilds

Now, check out Krasarang Wilds. We only need to clear one of these two Achievements. The tour is definitely shorter than the Campaign, so that might be an easy pick for you. Although I’m going to be doing the Campaign because again, I liked it here, and this unlocks a special quest line back in the Valley of the Four Winds that I really want to repeat.

Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes

Under Light, I have to do both Achievements but again, keep in mind that under The Elusive Foes and Hidden Treasures Achievements, you only need to complete a handful of objectives to fulfill the requirements.

Townlong has more to choose from, including the quest Campaign, the tour, the Looking for Group, and Maxim at the faction. Now I’ve heard reports on the PTR that completing the quest lines potentially gets you to exalted with a related faction. I can’t verify, so I’ll probably stick to the tour and the group content Achievements. Under Dread Wastes, I’m likely to start off with the Campaign because it was pretty badass. Now, once that’s done, depending on my reputation level, I’ll do the tour or I’ll take my time grinding out whatever reputation is left.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Landfall

As for the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, I have less fond memories of those max level reputation grinds, so I’m likely to stick to the LFG and The Elusive Foes Achievements. A handful of dungeons and a short raid can’t really hurt. Under Landfall, I’m definitely doing the Campaign because it was awesome, and depending on how I’m looking with the reputation, I’ll knock that out or go for the elusive foes Achievements.

Isle of Thunder Strategy

Once I get to the Isle of Thunder, I’ll want to kind of read the room and see just what the spawn times are for the two raid bosses under the Looking for Group achievement. If it’s bad enough, I’ll just go for the rares also.

Efficient Achievement Strategy

I’m going to take a guess and say that the Campaign is going to be completable in one go, so I’m likely to take that as my second achievement. I know it seems as if I’m taking the slow route here, but hey, quests are aligned with Bronze too, so really, very little of my time spent is lost.

Timeless Isle Strategy

Finally, under the Timeless Isle, I’m hoping that we can take on each of the Celestials one after another, and everyone has access to Ordos, so that would be an easy pick. I’ll probably do the tour achievement. At face value, it feels less daunting than maxing out rep with Shaohao, which I haven’t even done on my main. But unlike the other reps, this is probably way less of a grind than it was before. We’ll just have to, you know, kind of observe.

Post-Achievement Plans

Once I’m through completing these 10 Achievements, I’m going to circle back and see if there’s any low-hanging fruit, you know, other Achievements under these 10 that are close to completion, and then knock those out for the Bronze caches. This is where my strategy kind of ends, and I’m going to start assessing my next moves.

Optimizing Bronze Acquisition

I mean, maybe by the time I’m done, I’ll learn that chain running Raid Finder is the way to go, maybe blasting max level regular dungeons gives the highest Bronze per minute. Then again, the Campaign Achievements boast the greatest Bronze cash as rewards, and quests on their own give a healthy amount of Bronze or items to grind up for more Bronze. It’s hard to tell, and that’s okay because we’re just taking things one step at a time.

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